Did you catch Grey's Anatomy last night?

GA upset me last night. I can’t stand to see George and Izzy together, probably because I love Callie a lot! Merideth is causing way to much trobule for her own good, she needs help and at one point needs to put her past behind her! I love the show so much so I am not planning on giving up on it. I really hope they have something better planned. I miss Adison, but she has her own intresting show now.

Fercryinoutloud HOW many times are we going to be subjected to Meredith and McDreamy breaking up? And getting back together? This is really getting old. Meredith’s angst got old last season. I am sick of her already.

Christina, Callie, Alex and Bailey are OK. Izzy is incredibly self centered (although I was happy she saved the deer!) and George is a cry baby. Mark is looking better and better. Miss Addison terribly.

I don’t know, I’ll try a few more episodes (I tape it, can’t tear me away from CSI!) but SERIOUSLY if these folks continue being so darned annoying, I’ll save the tape and the electricity.

Gery’s just isn’t as good as it used to be for me. I missed the first 15 mins because of my DVR, but what I did watch was just only alright. That whole deer thing? It was so fake. Meridith is so annoying, and I agree Luvmyrottnboy…how many times can we watch them break up and get back together? Its getting a little old. I did like the part though when George told Izzy he loved her. He shouldn’t have been with Callie and he really changed after they got together.