Elfin Bride


Ahh, I missed that you were in the UK. :oops:

Well, if you can’t find anything else to work, let me know and I can pick some up for you and ship it to you if you’d like. I don’t know if that’d work out to be cheaper for you or not. :shrug:


Here’s the picture of my sleeves.

The one side is more bunched up cuz it’s on a tiny Denise cable.


Very nice!


Gorgeous! Very Goth-Sexy! :inlove:


It’s going to be GORGEOUS in black!

I have that book…hmmmmmmm…:thinking:


:poke: :poke:

:teehee: :teehee: :teehee:


I happened to catch this episode in the early am yesterday and thought, "Hey cool, the gals on KH are doing this one!"
It will look very hawt in black!
I’ll have to add this to my “patterns I think so and so would look great in” folder:thumbsup:


Friskums, I’m stuck on the same part that you were. If you could explain it to me that would be great. Thanks.