Debate on: Skirts (have you ever made one, would you wear


Hi! Browsing through the winter clothes at my local Filene’s basement (and these are discount prices) I just cannot be laying out $80 for a good skirt and don’t wan’t a cheaply made $29 skirt well, maybe one…) so it occurred to me

with all the yarn in my yarn stash, why not MAKE A SKIRT OR TWO? I’m wondering if anybody here has? It’s a challenge coz if you aren’t like, a size 6, it’s gonna make you look BIG.

I like these two patterns so far but one is in cotton.

The trick is to not have it too tight esp around the hips but more drapey. Anyone seen any other interesting skirt patterns?

The first one is a pattern, the second is a picture, also from IK.

Oh wow Ingrid! I LOVE the second skirt! That’s more like what I was thinking of but couldn’t find, a bit swingy and not too tight. The first one would make me look like a sausage I think.

Shoot, I got one issue of Interweave free and didn’t subscribe, now I want it. hmmmmmm

All I found is the picture. I tried to find out what issue it’s in, but the picture was attached to a techniques page. I’ll look through the IK’s I have and see if it happens to be in any of them. You can have the pattern if it’s in one of them.

I don’t have the pattern for that one in my few copies of IK, but here are some more

Even when I had a body that could stop a truck (where did that come from? is it a malaprop?), I couldn’t wear knits on my derriere. They hung funny and made me look lumpy. It was weird. Maybe it was just shades of my future showing up in the mirror… :rollseyes:

Knitty Gritty did a show a few weeks ago with very nice skirts :smiley:

Ha, I know whatcha mean! Well, even though I lost weight I put some back on but I’m sick of wearing JEANS all the time so I figure I’ll knit a loose type skirt and wear it with big sweaters and boots.
Nothing wrong with a luftig bottom anyhow! l :lol:

Thanks again Ingrid for looking through your magazines, I think it’s in the new issue and will look when I get to the bookstore. I like that one better than the ones at Patterncentral.

You know what popped into my head? “Big bottom! We got 'em! Can’t leave this beeeehiiiiiyiiind!”

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

                   that's   TOO   CUTE  !!!!


There is a fantastic skirt in the new “Color” book by the lady who did the knit and purl stitch books. It’s actually a whole suit, but the skirt struck me cause it is fair isle and looks like something I would actually wear.

there’s a skirt/boob tube pattern in SnB Nation that I would seriously consider knitting had I the little size 1 buttal-n-hippal area I had 6 years ago.

Thanks guys! gals for the tips. Ihave the SnB book but didn’t realise there was a pattern in there. I’m sure it’ll be too booby tubey for my bottom but I’ll take a look anyhoo. Also will check that skirt out in that book, yarnmommy. btw, are you over your food poisoning?! yuk, what a draggggggggg

There’s a nice kilt-style skirt (two lengths as well) in the October issue of the UK mag ‘Simply Knitting’ (I guess copyright issues mean I can’t scan in the piccie :frowning: ). Shame I’m still at the ‘scarves and small things’ stage of knitting. Plus I have hips, thighs and an ample derriere. I’d feel guilty about all those poor sheep losing their fleeces just to cover my curves. :smiley:

Ooh, Knitty has the Roller skating outfit. The skirt is pleated. Really cute!

Peev! I saw your avatar and thought “Gee, Peev looks a lot like Edge…” :doh:


Ha, don’t feel bad Peev, I think they like to get rid of the extra baggage! I just read a really interesting fact about a particular type of sheep in Australia (I forget the name) that are very special and expensive to breed… it said they can actually die from the weight of their fleece if they aren’t sheared. Can ya imagine!

I love kilts on men!

P.S. Never saw that UK magazine. Is it in bookstores or online?

P.S.S. Who’s Edge?

at my local yarn shop a lady made one with fringes in layers for her granddaughter, it was so beautiful. I could imagine it in a nightclub or many places, this was for the beach, and she did so well, it shimmered and swished. If only I didnt have hips I would live in one.

Edge is the lovely man in Peev’s avatar, he’s the guitarist in U2.