Favorite Mushroom Recipies?

I like mushrooms but recently I’ve seemed to become obsessed with them. I want to eat them with everything I make but I don’t have a ton of mushroom recipies so I thought I’d turn to all you wonderful KHers to see what your favorite recipes are. So what do you like?

Sauteed with onions and garlic and put into everything… :smiley: You can take that mix and add zucchini and tomatoes and have a `sauce’ for pasta.

I have a Pampered Chef recipe for Mushroom Bread. Yummy. Let me know if you want it!

Yum! I’d love the recipe if its not too much trouble.:slight_smile:

I can give you a recipe for a Russian mushroom soup the way me and my mom make it. i don’t know if it will fit into the American view of a soup though (I know in Israel people don’t get Russian cooking and always have this weird look when i bring food to work, they like it spicy here). Sautee mushrooms with onions and garlic. Boil water in the casserole, add a few potatoes cut into little cubes, cook a little then add the mushrooms, let it cook a little, add salt, one leaf of laurel (i hope i found the right translation) and other spices that you like. you serve it with a 1-2 teaspoon of sour cream per serving (it goes in the soup).

PM’d it to you! :muah:

I’d have to go with the following:

1 lb mushrooms

1 trash can

Open trash can, insert mushrooms.


I am actually not a huge fan of mushrooms except for, as my friend’s dad says, “the expensive ones.” I will eat some of the more “exotic” types in limited quantities and I will eat tree ear (in hot and sour soup) until it is coming out my own ears. So, um, hot and sour soup is one idea, with tree ear, and lots of it. :slight_smile: I leave out the pork and the white mushrooms some people put in.

For a great quick and easy … do you have trader joe’s near you? It’s essential for this. They sell a jarred mix of “mixed marinated mushrooms” - something like that - it is all fancy mushrooms in a vinegar and oil marinade. One time when they were giving samples of that, they made up a pasta dish with pasta, the mushrooms (with the liquid), thawed frozen peas, parmesan cheese, a little salt and pepper. It’s one of those nifty simple meals where all the ingredients are either staples or things that store forever so you can have it on hand to throw together in a hurry.


Second this!


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I love mushrooms!
I had a supervisor that would do up a whole crockpot of them for potlucks. Basically she would take 4 sticks of butter and a packet of ranch dressing mix and melt it in the crockpot. Then add 3 or 4 packages of fresh mushrooms…they shrink as they heat up. Once they cook in the butter for a while you just eat 'em up. Even though I love them, I would think it may be a little much to just eat a bowl full. I think this would be good to have when you are BBQing to serve as a side to burgers/steaks.
She tweeks the seasoning as needed, more or less as you like.
I LOVE hot and sour soup. The gals at work for some reason are really comfy telling me how gross it looks (a habit I wonder why people feel it’s ok to do) but I love it anyway.

Fungi is an acquired taste…my bil calls them elephant boogers…i prefer bellybuttons:teehee:

As I am allergic I guess I’ll never acquire that taste. Elephant boogers seems about right. :rofling:

leaf of laurel (i hope i found the right translation)

It’s also called bay leaf, for those who aren’t familiar with other names. Sounds yummy!

Binkykat, that recipe would be good as a mushroom dip, for crackers or crostini or just plain ol’ french bread.

I love mushrooms! Yumyumyum!!

The “Cooking for the Rushed” series of cookbooks has lots of recipes with mushrooms. I especially like the Stuffed Chicken and Chicken Cacciatore recipes. (And they only take an hour to prepare and bake… but you’re asking about mushrooms…) I recommend trying it out from your local library & seeing if you like it.

I always put mushrooms in salads and stirfrys. And if I’m going to sautee them, I do it with shallot (smallish purple onion-things) and thyme. My sister makes an awesome sour cream based dip and you can eat mushrooms straight with it.

Once, I had something called “Mushrooms masquerading as escargot” where they baked the mushroom caps and covered them with a butter-garlic sauce or some sort. Extremely delish!

Have a search on here --> www.bbc.co.uk/food

Thanks for the recipes!

KnittingNat, that soup sounds great I think I’m going to try it.

Mason, I used to hate mushrooms but then I seemed to aquire a taste and I love them now. I guess if you’re alergic though you’ll never like them.

Binkycat, that recipe sounds like it’d be a great sandwich/burger topper. I’m going to have to remember that one.

Cathoo the Mushrooms masquerading as escargot really does sound delish!:drool: I know I’ll be trying that one.

This is a Paula Deen recipe, which is ironic in that my mom has the exact same recipe, but used to make it 25 yrs ago. So I will share, but modify to the way my mom made them.

3 lbs whole mushrooms, throughly washed
1 stick of butter (not margarine)
2 cups burgundy wine
1 tablesppon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon dried dill weed
1/2 teaspoon pepper
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 beef bouillion cubes

Wash the mushrooms to remove all dirt. Place inside a large crockpot and add the remaining ingredients. The liquid will not cover the mushrooms at first. Cover and cook on low setting for about 8 hours.

**My mom would start this at night or leave during the day while at work. I will tell you that this has a very strong, potent smell. She used to put the crockpot out in the garage to cook it (since we had an attached garage and my dad hated the smell).

This was the recipe that got me started eating the little things.


This is my favorite mushroom soup recipe. It is absolutely YUMMY!!!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

I also love the Bearpaws at Timberlodge Steakhouse. Basically a big Portobello cap with a stuffing mixure on it. You get 3 or 4 on the plate from the appetizer menue. I also dig them as a sub for burger patties. At work, the chef’s in our cafeteria make a Philly “steak” sandwich with sliced portobellos in place of strips of meat.
Since I had gastric bypass surgery several years ago, sometimes I have trouble with meat, on those days you get the satisfaction of eating a “burger” but the 'shroom is easier to chew up properly.:thumbsup: