Knitting and car repair

Yes. I’ve been having the same problems. I’ve been making a lot of mistakes in Ribbing, perhaps it is due to my arthritis. My teenage grand son keeps asking me to make him a nice scarf for when he works on my Lincoln because it is so cold here in Nova Scotia. Anyway I can’t do knit and purl stitches while holding an oil pan and the brake fluids completely ruin my dexterity. My other problem is when binding yarn my grand son’s pit bull will come at the ball when least suspecting. Oh gosh golly I’ve gotten so far behind on the socks for the grandkids summer football league.

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Your post makes knitting while walking or shepherding sheep sound easy. Hope you can find time to work on those socks.

See, the problem is that I’m using Merino fine wool. It’s very thin. This is kind of frustrating, doing a complex pattern while replacing the transmission gaskets in my Lincoln. My grandson keeps saying we need to use a kind of vasoline to seal the gaskets but the oil gets stuck in my wool. I don’t think he knows what he’s doing because the engine is all over the backyard. Anyway, with using Merino is it best to wash the wool before knitting because of shrinkage or after finishing a garment?