FFO Aran Sweater

Fab job! Beautifully detailed stitch work!


very lovely! i laughed when you said all that was left was the cuff :lol: that would be me. two more inches…it can wait :slight_smile:

The ironic thing is that I knit the second cuff, but it was much larger than the first. I’d forgotten that I was supposed to reduce the number of stitches. :doh:So I had to really knit two cuffs for one sleeve.:teehee:

Your work is beautiful!

Oh my, that is a beautiful sweater! I am in awe of your talent! :notworthy::notworthy::passedout::notworthy::notworthy:

Ingrid, it’s a true masterpiece of knitting:woot:!

Oh Ingrid your stuff is sooooo beautiful!!!

Your avatar gives me a picture of a sheep knitting in my head since I don’t know what you look like! :rofl: Cmon Ingrid fess up, are you really a sheep? Maybe that would explain your amazing knitting prowess… :oo:

I wanna be just like Ingrid when I grow up!!!:notworthy:

Yes, I am. It’s hard knitting without thumbs, but it’s worth it. :rofl:

Beautiful job, Ingrid!

Absolutely gorgeous, where can I get that pattern, or is it something that you just tossed off the top of yer head? :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, I just sat down with some yarn and needles and whipped it up off the top of my head.


It’s from the book [U]Two Sticks and a String[/U]. Some of the patterns in the book are :ick:, but at least 2 are great.

Hehe, some people can, you know, like me, except I forget to write it down, and get the yarn, so it never gets me anywhere. :roflhard:

Ingrid you never cease to amaze me:passedout:That is one gorgeous sweater.It would take 3 of me to knit that

That looks wonderful

Ingrid, that’s absolutely beautiful! I’ll have to get that pattern because I’ve been looking for something as pretty as that. It’s just lovely! :thumbsup:

[B][SIZE=4][COLOR=purple][I]Inspiring, Ingrid, simply inspiring![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

I know you loved every row! So interesting to knit complex rows…and see how they develop their beauty as they grow!

Thanks for posting the various photo shots! I especially like the shoulder treatment! What a nice shoulder design!

WOW! I wish I was that good! Awesome work.

Oh my goodness! I am completely in awe of your talent! One day I will make such a sweater, and I’ll fully look to you for the moral support. Great job, dear Ingrid! You rock:notworthy:

beautiful, of course, as always.