Crochet Along: Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag

All great ideas. As far as the anniversary present, it depends on her and how much she appreciates your knitting/crocheting.

Well, my thinking was, depends what you put [B]in[/B] it!!:wink:

Ah! I agree entirely!

What a beautful bag. Will you line it?

Yes, I will definitely line mine.

If you don’t you can expect to loose things right through the holes between the crochet “fan” stitches. :oo: :wink:

I’ve run out of time for this year, but it may make a good package for next year’s 20th. :slight_smile:

You should try again. I don’t think they turn anyone down and there are some very pretty patterns for free on there as well as good advice. Otherewise here is the link outside of Ravelry.

It is a free pattern so I can send the link.

There is an old saying if you give someone a purse or wallet you should put at least a dollar in it for good luck. Who comes up with those things? :shrug: However, I wouldn’t mind getting money in a gift like that. :woohoo:

I just got some lovely wool in a stonewash blue color and I was planning to knit a felted purse. I think I will try this one instead. I don’t know if the yarn will be textured enough but we’ll see. This is an adorable pattern-thank you!!!:muah:

I haven’t found my handle yet, so can’t post it as an F.O. yet, but couldn’t wait to show you guys. I love the finished product. I made the lining double lined, it took 2/3 yard of fabric, and had enough left over for a little pocket. :woot:

Wow… it’s is turning out really nice! Love the pattern of your fabric and the color combination. Can’t wait to see the FO.

How will you attach the fabric to the crochet portion? With a sewing machine? Can the needle and thread go through it? (Sorry if it’s a silly question…)

Still working on mine! I found some fabric I like, and think the pattern will look good on the inside, but not sure I want it to show on the outside, so was thinking about “double lining” (proper term?)… With a single color for the side that will show through the crochet. ? Or is that too difficult?

Yes, the thread will go through yarn just fine. It could possibly get stuck on the little teeth underneath, which is why I recommend sewing it fabric down, that way the yarn only comes in contact with needle.

It’s hard to match the color of my yarn, so I’m using invisible thread on the top of the machine and red thread on the bobbin (bottom). Invisible thread is like really thin plasic, like finishing line almost, but REALLY thin! And it’s a bear to thread! :nails:

I did double line it myself because I wanted the red to show through as much as possible, and give it extra strength, so I started with 4 pieces of fabric large enough to cut to the size of the bag.

FIRST, I made a 1" hem (double folded for extra thickness), pressed it, sewed it, then I butted the sides together (pocked facing in) [important if you’re serging it and don’t want the serged edge to be noticed when you look in the bag] and serged the 2 and 2 sides together.

Also, double fabric and double folding 1" hem at top makes it pretty thick at the top so just be patient when you get to that part when it comes to sewing or serging the whole thing together. If you use REALLY thick fabric I recommend a Jean-a-ma-jig gadget. Awesome! Found it here: I don’t know this website, so I’m not recommending buying from it, Nancy’s Notions used to sell it, but I’m not finding it there, if anyone needs one I recommend calling them ( in case they still sell it.

I hope that makes sense. If not, ask again and I’ll explain with more detail.

Thank you SOOOO much for this terrific pattern! I also fell in love with it (who doesn’t love a new purse?) and used my super-soft Icelandic wool from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I just have to sew the lining, which you so graciously included in the pattern.:muah:

Looks great! I’m going to finish mine this week. Using a man’s belt for a handle. :wink:

Totally finished! On Ravelry project page for more pics. I sewed lining on with red thread inside and invisible thread outside, but if you can find thread to match your yarn color, that’s OK too:

cmhoover1 & Arielluria,

What lovely bags! I had to restart mine… I knew I didn’t have enough yarn first time, but ran out way sooner than I thought I would…

I also mis-counted in the beginning, so all my stitches are one off, but it’s consistant, so I am going to leave it…:wink:

Again – great work!! Thanks for sharing.

I’m bad with crochet counting too, I had to restart mine for another reason altogether, otherwise I would have left it. I can’t wait to see yours.

BTW, forgot to mention (have editted the post with FO pics) that I sewed it on with red thread inside and invisible thread outside, but if you can find thread to match your yarn color, that’s OK too.

AW! That is SOO cute! Woo hoo, and I finally have something I wanna make! I’ve been in a funk lately and haven’t been able to decide on anything to knit or crochet, but, this is it!

:woohoo:Can’t wait to see it. This bag is fun and quick to make and I just LOVE seeing the different variations, so please remember to post here when you finish so we can admire it! :wink:

I must say the handle for this bag was the most challenging part. I didn’t like the D ring setup I had originally used as the chenille yarn is very soft and it kept slipping around the ring. This past weekend I removed the straps, cut off the D rings which I had crocheted on. I attached that woven man’s belt which I used for my strap. It turned out to be a great strap choice because being fabric, I was able to simply sew it to the lining (between lining and purse, so the end of strap is hidden) - then I sewed the lining to the crochet as before. PERFECT!!! Plus, that woven man’s belt from Walmart is a tiny bit stretchy, so the strap won’t ever cut into my shoulder.