Crochet Patterns!

This isn’t a how to or a help me thread, it’s for patterns you want to share. :thumbsup:

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Looking for a pattern, I have lots of links:
and a thread favorite of mine but the patterns are in UK terms
I have plenty of links and will share.

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If you’re looking for items to crochet for charity or for gifts or even for yourself:

She also has some knitting patterns there as well.


Beautiful napkins (china or japan), book 92 pg, 29 mb

If the link doesnt work or you cant load it just let me know)))

For Halloween I designed this cuty which is a free pattern.


Click here to download the pattern as a PDF file.

The pattern was first posted on my blog:
I am thinking about publishing other patterns for free…perhaps the frog or the fox.

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A site with a lot of crocheted animals/dolls.

Quite cute and most work up quickly


This site has tons of patterns
Here are some more sites

This site has great afghan charts

My free crochet rose doily pattern is located on my website along with many other original designs.
Materials: 1 ball No.10 crochet cotton [white], 1.50mm crochet hook.
Measurements: Approximately 38 cm [15 ins.] in diameter. Motif – Approximately 7 cm [2.75 ins]
Tension: First 4 rows = Approximately 3 cm [1.25 ins]
Stitches: Chain, slip stitch, Treble, Double Crochet, Double Treble, Group - 5 chain, [leaving last loop of each stitch on hook, 2 triple treble into 5th chain from hook, yarn over hook, and pull through all loops on hook] 5 chain, 1 slip stitch into base of 1st 5 chain.], Cluster - 4 chain, [leaving last loop of each stitch on hook, work 1 double treble into each of next 4 double treble, yarn over hook, pull through all loops on hook].

Happy Crocheting


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I would like to share my newest FREE pattern design with everyone.

Here is the link to download the PDF!

Candy Cane Cover Download Link


If you go to

you’ll find a pattern for a lovely little mable necklace.
The picture of the necklace is on that website.

I love crocheting!

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I have finally finished translating and knitting this pattern!

The original pattern can be found in French in Phildar no. 440:

The translated pattern with guides and photos can be found here:

Please feel free to save, print and use!

My finished product:

No thanks to this guy:

My blog with free patterns,

Here are some free crochet patterns,

wonderful patterns here

Here’s an easy beret pattern that will work up quickly for Christmas presents.

Hook: 9mm (N hook), Susan Bates M hook.

Yarn: Lion brand Woolease Superbulky #6.

You may work in a continuous spiral or slip stitch to join and chain 2 at the end of each round.

*Chain 4. Work 8 dc stitches in the ring.
*2dc in each stitch around
*2dc in each stitch around
*2dc in one stitch, 2 dc around
*2dc in one stitch, 3 dc around
*2dc in one stitch, 4 dc around
*1 dc in each stitch around
*dc 4, decrease around
*dc 3, decrease around
*dc 2, decrease around
*(optional) slip st around for a better fit

At this point, try the beret on and see how it fits. I have a 22 1/2 inch head and this fits fine. You may have to do one more or one less decrease row. They’re very warm and it will work out great if you live in a climate with subzero weather. Works up very quickly and you’ll get a lot of compliments on it.

You may use this pattern for personal use or to sell finished items, but please do not sell the pattern and do give me credit for it.

See my other pattern. I’ve posted two here. This is a simple potholder sleeve that slides right on the pan.

Needs: 6.50 mm hook (K)
Sugar and Cream or similar cotton dishcloth yarn

Triple the yarn. With three strands, chain 3. Work 6 sc in the ring. Either work in a spiral or slip stitch to join and chain 1 at the end of each round. Continue to single crochet in each round until the piece measures 5 inches or 13 millimeters long. Slip stitch to join and weave in ends. Slip this sleeve onto the handles of pots when in use.

This is really a cute pattern. I can personalize my own car wheel. Cool!!!

Here is a link to simple crochet Hair Clip. Looks pretty on young girls. I made them for my niece.