Do knitters and puzzles go together?

i think so. I’m a fountain of “useless knowledge” and i enjoy things that require me to analzye and put things together (all the CSI’s, jigsaw puzzles, etc).

I think because we can see the finished product when we’re given just a few pieces (or rows) our brain just works that way.

I love trivia, puzzles of all types, mind games, etc. One of my nicknames is also fountain of useless knowledge. I kick butt at scrabble and jeopardy :slight_smile:

Ass for pets–I have two cats, two birds, and lots of fish, but I am hoping to get a dog in the next year

I love to do crosswords,majong,jigsaws,soduko and word searches. I’m hopeless at mysteries.

I also have 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 budige and a tank of tropical fish. You can’t beat knitting while having a cat nap on your lap lol. Magnum doesn’t really bother with yarn while I’m knitting but Harvey will.

I like Scrabble and word games, reading, and reading mysteries… and I’ve had pet cats in the past… just can’t have them where I live now.

While I don’t especially like Sudoku, I do like most other puzzles…crossword and jigsaw puzzles are my favorites. I see a similarity between knitting or crochet to jigsaw puzzles. You are putting a puzzle together stitch by stitch.

We have 3 dogs and one small parrot. We’ve had cats in the past, but DH says no more cats now.

Oh, DD12 and I :heart: doing puzzles. I was just thinking last night that I’m surprised she doesn’t have one out right now. Guess, she needs to get through finals first…once xmas break is here she’ll have one out. Last year she received a dozen 1000 piece puzzles for xmas.:happydance:

I love logic and spacial puzzles (like sudoku and jigsaw puzzles) but I hate trivia puzzles like crosswords (unless the hints are more logic or language based, which is rare). I love finding patterns (which explains my love of linguistics) but my loathing of random memorized knowledge was the bane (and end) of my academic career.

My mom used to love drawing random lines on paper and then colouring in the shapes. She’s now a quilter… There’s no question about that relationship!

I love cats and dogs and at this very instant I’m trying to type with a cat draped across my arm. :teehee: I also like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crossword, well…all kinds of puzzles I guess. I also love to read… mostly mysteries, but I also like other stuff except I hate those self help books. Right now I’m reading The Stupidest Angel - A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror. :roflhard:

I do not do puzzles of any kind. I just like to knit. I used to read but now I knit.

Now I can’t wait to go home and snuggle with my cat Birdie (yup, I named my cat Bird and no, I wasn’t little when I did so haha)

I can’t wait until I can move out and take Birdie-girl with me

Interesting thread! I love to read, do at least one crossword puzzle every morning and try to do the free rice everyday too. I like spider solitaire and mahjong. Enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles with dgd, but don’t have a place to really keep one up at my house.

I like any puzzle that involves words. Don’t care for jigsaw puzzles at all, find them tedious. Of course, my husbands’ neurologist finds knitting tedious, as he told me one day. He’s a water colorist, which isn’t really portable,is it? Love to read, almost any subject. Here’s the sad thing, we’ve always had cats. For the thirty five years of our marriage, we had more than one. Now we don’t have any, we’ve had four for quite awhile, but they all died in the last year. We do still have two dogs; and a lost kitten or cat might wander in some day, and have a home.

I love to read. Love crossword and jigsaw puzzles. Love all solitare games and mahjong. Like cats, love dogs. I start every day with two crossword puzzles in the morning paper then it is on to the computer where I visit several puzzle sites. I have always love to knit. This is an interesting thread. Thanks for starting it.:muah:

More thanks to all you puzzlers and knitters out there (and to the one dear soul who said they didn’t do puzzles, we need your input too). I’m going to be away from my computer for at least 48 hours. Well, more than that since I have a 48 hour shift at work. I work as a care giver and get to knit and do puzzles at work (as well as sleep some if it is a night shift :-).