Double Knit Earflap Hat

I just finished about the hardest thing I ever knit. You DK experts will laugh, but go ahead, it was hard for me. :wink: This is Kathleen Sperling’s design, with some mistakes. :slight_smile: I misunderstood the first row of each chart and thought I was supposed to do 8 rows, but I was supposed to do 1 stitch 8 times, or later, 8 stitches 8 times. Hence the nob on top, but it’s fine for my 14 month old DGD.

My first problem was the cast on, a “Eastern Closed CO” but KS helped me and I got that finally. This hat is made from the top, so I had to learn how to do increases in DK and that took a little doing too. :eyes: Then I just plain had trouble learning to do a pattern stitch and keep track of what I was doing. I gave up at first but went back after a few days and tackled it again. It finally gelled, and got easier, even fun. :cheering:

Then it has some DK decreases on the earflaps and a kitchener stitch thrown in to top it all off. DH made the twisted cords for me.
Here is the inside hat. It is totally reversible.

That’s so cute! I really like how that came out.

You did a fantastic job!

It’s lovely! I’ve never even attempted DK!

It looks great! And I’m so glad you posted it. I’ve been looking for this exact type of pattern to knit a hat for my toddler! What pattern is it and where did you get it?

That is very cute. Great work.

She’ll be adorable in it, and it sure looks perfect to me.

I see your weather is the same as ours, sigh. We’re at 167 feet, not supposed to be happening.

You’ve DK something to keep the little one warm~

campbellmom549 and anyone else interested in the hat pattern. It is by Kathleen Sperling also known as WIP Insanity. I think she may have a blog with that name. Her pattern is available for sale via Ravelry. It is called KWB/TSF Hat. Here is a link to the pattern information on Rav.

Oh my! It’s absolutely LOVELY!!!


WOW! I think it is brilliant . I love the colour and it just reminds me of winter and snow :slight_smile:

Wow! It’s gorgeous! You did an awesome job! What’s next? :smiley:

:inlove: Love it, thanks for the link! :happydance:

It’s beautiful! I love it – the colors, the pattern, everything. You did a great job. It will keep your little one very warm this winter.

Awesome job! :thumbsup:

Wanda- What’s next? Right now I’m making another one of these in a smaller size. I may or may not do the ear flaps, it depends on how I’m feeling when I get there. I also have a few other things that I’ve started and need to get to. :slight_smile:

On the colors of this hat… The demos that KS made are all made with two different self striping yarns and make a very beautiful hat. Of course, she says you can use two solids. I got striping yarn to use but I got so confused trying to do the charts with two colors that were different but about the same tones that I decided to try something from the stash that contrasted like my chart did, dark and light. That helped me figure it out.

The yarn I used was Wool-Ease in burgundy and blush pink heather. This smaller one I’m making now is the same pink and and medium blue heather. I thought that would make a nice newborn size hat, pink and blue.

Thanks to everyone for looking and for the nice comments.


My LYS is offering a DK class in January, making a headband, I am thinking about taking it.

As usual Judy…your work is just wonderful! I personally love the little stem on top, too! I went over to Rav and read your notes!
Good notes! I already had this hat pattern in my FAVS…but didn’t have the courage to begin it! :teehee: Are all of these hats double-knit? I was gonna buy the pattern LAST NIGHT, but chickened out. These hats remind me of your husband’s hat patterns! I did buy one pattern that reminded me of his work!
The Machu Picchu Earflap Hat.

You and your DH are really marvelous knitters! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments.

Are all of these hats double-knit?
By that do you mean all the hats that in are in that pattern? There are sizes from newborn to large adult and they are all double knit. They all start out the same way (minus the stem–my bad) and the bigger the size the longer you make it in the increase section. Then each size has its own chart after that for slightly different patterning on each size.

I could help you with some of the bumps along the way, now that I have it figured out. LOL

Ohhhh, I see what you mean now. The yarn she used were two different self-striping yarns. Doh. I can see that now. :eyes: Yes, they create a beautiful look…but they would drive me BATTY with the double knitting technique. I’d go crazy keeping track of what gets knit and what gets purled!

Well, one nice thing…the desiger has furnished a link to a helpful video tutorial! How nice of her! She seems like a real class act!

That’s adorable, I’d love to make one of those for my DD. Maybe one day :slight_smile: