Elfin Bride

Anyone else knitting the Elfin Bride/Gothlet from Domiknitrix?

The pattern is available for download here in .pdf format, but you need the book to get the password to be able to open it.

I just started and I’ve gotten the 5.5 inches of the lace repeat done and now I’m confused as to what to do next.

Anyone able to help out or want to join me?

Do you have a picture? I’m curious as to what this looks like…

There’s a gallery of pictures here.

I emailed Jen (the author) and she already wrote me back clarifying my confusion. :woot::woot:

That is so cool that she emailed you back! i have that book and want to make the jacket she has in there, good to know she will clairify!
Pics of progress on that project please!

I’ve got this book and I love it. It’s nice to know if you’ve got a problem you’ll get a response. What was it you were having problems with?

I’d love to join in but won’t be able to until the end of the month. My car just failed it’s MOT so no spare yarn money. :pout:

It seems so simple now… The pattern gives two ways to increase, then the pattern continues, referring back to those ways.

I just wasn’t sure where the pattern started back up again. :teehee:

It’s so cool that you use a password from the book to access the pattern online! More people should do this :smiley:

Just finished the left shoulder shaping and gusset. Now it’s just working the length I want the sleeves.

I think I’ll put it on scrap yarn though until I can try it on and determine exactly where I want the sleeves to stop.

Gorgeous!!! :thud:

Looks great :cheering:

This is on my to do list as well as the mod coat . (My 13 yr old fell in love with the coat and wont stop asking me to make it )

What yarn are you using to make the elfin bride ?

Paton’s Grace. 100% merc cotton.

oooo thats nice yarn to knit with . Makes great halter tops too .

Look forward to seeing your progress with this.

I see you are on Ravelry…I finaly got my invite and am on there too :cheering:

I think I’m gonna have to get a copy of this now :slight_smile: It just looks like a fun book anyway- been wanting it. I love this pattern! I’ve got Green Gable going right now and want to make Tomato- but this may have to come first!!

There’s actually a number of patterns in the book that I really like and could see myself making.

It’s written well and has very nice clear photos. :thumbsup:

I finished the sleeves. :woot: (Well, as far as I’m going to right now.)

I’ll get some pictures taken tonight. :thumbsup:

The episode of Knitty Gritty with the designer was on HGTV this morning and they showed a GORGEOUS shot of this pattern!

Aww, wish I coulda seen that!

Oooh, going to have a go at this as soon as I have some money - I love this book, it’s perfect for the likes of me (goth knitters woohoo). I wish I could get some of the black needles she has in the pictures.

It’s a fantastic book for tips and tricks, too - but will be back to this thread once I have enough money.

Fi xx

The Paton’s Grace is working very well for me and it’s not really expensive. :thumbsup:

If that weren’t impossible to get in the UK, I’d go for it - going to look tomorrow for substitutable yarns in my LYS, I usually play about with different yarns and stitches and things, but the pattern for this is so pretty I’ll leave as is and try and find a suitable sub for the gauge.

Hmm… argh! I said no more clothes for a while lol.

Fi xx