FFO Aran Sweater

I call it a Finally Finished Object since I started it in the spring but put it down when the weather got warm and I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to wear it. All that was left was a cuff.

It’s from the book Two Sticks and a String, and I made it with Stockbridge yarn from Webs. A great yarn at a reasonable price.

I wish I was a better digital photographer.:shrug:

GORGEOUS!!! :inlove:

:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Ingrid I bow down to your knitting prowess! That is just stunning.

I hope that you are very pleased with yourself its lovely x

WOW!!! Love it!!!

MAJORLY impressive!!!


Nice work!


Awesome job Ingrid! I wish I was a better photographer too…

:notworthy: I bow in awe of your knitting fabulousness! That is amazing. When I grow up I want to be just like you!:happydance:

Very Nice! I didn’t see anything wrong with your pictures. :yay::yay:Your work is beautiful.

The pictures look fine! That is one gorgeous sweater! :inlove:

Thanks, everyone!

I had to take about 20 pictures to get a few to post. :shrug: I’m pretty good with a 36mm, though. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to mail out prints.:rofl:


That’s just GORGEOUS!! You’re an inspiration :slight_smile: I really want to make an Aran sweater but I’ve a feeling it’d be a very looong project :smiley: Maybe start with a child’s size, LOL.

Thanks for sharing!! It’s beautiful!

Wow - that is amazing. You did a great job.

That is beooooooooootiful!!! Your pics are fine! I can’t wait to make one myself! Going to make it for hubby XXL (he’s only an XL but just in case HE ever gets to wear it ;))

I love that, Ingrid! :inlove:

But where’s the camera-face picture? :teehee:

It just doesn’t get any better than that! It is absolutely beautiful. I am in awe!

I would have had to wash the mirror!:teehee::shifty: