Fair isle chart wrong?

Sorry hopeless at posting in forums. New to fair isle knitting. I have 3 pattern charts for body of baby garment, 1st one works out across number of stitches. However the 2nd & 3rd charts don’t work with the number of stitches on needle? Knitted on the flat with circular needles, 187 stitches total no dec/inc ; chart 2 is a 7 stitch pattern repeat/ chart 3 is a 19 stitch pattern repeat.
187÷7= 26.71 & 187÷19=9.84. Are the charts wrong? Any help appreciated.

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What is the name of your pattern? Does the pattern say where to start working the charts? Often different sizes will start at a different stitch in the chart.

Hi the pattern is a digital download from Etsy called Fair_Isle Baby Bunting. I am now attempting chart 3 & which ever way you start the pattern is out. I’m not experienced enough to start changing it.

The charts do require some fiddling. Chart 3 for example has 3-stitch motifs with 3sts between. You could divide the 187sts by 6 with one stitch left over. One stitch difference on one of the fronts isn’t going to be very noticeable. The pattern won’t be exactly symmetrical at the front but it’ll still be fine.
It’s a really cute pattern.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I have looked at the sleeves & they are even more of a problem! Not sure what happened with this pattern, I was SO excited as it would be for our 1st grandchild due end of summer. I have started looking for an alternative for the wool.

Congratulations on the 1st grandchild! That’s wonderful news and a real cause for celebration.

It’s a shame about the pattern. It would take a bit to work out the pattern placement which would complicate what should be a fun knit. I’m sure you’ll find a nice baby sweater or something else for the yarn. Ravelry is a great source for patterns because knitters rate the patterns and point out errors or problems with instructions and sizing.

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Brilliant, I have an account with them, I will take a look. I am giving this pattern one last attempt but will try to fiddle pattern charts before knitting. Good luck me.

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