Dyson vacuums-Update page 4 bought the Dyson

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
That’s like saying all trucks can haul loads. It depends on the specific one, and their specific ability, lol… Like was said…It can suck a ball off the trailor hitch, lol

I love mine… It is awesome!

i used to work at a vet hospital, wanna talk about fur balls? lol. we would go through a vacuum a month on average. Then, we got a dyson :slight_smile: that thing never died or clogged, it was INCREDIBLE

My sister has one, she likes it ok. Everytime I go to her house she has me bring my oreck because it is so much lighter. I got to pick between a oreck or dyson and got the oreck because I have three flights of stairs in my house.

Yeah, Orecks suck too.

:teehee: Yea my Oreck sure does suck alll the dog and cat hair and everything else straight out of my carpet!! :teehee:

Good point! Also, when I use it in the bathroom, I invariably get the shower curtain sucked up in it! You have to turn it off, too. There’s no just pulling it back out!


Well it was pretty funny, the thing started burning up and my husband was standing there with a handful of pieces of it. When we investigated further we found pieces of it throughout the house that had dropped off. :roflhard:

I love my Dyson! I have a dog and two cats. The Dyson absolutely takes care of the pet hair with no problems. About a year or so after we got it started making this horrible noise and not working well. We called them and they arranged for it’s repair at a local repair shop and for a loaner dyson while it was being repaired. I was really pleased with their customer service.
When my sister was moving out of her apartment I took it over to do one last quick vacuum. She also has 2 cats and had been really stringent about vacuuming. When I went over the carpets we were both shocked to see the amount of hair her Bissel had missed. She is now saving up for a Dyson!

I don’t have one, but after reading this thread I really want one. I have a Bissell that is ok, but I always feel like there is a lot of hair still on the floor. Also, I seem to pick up a lot of yarn fuzz after I vacuum.

We use a Dyson at our camp, it is used to keep the medical Center Clean, and is used once a week. it has multiple parts that are broken, it does get the dirt up off the wood floor, but everything looses suction in the cracks, even a Dyson.
Now when we use it, it has work to do, but it should have lasted more than 7 uses before it broke a support. the latch that holds the hose in the handle broke when the hose was being put back in its place, and the base to the canister no longer detaches with its switch, and has to be done with the fingers.
it just seemed that if we spent over $400 (with a huge discount) we should have gotten something that did not have so many small plastic parts to break, and some customer support who will send replacement parts in a reasonable time, and not months of wait, IF AT ALL
sorry, I M not impressed with our Dyson at all


i am going to be in the minority here but I have had a Dyson for 3 years and an Oreck for 4 months and I will take the Oreck any day.

Dyson is wonderful on rug but not so great on the floors. Oreck is awesome on both plus it is way lighter. It also gets all the way under the beds and furniture. You have to use an attachment on the Dyson to do that.

I have a long coated Rottweiler who sheds all year and copiously. My cat is a long hair too so a good vacuum is very important to me!

My Oreck gets bits of kibble my two slobs get all over but the Dyson just breaks it up and spits it back out.

The Oreck came with a free canister vac with a should strap and I use that for walls, furniture and my car. I also got a free cordless sweeper which I love beyond reason.

The 2 drawbacks of the Oreck: it uses belts (I hate belts) and it is LOUD. But it works so much better for me I don’t care:)

We’ve had one for years. We had an ancient Ferguson bought in the 70’s that blew up after 15 years. So we got a Miele that lasted about 2 years. We then got a Dyson in a half price sale in a local electrical store. We needed something that could perch on stairs (we have 6 flights) and suck up hair from carpet. We got a cylinder one not an upright. Ours does have filters that you can remove and wash but they need replacing eventually - the newer ones I believe don’t have them. The only thing that has gone wrong with ours is that the automatic flex winder wont work any more.

I have only had mine for about three months, having replaced a Kirby. LOVE the Dyson. You won’t believe how much stuff it gets out of a supposedly-clean carpet. We have no pets, so I did not buy the one designed for pet hair.

Love mine and wouldn’t have anything else:woohoo:

I’ve had an upright Dyson (we had two Labs!) “pet hair model” for a few years, and I LOVE it!!! I was a bit nervous about the price, too, but they advertised that their machines don’t lose suction, and after having like 4 vacuums in not that many years (we don’t abuse them either, they just seem to lose suction quickly), I decided that it would be cheaper in the long run to get a vacuum I didn’t have to replace very often.

For what it’s worth, I feel that it’s worth the money. The features I like best are that it doesn’t lose suction, and NO VACUUM BAGS!!! :cheering: (because it seems you’re always running out of vacuum bags at the most inopportune times, doesn’t it? And they are pricey, and inconvenient to locate to purchase)

We bought the Dyson DC17 Animal today and used a coupon to bring the price down $110. I’ll post grotty pictures of the stuff that comes out of my otherwise clean carpets later. :teehee:
Thanks everyone for your help!!!

Holy cow…where did you get it for that price and what coupon?

Don’t get too excited, it brought the price down $110, I didn’t pay $110 for it, I wish!!:roflhard: I used a Linens and Things coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, out the door was $470.79. :cheering: I threw away my B, B & B coupon a week or so ago and they let me just use their competetor’s coupon which was nice. Saving $110 was nice.
The best part is DH is treating the thing as a new tool and is rampantly cleaning everything in the house with it as I type this. :roflhard: That alone is worth the price!!

Congrats on your new toy!!! I’m excited for you! :cheering:

(You know we’re getting old when we get excited by new appliances.) :teehee:

You’re going to love the Dyson! After years of buying Bissel, Hoover, etc. with a short life, I finally decided to go for the Dyson. I wasn’t too thrilled about the price tag, but figured I had probably already spent that much replacing the cheap junky vacuum cleaners, it would be saving me money in the long run. I have four cats who do nothing but shed and track litter all over the place. I forget the exact model, but it has “the ball”, which makes it so super easy to swivel around corners, chair legs, etc. I love the fact that I don’t have to unplug it to go into a different room, very long cord. It is the only vacuum cleaner I have owned that actually picks up all the cat hair!