Do you actually use or wear what you knit?

To be honest, I’m still waiting for the chance to make something for myself so I can wear it. Seems like most of my knitting has been done for presents for others…although I do have a couple of scarves I made that I do wear.

I’ve got yarn for a couple of sweaters that I plan to make for myself, and barring any unforseen circumstances (like I totally mess them up, LOL!) I will wear them!

Maybe you could donate it to a hospital or women’s shelter??

I think of it kind of like saving your good china for some day special. At the end of your life you will have beautiful china that you can barely remember using. What’s the point of that? Every day should be considered special!

This cracked me up! I wear/use everything I’ve knitted so far, but the beautiful china I got for my wedding 6 years ago is still safely packed away in it’s box in the attic!!! :roflhard:

I am getting better about actually USING handmade things. For the longest time they seemed so precious, I couldn’t bear to use them. I’m not sure what changed my mind. My husband’s philosophy about everything is, “If you love it, you have to let it go,” so maybe it was his influence.

I don’t have much trouble using stuff I’ve made for myself. I figure, I KNOW how to make it, so if it gets ruined, I’ll just make another! Maybe once that spiral throw I posted earlier starts to show some wear, I’ll regret my policy. That thing took a lot of effort! Then again, there were some mistakes in the first few colors, so maybe if it gets ruined over time, I’ll see it as a Mulligan!

the only thing I’ve kept so far is a scarf.
I’m using it, but only until I reknit it.
then I’ll use it again, but it will be a different scarf.
& hopefully this sweater I’m knitting will actually fit, and then I will probably wear it every single day until someone says I smell. :ick:

:rofl: the few scarves I have I do use… my kid’s wear their items as well… so does dh… :happydance:

I have finished 2 sweaters for myself in the past few months. They are not the best fit, but I wear them proudly and wish the weather wouldn´t get warmer yet :pout: My boys and DH dont want me to make them anything ( "I dont wear sweaters…" ) so I guess all the yarn and new things will be for ME!!! :happydance:

I don’t think I would want to knit something I couldn’t or didn’t want to use or wear.

I do wear most of what I knit. But I enjoy the process of knitting even more than the finished products. I have a few tote bags that are so nice but I haven’t used those yet…I better begin to real soon. :cheering:

The thing I wear the most is one of the many many scarves I have made. I’ve made some other stuff, (shawls/hats) but I don’t really wear it. Mostly because I don’t have much confidence in my work and am afraid that if I wear it, people will think “that hideous thing sure looks homemade!”

I prefer, right now, to knit for others… of course I haven’t finished anything yet… :oops:

okay well… of course I use my FOs sometimes but not outside. What I had been saying was things happening to my FOs while I wear it out side.(a strange fear it is)

Of course I sometimes wear my projects and play with them at home just for fun, but I’m just too afraid that they’ll get wrecked.

I don’t have enough yarns to knit things like sweaters, etc. etc. but I do knit gloves, scarves, such and such that use up less yarn. Due to the fact that I can’t get much yarn easily and can’t make as much FOs as you guys do, the projects seem more precious to me. You know, some of them even seem like a memory to me, like my first FO, first mitten, etc. It would have been very heartbreaking to see them getting wrecked… :pout:

But you guys have told me some great reasons why I should use them, so perhaps I will be more careful with them when I actually get to use them.:slight_smile:

Mostly because I don’t have much confidence in my work and am afraid that if I wear it, people will think “that hideous thing sure looks homemade!”

To KnitClickChick- some of the stuff I see in the malls on the mannequins looks very homemade and is intended to look like that. You would be surprised what you make that looks just like you bought it out of those stores. You just might be making something right now that is very trendy.
So instead, they will ask you where you bought it and you can tell them you made it yourself.

Happy Knitting, and Happy Wearing!
v. :cheering:

Great point! :cheering: :rofl: :thumbsup: