Felted clogs are done

Very nice!

They look very warm!

Thank you everyone for your compliments!
They are SO warm, and I am getting orders for family members that want them!
Have a wonderful day!
-15 degrees here this morning!! yippeeeeee

I’m a Giants fan myself!!! Go G-Men!!! We can do this!! I have found that if I knit constantly throughout the game we play really well. I’m already limbering up for the big day.

Yippee another Giant fan AND knitter, im not the only one that knits away the nervous ticking of the clock!! That last game was worth a cabled sweater or two!!
WE WILL DO THIS!!! GO G-MEN…ELI has found his mojo
We will have to post a Giant-win-the-superbowl Knit along!!! We can all knit BIG BLUE socks… hee hee