Dyson vacuums-Update page 4 bought the Dyson

My three year old Bissell bit the dust a couple of days ago, it literally disintegrated. Now this wasn’t a vacuum that got abused, we have a central vac system but we used the Bissell on our carpet, a whole four rooms.
My husband wants a Dyson, I say they are outrageously priced but if they are that much better I’ll buy it. Anybody have one, have had one, has a relative or friend with one? What’s the verdict on them?:???:

I have one. First of all, you may know, I have 9 (NINE!) indoor cats. The dyson is by far the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned in that price range*. I have mostly hard surfaces, which it does great on, but the area rug in my living room has a black border (I have no black cats) and really demonstrates the ability of the dyson to clean. It is easy to use and does a great job. We have had it now for, oh, probably a little over two years I think, and have had no problems with it at all.

It has a nice long cord and that is a wonderful feature. The container is simple to dump (but always do that in an outside receptacle <—voice of experience), and the attachments are all useful.

*I mention the price range because I once had a Rainbow, and while it always did a fantastic job, it was way more expensive than my Dyson and quite cumbersome to use. I found it to be inconvenient and I was always quite conflicted about where to dump the dirty water.

I’m sure there are others who may have had a different experience with the Dyson, but for our purposes (and I think we really put it to the test), it does a super job!

If hubby is willing, I say don’t fight it!!

2 kids, 2 cats, 1 messy dh and a bad housekeeper…

I LOVE my Dyson. It is so worth the $. If you’d gotten one 3 years ago, you’d not be replacing it, so you wouldn’t have spent what you did for Bissel…it’s worth it, IMHO.

I love my Dyson. It works WAY better than my Kirby did and that was a $1200 vacuum. I always thought my Kirby did a great job until I got my Dyson, and saw what real suction power does. Plus there are no bags, belts, or filters to replace. I had mine for a month before my mom went and bought one too.

Now I can’t say that the Dyson is the best out there though. There may well be other vacuums out there that work just as well or better, but I am not disappointed in my Dyson at all. I believe they’re expensive because you never have to buy any bags or belts which would continue the revenue for the company. Once a Dyson is sold, that’s all they get from you. :wink:

I don’t have one so I can’t say. Everyone who has one seems to love them though.
Strangely Consumer Reports rates them rather low. :shrug:

I have had a dyson for a few yrs and they are great :heart:

I did not want to spend the money either…but after getting a cheaper one that was top rated by consumer reports, and having it clog up after only 15 minutes I bit the bullet.

The thing is amazing!! I can vacuum a rug that looks clean and get a full canister of dirt and cat hair out of it. Best vacuum I have every used.

I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon so at least I saved a little $$ that way.

My dd has one and loves hers. She has a dog and a cat and hardwood, but still loves it.

You guys rock! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for the tip on Bed Bath and Beyond too and thanks for the info on the belts, filters, etc. :muah: Now I just need to figure out which one I need…

I LOVE my dyson. I was like you, about not wanting to pay that much money. In fact, we got ours at Home Depot, on clearance, when they were moving out the old model. After taxes, I think it ended up being a little over $300, which is actually inexpensive for one. I still balked at the price, but I was so wrong. It really is a great product…And as you may have read, I have multiple cats, too.

The only thing you want to be careful about is throw rugs. It’ll try to suck them right in with the dirt. lol

okay see, now THAT would almost make it worth buying for me to see it literally disintegrate! :teehee:

(sorry, I can’t help it…when I see the things that people say “literally” happen my mind starts to wander and I imagine the most amazing things! {literally laughing my *ss off is my favorite and i am TOTALLY jealous of those people! ;)}) :muah:

Get the Dyson. I have one that is extra good for pet hair. I have a long hair cat. Not a problem. My dyson picks up hair on the couch, the carpet, the drapes etc.

I also use the small motorized attachment to clean my mattress once a month and you would be suprised at the amount dust mites etc it sucks up.

I’ve had it for over 2 yrs, and my allergies improved 100%. It is so worth the $.

Oh, can you tell I love my Dyson? It is awesome!:woohoo:

I love my Dyson! It took a bit of walking around Sears trying to talk myself into spending that much money for a vacuum, but I’m not sorry I did!

I agree with the cat hair thing, the first time I vacuumed my rug with it I was horrified!! It was crazy how much hair and dirt came out of the rug. I felt like such a bad housekeeper.

It is a bit of money but well worth it in my opinion.

Oh and just so that i may at least be a LITTLE bit helpful in my post… My mother bought a Dyson and her cleaning ladies love it. They clean a lot of houses and they seem to rave about the vaccuum. Yeah, she is ridiculous and never uses it herself (granted it is hard for her to get around sometimes so vaccuuming really would take it out of her but sheesh…) I have to think that if it is good enough that the cleaning ladies raved aobut it though, it has to be good enough for those of us who don’t have cleaning ladies! :wink:

my dream is to one day have a cleaning lady…even though I’m the type that would feel bad if someone else had to clean up after me, and would want to clean before the cleaning people came.

Ohhh if I could afford a Dyson I would have one. I have 3 cats and only have a little crappy cordless vac. When I moved into this apartment the landlords said they were gonna rip up the stained beige carpet and put in a brand new one and I told them NOOOO. Because I KNEW I’d never be able to keep the new one clean… And I’d only ever had hard wood before.

But I read a photo blog ( Faux Toe Rama! ) and the guy had posted some pics… This was amazing.

He has purchased a house where the previous owners had 2 dogs and a cat. He vacuumed the carpet twice using his regular vac… But he and his wife bought a Pet Hair Dyson with some wedding gift cards they’d recieved…

They got THAT MUCH off of that carpet. It was a 9 x 11 room.

Like I said, I’d have one if I could afford it.

LOVE my Dyson! I only wish I could afford 2 more for the other floors so I don’t have to carry it up and down the stairs all the time. I want the little one now to clean up the little spills here and there. My dustbuster has “bit the dust” and I want something new, but that thing is really pricey and I think it looks a little too manly for me…(I can make one of the boys around here use it all the time!)


They suck.

Oh yea, I am replying to this one…yes, dyson will suck the ball off a trailer hitch!!! No doubt, but it is very cumbersome under furniture/tight spaces…you see the “wand” does come off, however, the handle stays with the hose, which make it very awkward to manuever…mine(bought it a few months ago) came with lots of attachments, but none fit under my furniture…I have too move a lot of things around to work with the “very heavy” handle.The hose will dis-engage from the handle, but it doesn’t give you a lot of “length” to work with…there are no “extensions”, so you use the “wand”…Oh boy, I really begged DH for this one:thumbsup:

Just had to add my tw cents…

I LOVE [SIZE=4]LOVE [/SIZE][SIZE=6]LOVE:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]My Dyson!!![/SIZE]