Effective mosquito control?

I live in Savannah, swampy mosquito breeding grounds to be sure. If there is a mosquito within 100 miles, it will find me. Same for sand gnats.

I have tried a natural product called Buzz Away that is mostly Citronella oil and cedarwood oil and it seems to work pretty well, though not 100%. My friends use a CO2 trap and it works well after a few days of continuous use. Mosquitos are very weak fliers so a large box fan will help if you have an outdoor outlet. A nice campfire at night will help. Bounce sheets do not work.

I just got back home from the Smokys in TN and got only about 2 bites in a week. Last year I was averaging 6 bites a day and they itched for WEEKS after I got home. Perhaps better mosquito control? Maybe it was just a bad year for the little buggers.


If you have a suitably high tree, install a bat house. Mosquitoes are what they eat.

Husband is from Charleston…says the mosquitos down there will ask each, very close to your ear, “Wanna eat him here or take him with us?” :roll:

I am currently trying the “Off Clip on”, so far so good…seems to keep all insects away.

I have applied the Bug Free Backyard to the lawn on 2 separate occasions and the little gnat flies are gone, but when dusk hits, the mosquitoes are in full force :??

I usually have a Off Mosquito Coil going on the patio table, that does help keep the away if you’re just lounging on the deck.

I just looked up the Repel Lemon Euc stuff, and it contains Deet. Not an all-natural product at all. Deet does work well on me, but I feel like I’ve poisoned myself when I use it.
Got this off their site:

[COLOR=#666666][FONT=arial]Oil of lemon eucalyptus, in addition to DEET and Picaridin,[/FONT][/COLOR]

I know this is an old conversation (very old!) but since, as time passes, new things arrive on the market, maybe it’s worth adding to? Picaridin. As effective as Deet without all the horrible nastiness. Really good stuff. I live in Hong Kong where we don’t have malaria, but we do have a bit of dengue, which is not to be trifled with. And even in malarial countries I believe Picaridin is good. The lotion is a really nice skin cream anyway, and some versions last up to twelve hours. totally recommended, and doesn’t eat into plastic and clothing the way Deet does.

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I live in Spain so I unfortunately have to deal with mosquitoes every year for months at a time.

The best, and only things that make it bearable are Mosquito Milk. I’ve tried everything over the years and nothing works like this https://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/mosquito-milk/prd-hi5

A mosquito bat. These are genius. Every house in Spain should have one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Swatter-Rechargeable-Lighting-Protection/dp/B072MS4YNV/

If you do get bitten, the best thing to stop the itch is After Bite Extreme gel. Brilliant stuff https://www.mifarma.co.uk/after-bite-gel-xtreme-20-gr

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Mosquito Milk contains Deet; a low quantity, but that’s why it works, YarnPlease. DO try Picaridin? It’s honestly better for your skin, and it works as well, if not better, than Deet. Agree re mosquito bats! Every house in Hong Kong should have one, too! There’s a certain pleasure, too, in whacking at the blighters!! I’ll give After Bite Extreme gel a go. Thanks!

:rofl: It is so satisfying hearing them crackle! :rofl: