Do you actually use or wear what you knit?

I know this might sound funny :?? … But every time I finished knitting something I would just leave them in my box of FOs and occasionally take them out and admire them. I have this sort of unknown fear that if I wear them or take them out with me they would get wrecked or something… :oops: Do any of you have the same problem? :shrug:

I don’t have this problem, however, I usually knit for other people…lol…Seriously, in the year + I’ve been knitting, I FINALLY made something for myself, my cell phone case which I did last week…hahaha…One day I’ll make a few more things for myself…lol

yep~ I give almost EVERYTHING I make away so I don’t keep it very long~ except for my double standed red :heart: lunch bag~~ that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’
~~ :teehee:

It’s hard to imagine something terrible happening to your children~~
I think the doctor’s call it seperation anxiety~!! :teehee:


I think of it kind of like saving your good china for some day special. At the end of your life you will have beautiful china that you can barely remember using. What’s the point of that? Every day should be considered special!

Use it, gift it, donate it, but SOMEONE should enjoy it!

I wear quite a bit of my stuff, especially to work. And I make stuff for other people too.
When I first started knitting stuff, I tried to pick pieces that were very funky, but I never liked wearing them because they were not realistic (like a really fluffy thick wool sweater with a cowl neck- and I live in L.A., so it stayed in my drawer because it is never cold enough to wear that darn thing). Now I find patterns that I like and I ask myself if I will wear it if I make it. If the answer is yes, then I make it. Make sure you pick things to make that are truly something you would wear. It’s a shame to waste all that time and work if it is only going to stay in the drawer. Show off your stuff and be proud!


Happy knitting!

i know it sound silly… but after i made something … i cannot bear to wear it …worrying that it will be wear and tear… lol… i made a hello kitty sweater and it sitting in my walk-in closet and i just cannot bear to wear it…worrying that it will look old after many wash !!! i should wear all my stuff… u know what …i am wearing all my products from this point onwards…life is too short not to enjoy my handmade items…

I mostly knit for charity, but I do wear the sweater I made and I use the dishcloths. :wink:

Most of the stuff I knit, I give it away. If there is something that I’ve knitted and I can’t depart from it, I’ll wear it…but usually they’re just scarves and hats. I have this obsession with scarves and hats…lol. :heart:

Things I knit for myself, I ALWAYS wear. I just love wearing my hand-knitted sweaters. I still wear my first sweater, which I knitted about 3 years ago. Don’t be afraid to wear something nice you’ve knitted for yourself. Live is to short for that and knitting takes to much time and effort for that. You’re worth it!

I haven’t yet. I am not afraid to wear them, but I guess I just thought I would wear them more than I would want to wear them. Hopefully I will soon find something that I really like to wear. I think I really need to knit things at a much finer gauge than given.

I think I opened up a bit more now… Thanks guys! :hug:

It’s not that I don’t like my knitted projects… It’s rather because I’m WAY TOO fond of them, so I’m scared that they would get wrecked.

But now! since you guys told me:

It’s a shame to waste all that time and work if it is only going to stay in the drawer.

life is too short not to enjoy my handmade items…

Show off your stuff and be proud!

Live is to short for that and knitting takes to much time and effort for that. You’re worth it!


Every day should be considered special!

I, from now on, will actually wear and use my knitted projects! :cheering: :teehee: :rofl:

I don’t wear most of my stuff (unfortunately). I am currently working on a sweater which I plan to wear. I make pretty funky stuff, which I love, but it’d be weird to wear it to school. But I also LOVE to make stuff for other people, I made hats for all of my friends for Christmas.

I wear all my stuff. I don’t see any point in saving it. I guess once the knitting part is done, I don’t feel a real need to protect the sweater or whatever. It’s a sweater. If it gets ruined (and none have, yet), I have an excuse to buy more yarn for another one. :teehee:

I wear my things too. After I put all the work into it, I can’t wait to get it on. And I also get a huge kick out of somebody complementing me on my handknits, because then I can tell them that I made it myself.

I like what Mason Dixon has to say about it: “Must. Use. The. Handknits.”

The main reason I taught myself to knit last summer was to have a more “practical” hobby.

So, with that in mind, I make things that I intend to use. I’ve made a bath rug, hand towels (both of these items are in my bathroom and used every day). I’ve also made dishcloths, which the family uses often.

I’ve recently gotten on a sock kick. I cannot wait for the socks to come off of the needles so I can wear them (wearing a pair right now!!!).

Go for it! You know, if something happens to your item, at least you wore it and loved it while you could!!


Yes! I’m wearing my Fetching right now. I also wear one of the two hats I’ve made for myself–I used to wear the other, but it was big to begin with and kinda grew, so I gave it to my mom. She has a big head. :teehee: I love the hat, so I plan on making another one. (The original plan was to make her one, but the second one was coming out much smaller. So to the frog pond and I’ll make this hat again for myself later.)

Those are the only wearables I have made so far, but I do plan on wearing them. Otherwise I wouldn’t put so much blood and sweat and tears into them. :teehee:

Since I started knitting socks, I wear my knittables all the time! They are fast, they fit, etc. Before that I gave most of my items away and I don’t know if anyone uses/wears what I made or if they’re sitting in someone’s drawer, closet, or (heaven forbid) rag bag.

If I make it with the intention of it being for me I do wear it. I made two Ruanas in the last few months and I wear them any chance I get.

I once knit an absolutely beautiful alpaca scarf for myself and then didn’t wear it-just let it sit in the closet. When I finally did take it out to wear it, a moth had somehow gotten to it! :-x I was crushed and swore I’d wear what I knit for myself then on.

I haven’t done many FO’s yet but I do plan to make things for myself to wear when I’m not doing things for other people :slight_smile:

Most of my knitting goes to others (and my mantra is, If you love it, let it go) but when I knit something for myself, I wear it enough to at least show it off. Haven’t lost or runined anything yet.

An exception to the rule: I took an “advanced beginner” knitting class where we made a baby sweater. The rule is when you take a class at this LYS, you must buy the yarn there, and of course their yarn is mostly expensive stuff. When I added up the cost of the yarn and the cost of the class, that baby sweater was not cheap. I thought about giving it to a nephew for his new baby, but crocheted them a nice baby afghan instead. I’m still waiting for someone “sweater-worthy” to give this baby sweater to!