Did you catch Grey's Anatomy last night?

Well I was waiting for that show all day yesterday. I figured that Meredith and Derek would break up - but we all know they won’t stay broken up … right?

Izzy is just plain nuts, as sweet as she is.

George needed that ‘get over yourself’ talk from Lexie.

Can’t Meredith deal with anything? Seriously!?!?!?

Ugh. Some things never change.

I was disappointed last year in GA…so was really hoping last night would cause me to be all excited about it again and have the feeling of can’t wait till next Thurs… last night left me gah again!!!..I’m not sure how it’s going to go…although my tivo didn’t catch the last few minutes so I have no idea what happened after Izzy got to the door :teehee:…

George told her that he loves her too! That was the part that knocked me over.


ok that makes me happier with GA :teehee:

Meredith is annoying me. She just gets more and more screwed up. Loved McSteamy’s line about why he came to Washington. Loved Bailey. Loved Christine numbering her interns.

I enjoyed it as always. I enjoy watching the insanity that is these people’s lives and being glad it’s not me. :shrug:


I really liked McSteamy’s line too. That made me smile. I thought that there was a reason why he was still on the show.

Meredith is really screwed up. She makes me appreciate so many things about my life. If I had a man tell me that I am the love of his life and that he couldn’t live without me, I would just be thrilled. But then again, my mother and stepmother haven’t died, and my dad didn’t disown me (although my dad and stepmother are stories in their own right).

How can you YAY!?

This really bothered me. HE IS MARRIED. That’s why I never jumped on the Meridith/Derek bandwagon. He was MARRIED. Adultery should never be the main plot of a show.


Hi Michelle,

I agree with you on that aspect (marital infidelity). George and Callie should have never gotten married. I think George popped the question to compete with Burke when he asked Christina to marry him.

I liked it.
Christina cracks me up. I was touched to hear Alex say he misses Rebecca (is that her real name? the “Ava” girl?). the whole Izzy and the deer thing was really farfetched, but still funny. Meredith still irritates me, and Derek is so frickin patient with her - I don’t get it. Lexie is shown to be a super sweet girl, maybe too sweet for me, idk yet. I miss Addison.

maybe it will get more surprising as it goes…
I love Izzi!! she’s so pretty

I love grey’s, but have decided to tivo csi and watch grey’s from the internet. csi has gotten a bit more compelling for me. I do think that Meridith is a bit over the top messed up, but I did love Derek’s defense of her when arguing w/ mcsteamy. it made sense the way he said it. After that I empathized with her more.
I have to say I did feel like kicking little grey’s(sister) butt. “hi, im your sister” “hi i tried to get in on your boyfriend” “oh boo hoo you hate me” I don’'t like her at all and am not appreciating the writers trying to make her friends w/ anyone
Ok, done venting:passedout:

I agree with you on adultery but to me in order for GA to work… Callie and George have to break up… they never should have gotten married… George is my favorite character and it changed him…before he married Callie, I wanted him to be with Izzy…now that wouldn’t work…however, for GA to go back to what I love I feel it has to end between them… I’ve [U]never[/U] been into the Meredith/Derek story and really I hoped she would go off with the bomb guy (why did he have to die?) and then the vet and leave him alone…so they were never why I loved GA… George was… and I YAY cause to me that is the only way to get George back…for them to split… now they will hopefully…:teehee:

Lexie could have picked a bettern time to introduce herself than in the middle of a trauma. Though I suppose it’s to show how she’s like an eager little puppy wanting to make friends with the big sister she just learned about…

Thats exactly what DH and I said!

he had to die so I could have him for Friday Night Lights and YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM BACK!!! HMPH! :wink:

I don’t know why I like this show - I really don’t like any of the characters. Except Alex, and he’s not one of the main ones. Meredith needs therapy, Christina is a witch (although, her numbering her interns was pretty funny), Izzy used to be ok but she’s driving me nuts with this George thing, and George is whiny. I can’t stand the George and Izzy love story, he’s MARRIED! And his wife is pretty cool. But, I still watch every Thursday :slight_smile:

:psst:[COLOR=slategray]he looked nicer in the bomb uniform though…[/COLOR]


Bobi128-I am with you. I have no idea why I still like this show. I LOVED THE FIRST SEASON! But they have made almost every character so unlikeable that I can hardly watch. I don’t empathize really with anyone but Christina and the Nazi. I actually like Mcsteamy better than Derek right now. I liked meredith in the first season. I got her then. I don’t get her now really. I feel like saying “grow up” to her a lot.
Izzie just makes me sad. I actually liked her pining for dead Denny better than pining for married George.
I am really kinda sad about this last season and this one to come. Grey’s used to be the show that at the last second I would have to let out my breath in a big whoooosh because I had been holding it to keep myself from crying. I actually have tivo’d csi’s new season and am watching grey’s on the internet because I can’t live without csi more than greys’.
that makes me sad:pout:

You know, I’ve been really over the whole “Izzy :heart: George” thing, mainly because I really, really like Callie.

Here was the highlight for me during the entire show: Mark telling Derek he came to Seattle for him. I totally melted, and I like Mark SO much more now.

Judging from Lexi’s talk with George, I may actually like her, once they develop her character a little more. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

All in all, I still love GA. Probably always will.