Dunkin Donuts coffee - what's the secret?

My hubby and I have never been big coffee drinkers… I recently got my hubby addicted to Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee while home in NY last week. He bought 2 lbs of their coffee with grand ideas of making it at home…I have a coffee maker (house warming gift) but how much coffee do I add? The Dunkin bag says 2TBL per cup, but that makes sludge and coffee in the grocery store says 1 TBL. So coffee drinkers I ask you What’s the secret to making potable coffee at home?

I think you should use less than that. Just try different amounts until you get it the way you want. I use 1/3 to 1/2 cup for a whole pot.

We like 1 “scoop” per cup, and I think my “scoop” is about 1 tablespoon. It does take some experimenting to get it the way you like it.

I have a coffee scoop that measures about 30 cc or 1 oz, which is equivalent to 2 tablespoons and I use 3 scoops. So 6 tablespoons for a 10 cup pot of coffee. Like Ronda said in the previous post, you’ll need to experiment. Cindy

Same here.

I wish I could help you but we have the coffee maker that grinds the beans and then makes the coffee in one machine. My husband is addicted to the machine it self, me I am happy with a electric teapot and the cone coffee filter with good old fashioned ground coffee.

I am still not sure what the draw is on Dunkin Donuts, back in my hometown it was a little hole in the wall place in the area’s first “mall” (does not compare by todays standards) that always had old men in there with their coffee and donuts?

I also have a “coffee scoop” which is about 2 tabelspoons. I use one scoop PER cup. Anything less than that is may as well be brown water. I also am not a fan of Dunkin Donuts coffee. I need (yes, need) Starbucks.

Like everyone said… you just need to experiment. A lot has to do with the coffee maker too. Flat bottom and cone shaped make different tasting coffee. Some coffee makers have a slow-drip feature for a stronger brew.

I was addicted to our Capresso coffee maker that we got as a wedding gift. It had a slow-drip function as well as a milk-frother. I also became very attached to hot half/half in my coffee. Sadly it died this year after 7 years of happiness. I would love to replace it with the same model, but it is a pricey machine.


Thank you for all your help - I tried 6 TBL this morning (my coffee maker is a Black & Decker 4 cup with cone filter that goes in the dishwasher) It is better, but still a little too bitter and not enough vanilla flavor for me. I swear Dunkin stores must put crack in the coffee b/c it is sooo good. Their hot chocolate with whipped cream is also too die for.
It’s funny where my parents live in NY Dunkin Donuts is on every street corner and the only Starbucks is in Barnes & Noble. Where I am in VA there is a Starbucks or indepedent coffee shop on every corner and NO dunkin Donuts anywhere - maybe I should open one for all the poor souls that can’t afford Starbucks…

Reminds me of the Tim Horton’s issue we have in Canada. I only think it’s an issue because I’m not from here. We have two Starbucks that I know of…wait 3. One in the mall, one in a book store, and one way up the street. Where as, there’s a Timmy Ho’s in almost every gas station, combined with Wendy’s, 2 in the mall, and pretty much one on every corner.

I heart Dunkin Donuts. Have you tried Vanilla Spice? yummmm! They are every where in New England. My former boss used to travel a lot and we joked because she could travel through 2 states and knew every Dunkins on the way :teehee:

Personally I despise any flavored coffees, but I do like DD’s regular coffee. It’s the roast they use, it’s quite good. I have a friend who roasts beans and his are even better than their’s.

If you want the best flavor buy it as unground beans and grind just enough for a pot at a time. Keep it well sealed so it doesn’t go stale.

DH and I are avid coffee drinkers. Our preferred brand is French Market Chicory & Coffee. The chicory boosts the coffee flavor making the grounds twice as potent as regular coffee. We use one heaping spoonful (regular cereal spoon) per two cups of coffee.

I also grind my own beans (Starbucks Espresso Roast) for my own espressos and cappuccinos.

The secret to a good home brewed cup of coffee is to experiment with one cup of coffee. Use the recommended amount, brew a cup, and adjust accordingly to your taste. I like a bold roast and flavor myself. Once you find what works, multiply it by the amount of cups per carafe… and try not to switch brands. :slight_smile:

PS… Keep your coffee in the freezer (ground and whole) for longer shelf life and fresher taste.

Hehe, I love Timmies.

It’s not so bad up in the GTA as it is here in Windsor. Unless it got worse… When I lived there a few years ago we only had a couple that were joined with wendy’s.

Here in Windsor there is ALMOST one at every bus stop. Sadly, since I moved out of my moms house I haven’t lived near a Tims in forever. I picked the one street on the west end that didn’t have ANY Tim Hortons . And when I moved to the East end… again the one section on the East with no Tims.

I miss it.

My best friend in elementary school parents owned a DD. They told my mom that when they made coffee at home they used an 1/8 c scoop and the formula of half minus one . You take half the numbers of cups of water and subtract one and that is how many scoops of coffee you need. If you are making 12 cups of coffee you would use 5 scoops. Mom and I both still make coffee using that “recipe”

I live in what USED to be a small town. But in the past 10 years, our population has grown by over 600% (not joking).

We used to just have small houses, farms and fields in our county. Now, we are surrounded by HUGE neighborhoods of McMansions, and every store and restaurant you can imagine. So, we have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts everywhere you look. But, I’ve never seen a Tim Hortons. Don’t even know what that is.

Figaro, Dunkin Donuts used to have “regular” coffee, but they changed their recipe some time ago, and it’s a lot better.

This year, one of my piano students gave me a Starbucks gift card, so I went last night and bought a large bag of the whole bean Christmas Blend. Love that stuff! :inlove:

I’m drinking a cup right now! :slight_smile:

Sandy - Tim Horton’s is in Canada.

Ah! No WONDER I’ve never heard of it. :wink:

Tim Horton’s is also all over Michigan. My husband and I lived in Ann Arbor for five years. I always thought it was odd that they served their lunch combos with a doughnut. The coffee was pretty good, though…

One way to quickly (imo) ruin good coffee is with too much soap. Are you washing your coffee carafe with dish soap daily? It will leave a residue that the oils in coffee adhere too, loosening it, and then you’re “flavoring” your coffee with dish soap. I don’t wash my carafe with anything other than water except once a month, maybe, then I rinse with vinegar to help get rid of all the soap - the rest of the time, just wipe and rinse. Yummy coffee.

Shandeh, I do admit that I have had it only one time and it was a mocha iced cuppa coffee and it just tasted horrible! It just still shocks me to drive by the one down the street and see the line of cars for the drivethru backed up into the main street:noway:. And there is only one Starbucks here in the local Stop n Shop so I grab me a Carmel Macchioto (sic?) while there. Back in SD Starbucks are everywhere and DD are hidden very well:wink:.