Felted clogs are done

This is my first post. Thanks to all for your advice, I have finished my first pair of felted clogs!! Yippeee. They were actually rather easy! I have been a knitter for 20 years but stopped for about 10 when my 2 girls were born. Thank goodness for a good pattern and great wool!
Happy knitting everyone!

These clogs were done in Chocolate souffle and blue Lambs pride Bulky with Fiber Trends “Felt Clog” pattern AC-33 designed by Bev Galeskas. Can someone let me know how to post pictures from my computer? I keep trying but it says that I am knot allowed to??

I think your photo may be to large and that is why you are getting that message…Hereis a thread on how to resize the photos…My kodak software just auto does it for me… I’ll check though and make sure there isn’t another way to get that message…

Welcome to the forum and I can’t wait to see them!! :yay:

That is a common error in our forum. It only happens if you try to EDIT a previous post and add an attachment.

The best thing to do is to make ANOTHER post, and attach your photo at that time.

Or try replying and posting in a new reply.

ok, third time is lucky! so here is the picture of the clogs. If you just knit word for word, the clogs just appear, love it when that happens!!

Those look so good! The brown and blue look great together :thumbsup:

felted clogs?? wow! i am not brave enough to try… :roflhard: im already working on my 1st pair of sox… hey cut me som slack

honestly, if you can knit socks, heel and all, you CAN knit these clogs, pattern is GREAT and easy to read. what are armwarmers? like gloves without the fingers??

They look good!

Nice clogs. Yes, knitting is amazing…how you follow the pattern and presto.

Very nice clogs. Those are high on my ‘to do’ list.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Great job on the clogs. I really like the color combo.:yay: :yay:

Thanks for the welcome! Now if only I could knit the Giants into the SUPERBOWL!..

:happydance: They look wonderful!! Great job…:thumbsup:


I’m glad you were finally able to post your photo!

Those look great!! I have the pattern on order…it is backordered…when oh when will it get here??

Congrats! They look awesome!!!

my local knitting store has the pattern, i could purchase it for you(through paypal if you have an account) and send it out today! or is that not allowed?? it is a GREAT pattern!

Your clogs look awesome! :yay: