Cozy, anyone?

I know I’m not the only one either working on Cozy or about to start. Anyone want to join me in making it an official KAL? I’m on the verge of buying my yarn and getting started and would love to chat with others and share progress. :happydance:

I’d love to join earthchick but I just finished mine!! :frowning: I hope you enjoy knitting it - it is such a great pattern and the finished product is so pretty!

YESS!!! I just bought my yarn from Webs too! Just impatiently waiting for it to get here!

Although I’m so darn busy with work/business/kids out of school stuff, I hope I can keep up! My deadline is FIL’s GF’s birthday, October 1, so actually a few days before that to include shipping.

What are you doing yours in Stacey?

Woo hoo, my first KAL!

Can you post a picture of what it is you are going to make? Is it a tea cozy?? :??

This is Cozy - it is a shawl. :wink:

Yay, Kristen, glad you’re game. Woohoo!

Sara Jayne, you’ll be our emeritus member! Your beautiful Cozy inspired me to finally get my butt in gear!

I feel silly that I didn’t post the link to the pattern so that folks would know what I was talking about. :rollseyes: Sara Jayne, thanks for posting it! Celine, are you interested?

Kristen, I’m hoping to make mine for a November trip, though ideally I would finish before then b/c I’d like to make a second shawl for the trip as well. It’s nice, though, to have the whole summer to work on it. I really want to knit mine in the Reynolds Mandalay that the designer used, but I’m still deciding. My LYS can order it for me, but only in a bag of 10. I have a 20% coupon for my LYS, so the 10 skeins there would cost me the same as buying 8 online, but I don’t really need those extra 2 skeins. :thinking: Still trying to make up my mind. I have an LYS gift card burning a hole in my pocket while I sit here trying to figure out what to get…

I would have loved to do it in the original Reynolds Mandalay, but it was a bit out of my budget, although I did find some for 4.50 a skein on eBay, just not enough in colors I liked. I decided to do it in the Cascade Pima Silk in Natural bought off WEBS “tent sale” for $4.00 a skein, 80% cotton 20% silk. It’s going to Florida, so I didn’t want anything too warm!

Just checking in to say I finally ordered my yarn, first thing this morning. I’m participating in the Amazing Lace and hope it gets here in time for me to post the first challenge.

Kristen, has your yarn arrived yet?

UPS tracking says it’s supposed to get here Tuesday :happydance: (not that I’m watching it or anything… :wink: )

Hi all!

I’m working on Cozy for the Amazing Lace too! :slight_smile: I started it to get my first challenge in, I think maybe 2 or 3 repeats, but haven’t had much time since, so I’m still at the VERY beginning! :wink: Mine is in KP Andean Silk in Cinnamon and I really just love it so far.

This is STILL for my sister, decided I didn’t like any of the other 100 shawls I had started for her in the last 9 months. :wink:

Hey Sean - glad you’re joining us! Your Amazing Lace challenge post was awesome. [p.s. so cool to see the savedarfur link in your sig line here]

Kristen, glad to hear your yarn is on its way. I’m sure I’ll be checking tracking obsessively soon!

Stacey, the Cozy that you are going to make is simply gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the progress you all make. How long does it usually take to make something like this? :mrgreen:

Robin - the length of time it takes to knit something like this depends on how quickly you knit and how much time you have to knit! :wink: I started mine mid-April and finished May 12th. Part of that time was me trying to figure out the pattern and swatching it. I’d say probably between 30 - 50 hours would be a good guess. It is a great first lace pattern to start with and the finished product is beautiful!

Here is a picture of mine (well, the one I gave as a gift) - the stitch detail in the second one gives you a better idea of the pattern than the knitty one does (even though the color washed out in the photo).

Oh, Sara, it’s lovely! Wow - I hope I can learn intricate stitches like that eventually. :mrgreen:

thanks, Stacey! I’m having a lot of fun with AL already, now just have to try to knit it some more. :wink:

I deliberately avoid all forms of the news so I had no idea about Darfur until shopping for knitting stickers at CafePress, ironically enough. It’s just devastating. :frowning:

Actually, Robin, there is nothing intricate about it - just a series of K, K2tog, yo and slips…not in that order of course :slight_smile: It is all in the simplicity of the pattern!

Woo hoo, guess who just showed up? Mr. Brown with my box of Pima Silk! :happydance:

I have no idea when I’ll be able to cast on, but I’ll wait for you, Stacey! I haven’t even looked that closely to see what size needle it takes. I may even go up a size for a more open and lacey effect since it’s going to Florida.

:cheering: I love yarn deliveries!!!

The pattern uses US 8 needles. My pattern didn’t show the lace effect at all when I started. I blocked it VERY hard and the lace pattern finally showed (I used a mainly cotton based yarn). Going up a needle size would be a great idea if you want it more lacy.

:cheering: Yay, Kristen! Dontcha just love those boys in brown? :wink:

My mailing news ain’t so great. :frowning: I double-checked my Herrschner’s order page tonight and it says my yarn is BACKORDERED! I’m in shock. :shock: The site didn’t say anything like that when I bought it. And they haven’t sent me an email saying that. I’m going to email customer service tomorrow and ask about it. But I am so bummed out. :rollseyes: I really wanted to get it in time to photograph it for the first Amazing Lace challenge (deadline Sunday) and also to enjoy it as a kind of birthday present to myself (also Sunday!). Waaah.

Kristen, it’s sweet of you to wait on me, but now I have no idea how long my yarn will take. You might want to start without me and then send me bunches of “catch-up” vibes! :XX: :XX: :XX:

Well let me know what you hear from Herrschner’s. When I had ordered my yarn from Webs (in three different colors…for three different projects, but Cozy will be in Natural), they had e-mailed on 5/22 saying that one color was back ordered and could be up to two weeks before it came in, but it all came today, so it may not be that long!

In fact, I think I’m going to fondle my yarn now… :wink: :oops: