Effective mosquito control?

My family thinks time in cottage country would be fun this summer. I’ve agreed to give it a chance, even though I don’t spend much time outdoors at home because of the mosquitoes.

Do you know any surefire ways to control them, so I can spend some time outdoors?
I hate the thought of exposing my skin to tonnes of DEET, especially since it doesn’t necessarily work that well anyways. We’ve tried Avon’s Skin So Soft and burning various citronella products, but haven’t found a proven mosquito repellent yet. I’ve also heard they don’t like the smell of BOUNCE dryer sheets. (Which makes sense, since they give me a headache!)

Help please!?

We use a product by Cutter calledbackyard bug control. It is sprayed around the yard with the hose. I am amazed at how well it works. I used to not be able to go into the backyard with being dinner for all the mosquitoes. I am not sure if it is a possibility for you since it is a rental but it might be worth looking into it.

[COLOR="#300090"]The blood suckers are attracted to body heat and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) you exhale. So, can you go stone cold and stop breathing?

Me neither! Drat!:doh:

You can spray the bug repellent on your clothing instead of your skin. But then you would need long sleeves, hat or head scarf, and long slacks. :think:

Brewers yeast is said to work by making you less tasty. It is a dietary supplement, so it takes time to work. Start it a few days or so before your outing.

The blood suckers breed in standing water in as few as 4 days. Don’t let any water stand outside, uncovered. in the wide area around the cottage. Is that an option?

The DEET can also be applied to things around the area that you don’t touch but will be near. That may act like a fence to them. :shrug:

They don’t like smoke. Got any cigars or pipes to smoke up the area around you? :roll:

Crossed Fingers

Thanks for all the ideas. The province has had major ‘no standing water’ campaigns for a few years now, since West Nile became an issue. Spraying clothes doesn’t help when it gets really hot and humid, but is something we do when we can. As far as the smoke, they’ve still been bad when we’ve stayed with family and had campfires after dark. Can only sit so close.

That ‘Cutter bug-free backyard’ might be worth trying, if I can buy it around here. Read some good reviews for it online.

Can’t say about control, but a sure fire way to stop the itching is with white vinegar. Please don’t think I’m nuts!! My mom told me about this years ago, and I said “yeah, sure”. I got really bitten up later, tried it, and the itching immediately went away–I kid you not.

I just thought I’d mention this. I take a B vitamin complex because B1 is supposed to repel mosquitoes. I started on it last summer and I’m not bitten by them much. :shrug: Now, they will buzz around at times and it’s annoying, but just thought I’d put that out there!

Off brand has a new product. It’s called “Off Clip On” and it doesn’t involve spraying anything on yourself. It’s this small “unit” that has a built in fan and a reservoir with mosquito repellent. You can clip it to your pants pocket or simply lay it on a table or chair near yourself. See more about it here:


You can print out a coupon for it that is “Buy one Off clip-on repellent starter and get one Off clip-on repellent starter free”.

I don’t know how well it works but if I remember to check the stores in my area soon (coupon expires 6/25/09) I’ll sure give it a try. I always get eaten alive by mosquitos, but I simply hate repellent sprays and such, can’t stand the smell of them.

Debra in NC

Try spraying yourself with Listerine. My husband tried it and said that it seems to work.

Also, keeping a sheet of Bounce in your pocket is supposed to work.

Is it possible to put up one of those screen tents? My sister has one and lights citronella candles in there and has a few tiki torches she lights around the outside of the tent…Also, we use OFF or some other mosquito deterrent and the combination seems to work quite well. I think the main thing though is the tent…lol

A couple years ago, I read an article in the travel section of the Sunday newspaper. Hikers and mountain climbers in the Pacific Northwest stated that Repel Lemon Eucalyptus kept them free of mosquitoes better than anything else they’d ever tried. They swear by it! Hmm, I thought…they oughta know!

It was available in the camping section of my local Fred Meyer.
I bought some immediately, and tried it when we were in the mountains (tons of mosquitoes in Spring)…and it worked GREAT! I usually get bit to death…but I didn’t get bit at all with this stuff on me. And it smells great! Not at all chemically.

I BING-ed it and here is an article I found:

[COLOR=#666666][FONT=arial]The first truly effective, plant-based insect repellent on the market, Repel Lemon Eucalyptus has been proven to be effective against mosquitoes, deer ticks and no-see-ums for up to six hours.
Derived from Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, a renewable resource, this non-greasy lotion and pump have a pleasant scent and are perfect for the whole family.
Oil of lemon eucalyptus, in addition to DEET and Picaridin, has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for effective protection against mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile virus. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus is the only personal insect repellent product commercially available in the US made with oil of lemon eucalyptus.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#666666][FONT=arial][SIZE=3][B]Purchase Repel® Lemon Eucalyptus[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]

When I was growing up, we (a) lived near a swampy area and (b) had a very shady yard. When us kids designed an imaginary town with imaginary roads, one of those roads was named “Mosquito Road”. Needless to say, we had mosquitos. My mom was anti-bug-spray, so my parents bought a bug zapper (light that attracted and then killed the mosquitos). It helped quite a bit.

The zapper we had looked a lot like this http://www.mosquito-zapper.com/bug-zapper_BK-15.htm

Thank-you everyone, so many great ideas.
We’ve already talked about a screen tent and will look for the lawn spray, I’ve heard varying reviews of the zappers. My mom told me to put vinegar on bites years ago. When buying bug jackets, the store clerk said she’s heard of people using Listerine. Here’s hoping we find something that really works.

Hey, gotta knit! Do you live anywhere near me? I’m 20kms west of Perth, ON.

I do live on a mosquito-breeding pond, and have made many different attempts to keep mosquitoes from biting me. They love me, usually!

This year, I notice they aren’t biting quite as much as the last 12 years we’ve lived here, or maybe I’m tolerating them more and not reacting as much. OR: maybe it’s my homemade soap! I even wash my hair with it, and I scent my soaps with many kinds of essential oils. I don’t like the smell of citronella, but use eucalyptus soap regularly…I wonder if that’s the control!?

I will make a herbal blend today. Wanna try a bar? I would be happy to send you a complimentary bar, if you agree to tell me how well it worked for you.
My soaps are 50% olive, thus very skin-softening. I’ve had almost too much success selling them locally. I can’t keep up with demand lately. Sure wish you lived close enough to come make soap with me. I could use an extra pair of hands. I’d pay you in soap, if you like it.

The outdoor things, I don’t know, but I got a thing that’s supposed to kill everything flying insects. As far as I know, it seems to work.
Called baygone or something like that. Works indoors, apparently even with open window…

As for outdoor, long loose clothes,…

Unfortunately, a few hours drive to make soap is a bit much. I’m past the other side of Toronto from you.
Your experience with the eucalyptus seems to confirm it’s effectiveness. Might be something to try. Don’t worry about sending me some soap yet, but I will let you know if I’m interested, thanks.

Ha! I’d work for soap! I someday want to own my own goat farm and make goats milk soap.

Well, you can also try eucalyptus in a spray bottle with water. I keep many of these on hand, with different eo’s in each one. Somebody on a soaping forum gifted me 50 plastic spray bottles! I didn’t know what to do with them, so began with bug spray. I don’t sell these, just gift them away.
One is also nice for spraying the house with tea tree/euc mix after germy guests have left. Or with lavender, or lemon eo. to freshen the air.

We used to have a really bad mossie problem because of open drains in the farm behind my house. But a couple of years ago a family of swallows built a nest under the house (I have to keep the door open now) and the mossie population has just about vanished. They work all day catching everything that flies and when they have babies and need extra food is the same time of the year as the mossie population explosion. Only problem is the HUGE pile of bird plops that builds up under the nest!

I bought some of that Bug Free Backyard, but it’s rained everyday since I did!

I was just reading in the paper this morning about repelling mozzies.Eat an orange before you go out,there was a mixture for the listerine-4Lwater,60ml lemon dish soap and 30ml original listerine. I recently bought some natural soap for my DH with eucalyptus oil in it,I’m not sure if it works yet…I’ll have to get him out into the garden