Crochet Along: Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag

I don’t crochet much because it makes my hand hurt, but I fell in LOVE with this bag on Ravelry and I GOTTA have it. I’ve started on it but didn’t realize my yarn was actually as thick or thicker than what she used so I doubled up on yarn. Big mistake - I don’t know WHAT I was drinking when I did that!!! It was gonna be huuuuuuuge.

So I frogged it last night starting again tonight.

Here’s the one I loved on Ravelry: Mason204’s version

It’s called the Nordstrom’s Crochet Hobo Bag and I’m doing it in Dreamy Chenille in a light teal color. I will post a pic once I get into it. Easy project and lovely, don’t you think?

That is stunning!! Thank you for the link.

Ooo-ooo… I wanna make one… (dripping with whiny voice)

Just a tip. When I restarted my bag tonight I did the starting chain 44 with 2 yarns at once, and then cut one to do the rest with just one yarn. That will make the bottom sturdier I think.

That’s a good idea!

I love that! I have seen lots of bags I would love to do, but the thing that prevents me, is the dang lining… I can’t even sew a button. I guess I could take it to a seamstress?

Sewing is too easy, it’s just intimidating at first, like knitting is! Just go for it. As with knitting, if it don’t work, rip, rip, rip! ;o) You can PM me if you need sewing tips. I learned to sew around the age of 10 on a 1929 Singer treadle machine (I’m not that old BTW, it was my grandmother’s machine) :teehee:

I started a post for sewing tips here.

Isn’t the phrase “[B]Nordstrom[/B] Crochet [B]Hobo[/B] Bag” an oxymoron similar to “Jumbo Shrimp” or “Large Diet Soda?” :roflhard:

It is a pretty bag, what size is it? My DW might like a new handbag, though I’d need help picking a suitable color.

P.S. Is there a non-Ravelry pattern? Alas, I never received a response when I asked to join, unless…

Did I forgot to submit the form? :think:

I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to get your joke… but now that I do – that was a good one!

Thanks Lisa for posting that blog link. I meant to and forgot.

I don’t know how big the original bag is (I PM’ed Mason204, I’ll post here when she responds). I can tell you the yarn I’m using is considered “super bulky” though I wouldn’t call it that. The pattern calls for a “bulkY” and the red one (pic above) was made with Paton’s Shetland Chunky. Also…it looks like it might take a tad more than 1 skein, I had heard, but had no idea how much more yarn crochet takes than knitting!!! So make sure you have at least 2 skeins on hand for this.

I’m about halfway done with my bag, here are the measurements I have so far:

Width: 16.5"
Height (through row 12 of pattern): 7.75"

I can’t wait to see what color everyone else’s is!

I just recently reformatted my PC and haven’t synced with my laptop yet, so my pictures are sort of all over the place, so I can’t show you my progress, but wanted to show you a picture of the color and yarn I’m using (Yarn Bee’s Dreamy Chenille in China Blue - on clearance at Hobby Lobby, BTW, looks like they are discontinuing the color).

This pic is from someone’s stash on Ravelry it’s more of a teal than a blue:

YA! Good point! The bag was designed to look like one that the designer had seen at Nordstrom.:roflhard:

I just purchased some of the Shetland from someone on Rav destashing… a Taupe color. Should have it soon. Dang tho, I just got one skein… oh well, maybe I will order something different for the bag, and use today’s purchase for something else… I should have known better!:aww:

hmmmm, or maybe find a way to incorporate another color I have on hand…:think:

That’s what I was going to recommend. I get comments on Peanut’s sweater, the first dog sweater I made, and I ran out of yarn and made the collar a different color. So go for it! :woot:

Just finished the bag, getting fabric tomorrow hopefully :woot: I’m thinking something in cranberry red or super bright blue.

Finished size: (The width shrunk a little with the decreasing done at the top):

Width: 15 1/2"
Height: 9 1/2" (unstretched)

If you want it larger, just do more than 12 rows of the ‘row 4-12’ of the pattern. Each extra row should give you about 3/4" more height.

I got a reply from Mason204 on her bag, she gave it away and didn’t get dimensions, just remembered it being wider than 12" :flirt: So I’m thinking my measurements are about right.

Love this pattern. I am going to give it a try as soon as I can get the yarn. :woohoo: I haven’t crocheted in awhile- may have to ask for help when I get started. Where are you finding the handles? I may have to order them from somewhere… There are a couple of craft stores here, but I haven’t looked yet.

Ahh… where’s the[B] Love(1)[/B] button! too cute! (sweater and dog!)

Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s or Michael’s should have some. I’m going to check today or tomorrow. If I don’t find any, I’ll just go down to the Goodwill store and buy a purse from which I can scavenge the handles. :slight_smile:

[color=#300090]As I’m considering making one of these bags for my DW, I was pondering :think: if one could put a fastener on the ribbon on the opposite side of the bag from the bow. In that way you could take a neutral color bag and quickly change ribbons for a new look.

What do you all think?

The reported sizes are a good match to the size purse my wife carries. The one catch I see with a project like this is the sewing of the lining and including zippered pockets or a divider. Perhaps I could scavenge the lining of a thrift store purse along with a handle. :thumbsup:

I suppose I shouldn’t count on this being a good 19th wedding anniversary present. eh? :roflhard: