DQ's knitting, baby and blah blog

Well I don’t have my own knitting blog anywhere so I thought I’d start one here…more to keep track of things myself but I’ll welcome anyone who wants to read and talk to me :slight_smile: There will probably be some boring blah bits creeping in to, so be warned now!

So a quick few things about me…
[li]My name is Jennifer[/li][li]I live in the North West of England[/li][li]I’m married and currently have one son and one bump[/li][li]I’m a SAHM[/li][li]I’m left handed[/li][*]I knit ‘English’ style[/ul]I can’t think of anything else to add right now :oops:

Now I’m going to post my knitting mission of the week. I hope to do this every week to motivate myself into getting more done and maybe even bust a bit of stash!


[LEFT]1 --> Knit ‘Peekaboo Mittens’ for my Nana.
2 --> Fix and finish socks for my husband.


What a great idea to keep yourself motivated. Welcome to the blogs :hug:

Welcome to “Blogland!” :teehee: Sometimes we get chatty in here sometimes not and some people use their blogs more to keep track of their own projects and stuff.

I hope you’ll continue to be active in the rest of the forum, too. :thumbsup:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been very tempted to start another project today. I cast on a blanket to work on whilst waiting for my midwife appointment because I’ve had to wait for ages for the last few, but i got in early! So I had to resist carrying on with it and I’ve been working on the mittens. I’m quite pleased with my willpower! :slight_smile:

So when is the new baby due? Will you knit some things for the baby? I bought yarn today so that I can knit some soft blocks for the new nephew in our family. My goal is to have them done for his c-mas present. They should make a great gift for a 6 month old.

It’s due Jan 25th :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get some baby knitting done. I’ve knit one thing so far -->

Although it’s quite small so if the baby is big then it won’t fit! If that happens I’ll find a doll to fit in on (I just thought of that last night :figureditout: )

Soft blocks sound like a great present! :yay:

Well I’ve just finished the body of the first mitten, I’ve only got the thumb to complete now. I’m having a panic about the size though :eyes: I’m pretty sure my Nana’s hands are smaller than mine as she is smaller, and she is old, so I’ve been happy with the mitts turning out small on me…Now I’m wondering if I’ve gone too small or not. I don’t think they look stupidly small but I’ve gone all pessimistic now. Plus I don’t even know if she’ll like the pattern :help:

I’m going to complete the mitt and wait for DH to come home and give his opinion. If he thinks they’re big enough then I’ll do the second one and I’ll have to wait and see if they fit Nana and if she likes them or not. Crossed Fingers

Elderly peoples hands seem to get quite thin, but they have big bumps at the joints. She wouldnt want them too big, but big enough to get on and off fairly easily. Oh, I’ve just thought, what age group is your Nana in? Here is me assuming she is ancient because my Nana was my Great Grandmother, and her daughter who we called Bestamere was my Grandmother. Your Nana might be quite young! And I have just woken up to the fact that you are doing MITTENS and peek-a-boo ones at that. I am sure they will fit.

Actually, I’ve no idea how old she is! She must be well into her 70s at least…:??

Hubby thinks they will fit so I’m going to finish the thumb on the first one and start the second one today.

I did a bit of sneaky work on a baby blanket last night but it was nice and relaxing :shifty:

Loved :heart: the little overall’s that you knit. What a great idea to put them on a doll if you have a large baby. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :hug:

Thanks :slight_smile: Bump is being busy this morning! Also DH managed to definitely feel some kicks last night instead of just saying ‘I think I felt one’ :teehee:

Last night I finally managed to finish mitten 1. I should have done it earlier really but I had an idea for the blanket and had to restart it (naughty me) So I’ve got to try and get the second one done today as I’m hoping to see Nana tomorrow. I hope this one will go a bit faster! I’ve done 5 rows already before breakfast so that’s a good start I think!

Maybe I should knit some for myself soon, my hands are freezing!

I’m nearly finished! Hurrah! Just got the thumb to do now :passedout:

FINISHED!!! :woot:

My poor, aching hands :passedout:

I’m fed up of circs now so I’m replacing hubbys socks with the baby blanket I started…but not tonight.

Time for bedzzzzzzzzzzz

How far along are you? I loved being pregnant!

WOW~you knitting animal you :teehee:

24 weeks tomorrow (Sunday) :slight_smile: I love parts of it…but the morning sickness hasn’t stopped yet, it’s just spaced out to every few days :pout:

Oh I forgot to say…Nana loved the mitts :woot:

It’s been a loooong day today. We were up very early to get out and collect some ebay purchases and then we went onto my Mums house. My mum and stepdad got back from America yesterday. They went over for my brothers wedding (we couldn’t afford to go :pout: ).

My mum brought back goodies though! I’ve got my birthday pressie from my brother --> The Baby Surprise Jacket DVD, Knit Simple - Fall 2008, A bonnets and booties pattern book and ‘Knitting for the Pampered Baby’ by Rita Weiss :present: And my mum bought me a lovely cardigan from Gap Maternity :yay:

You lucky gal :teehee: You’ll be knitting up a storm, won’t you? Where does your brother live in America?

Oh I’m sorry you have been sick with morning sickness. I was lucky and didn’t get it with either one of my kids. :hug:

Wow, awesome gifts! Can’t wait to see your baby surprise!