Crochet Patterns!




Here are a few I’ve designed that you might enjoy.

Colton’s Baby Blanket

Ashley’s Free Scarf Pattern

V-Stitch Scarf

Quick and Easy Hat Pattern


These are really cute teddy bear patterns. The bears come in various sizes, shapes, styles and colors. They are free, of course:


Peacock Feather Applique – Free Pattern & Video Tutorial
I love the colors in the peacock feather. This free pattern peacock feather is amazing seen on the video below how to do it step by step.


Here is my site with free crochet patterns:


You should visit It is my favorite one website for free crochet patterns. I always get ideas from there. Hint. Check the home decor category there are a lot of beautiful crochet home decor patterns.


Really I found well materials in that link. Thanks.