Do knitters and puzzles go together?

This is sort of about knitting, at least about knitters. :wink: I love to knit and I also love puzzles of many kinds: crosswords, word find, Sudoku, even jigsaw puzzles. My DH and I have wondered if this is rare or common among knitters. Knitting has some of the factors that make a puzzle… a challenge, mistakes to be found and corrected. Do you other knitters like to work puzzles, or is knitting the only puzzle in your life? Thanks for sharing.

I never thought of this correlation before. I enjoy sudoku & brain teasers, but I cannot stand doing crosswords or jigsaw puzzles. Word finds are all right, but I’m not very good at them.

I knit and I love crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, soduko, puzzles of all kinds. One thing I’m not big on is murder mysterys. You’d think I would since I like to “solve” puzzles. BUt for me its more like I need to fill in the box. I don’t care who dunnit, it just needs to get filled in.

I like word puzzles, but not so much jigsaw. I have noticed a lot of readers and cat lovers on this forum too…intersting…


I like logic puzzles and sudoku, brain teaser and riddles. I hate jigsaw puzzles and crosswords

I enjoy puzzles. I love the word find ones. I’m not that good at cross words but I try. I love majong puzzles too.

AND yes I read a lot and I have a cat!

Oh yes! I absolutely love puzzles. I have sudoku by my bed and do it every evening. I also love word puzzles and logic puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are rare as we have cats that think the pieces make great toys and then added fiber for their diet. But if it weren’t for the cats we would have a table set up with a jigsaw puzzle on it that we could work on all the time. Interestingly, my dh is the only one in the house who doesn’t knit and he also doesn’t enjoy puzzles.

I like jigsaw puzzles, majjong, and solitaire games. Don’t particularly like cats, love dogs and horses. Not much for crossword puzzles. Love to read.

Thanks everybody. I also like to read and forgot to mention that I love solitaire games (spider and free cell). What is majjong? I’ll do a Google search. :wink: We have two outside cats, but I’m a little afraid of cats. It sounds like there are some other puzzle lovers out there.

I love puzzles! I love anything, really, that stimulates my mind. I enjoy crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, word find puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, I love reading and writing…Oh yeah, and I have 5 cats…lol…I think what it is is people who knit do it not only because they enjoy it but because it’s also a bit of a challenge. I’ve read puzzles increase brain power simply because they force you to think and focus, much the same as knitting. Even if you don’t think you’re thinking about what you’re knitting, subconciously, you are.

It is interesting to note too, that many people who posess such a creative streak are big time cat lovers. Makes me wonder if it’s because cat’s are such independent creatures and they pretty much do things on their terms…lol…If they want to cuddle, they’ll climb up on your lap, if they want to be left alone, they’ll run and hide, or, bite you/smack you and run…hahaha…I think many people who are creative are much the same way, (well, except maybe for the attack and run) very independent, they don’t necessarily adhere to ‘the rules’ and they do things on thier own terms, in their own way. They have a bit of a carefree outlook and don’t care too much what others think. I could be way off base though…lol…Just my perception

Another puzzler here! I love crosswords, for years did jigsaw puzzles, but now I knit and can’t be bothered with them. I also play puzzles on the computer.

Oh-love cats, too.

I love crosswords and jigsaws. Most of the time I’m playing jewel quest or text twist on my computer.

I am all about the puzzles, especially math puzzles, though I don’t turn up my nose at word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles or any other type of puzzles. I am not all that fond of word searches, but that’s because to me there’s nothing to figure out with those ones – no deduction involved.

I love cats, but I also love dogs! And I’m not that good at knitting. I make scarves and hats. Nothing but scarves and hats. And up until a few years ago it was nothing but stuffed animal scarves. I had a hard time finishing projects so I started really small. But then knitting was only something I’d do when I was forced to be away from my computer. Now I just knit at my computer, saves a lot of trouble and I have more time for my projects :smiley:

I love puzzles, esp. crossword puzzles and brain teasers, but I hate jigsaw puzzles. (Well, I like doing the edge and then I’m bored. Besides, if you own a cat, how can you do these? They’re always in the middle of them!)

And I ADORE cats!

I like sudoku and jigsaw puzzles. I’m not so good at correlations, so wordfinds without a word bank aren’t so good and I dislike crosswords because they rely more on trivia than word knowledge and my trivia bank is meh.

I do occasionally like working on the cryptoquotes in the paper, but I don’t usually finish them. Again, poor working knowledge of the list of quotes they use makes it hard and worse, I don’t always know the person they’re quoting.

Cats are my Achilles Heel, health wise. I’d love to keep a cat, but keeping one would likely kill me. Yay for allergies. There may be hope, though. My aunt has a house cat that I could cuddle up to my face without having a bad reaction. Now if I can just find a place that allows cats and convince her to give the cat up…

Double Post, sorry

I love puzzles of all sorts, have figured out that it [I]is[/I] possible to knit and read at the same time and I have 2 cats. Interesting.

This has been very interesting. :slight_smile: I see that quite a few of you like puzzles of different kinds. Helping people in the folder about knitting problems is kind of like doing puzzles too, don’t you think?

I found this site recently when visiting someone’s blog. I added it to my personal bookmarks in my “fun and games” folder. It is a vocabulary quiz like thing and for every word you get right they donate 20 grains of rice to hungry people. If you get the words right you get harder words and if you miss, the words get easier. It is like a game, you learn and donate rice. :thumbsup: I thought some of you other game and puzzle people might like it. I’m posting this in “off topic” too, so others may see it.

Another “puzzler” here…especially crosswords, logic, word games (love TextTwist too!)…not so big on math/number puzzles. Am an avid reader - but no cats (or pets in general) :shrug:

I keep a word search puzzle book, crossword puzzle book, AND leisure reading book in my purse at all times (yep, my purse is huge). They’re great to have if I’m on a quick bus ride, waiting for class to begin, etc. Sitting around with nothing to do is impossible for me! :nails: