Could someone enlighten me?

I´m a new knitter, and am wondering what is the big attraction to knitting socks? I have the Patternworks catalog, and some of the yarns had info saying that it would take 2 balls of yarn to make a pair of socks. Now if each ball is 5 bucks, you´ve got yourself one expensive pair of socks!!! ( I hope I read it right now… )

Is it the self-satisfaction of being able to make the socks or what? I´m still doing relatively simple things, maybe I am just envious of all you talented knitters…

So what´s the scoup? Karen

hey karen! :teehee:

i am working on my first pair of socks. To me it is the satisfaction of doing it, especially being able to do something that seems so hard (it is actually pretty easy). They are also very addictive once you make a pair!

Handknit socks are not meant to be practical or cost-effective. A pair of handkint socks is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone, b/c it keeps their footsies warm. It’s all about the love.

They’re also a very portable item to knit. I always have a sock on the go and take it with me everywhere. The patterns are usually pretty easy to memorize, and the product is small enough to fit into your bag. Plus it tends to freak muggles out if you’re using dpns to knit your socks :teehee:

I also knit socks b/c I have developed an addiction to sock yarn. Any yarn store I go into, I walk out with sock yarn. Gotta do something with it :shrug:

Handknit socks are also very comfortable. No ridge across the toe! I also think we knit them “because we can” is one of the reasons. :teehee:

Really? :?? I always thought a pair of socks wouldn’t use up even one ball of yarn! :shrug: Maybe it depends on what the size of your ball of yarn is?

Have you ever heard about how people ‘‘recycle yarns’’? that means if you have a sweater, etc. that don’t fit you anymore or what, you can always unravel it and use it to knit some other things that would actually fit you, in this case you are turning something that’s not of any use anymore into something that is actually useful, so self-knitted socks are not always more expensive then those bought in stores. Besides, self-knitted socks are very unique, they are your socks, and there will not be a second pair of it anywhere in the world! :slight_smile: What can worth more than these kind of socks? :teehee:

Ok guys - I´m understanding it a bit more now. I will put “socks” on my to-do list, but really must get a bit more comfortable with knitting first. I think you all had great reasons! THanks! Karen

Melissa - good luck with your first pair!

Hey Fiber Girl - July 21st — the next ( and last :verysad: Harry Potter… )

I recycle EVERYTHING I can - I also sew, so I am constantly changing blankets into curtains etc, so this recycling might be right up my alley! And since most of my sweaters are eons old and I am now trying to make my own new ones, I´ll have my old ones to practice with!

I’m a total cheapskate, and there is sock yarn out there that is much less expensive. (Lion Brand Magic Stripes, for example, is ~$6 for a pair of socks, and Hancocks and Joanns usually have coupons online.) Another thing to consider is that in regards to the price of yarn, socks are WAY cheaper than sweaters!

And July is going to be a very exciting month - Order of the Phoenix movie AND Deathly Hallows! She’d better not kill Lupin!

I´m really not up on the prices of yarn ( esp. cause mine is in euros… :?? ), but I thought I had seen that in a catalogue, and couldnt see why you´d want to spend that much on socks. Of course, now I´ve lent the catalogue to a friend, so I cant even double check it… Karen

I´m a bit worried about who she might kill off in the last book - the sixth was a shocker - I read and re-read the page about 5 times!!!

to me, sock knitting is ADDICTIVE and the funnest thing to knit and one of the easier things in my opinion. Some think they are so hard… no! xxx

Wearing wool socks in the winter is the best thing I can do for my tootsies! Really.

In a Waldorf school, especially preschool, the kids are outside in every kind of weather and in the cold and the snow, you can’t beat wool for warmth. They breathe and keep your feet warm as toast.

When I realized how well they worked for my kids, I made a pair for myself and I’ve been hooked ever since.

You can’t buy inexpensive 100% wool socks these days so you might as well make 'em yourself.


I’ve been knitting forever and just recently made my first socks. I never bothered because I figured that it would be in my shoe, anyway, so why bother. I finally decided to go for it and I really love the way they feel on my feet. I don’t know if I’ll be addicted, but it is a nice portable project to carry around, and one more thing to make.

Plus heels are fun! :cheering:

Them’s fightin’ words!

Ah, many have pondered the attraction of making socks! Over many forums, these are some of the reasons I’ve collected/come up with:

  1. Socks are a comparatively quick project. You get the satisfaction of having them done fairly fast.

  2. They seem to have a greater chance of fitting you properly, and therefore being useful, than sweaters.

  3. You might not like the look of brightly colored sweaters, but you can do more fun color combinations in small doses, like in socks.

  4. They are warmer than store bought socks.

  5. They are more comfortable than store bought socks.

  6. Though they are expensive sock-wise, they are a fairly affordable project compared to sweaters. For $6-$25, you can have all the yarn you need to finish a project. Nice yarn, at that price. Going along with this, you feel a lot less guilty (if you feel any guilt at all) for buying yarn for socks than you do for buying yarn for a sweater.

  7. As a combination of several of these reasons, you have the satisfaction of the experience of buying yarn more often. That is, you only have to buy a little, 100 grams, so you get to go “shopping” for more yarn. And you get to do it more often because you finish socks comparatively quickly. So you get to try a lot of different yarns in a short amount of time.

  8. Socks are small and so they’re an easy project to carry around with you.

  9. Not everyone looks good in hats, but we all look good in socks!

For what it’s worth, most don’t knit sweaters to save money, either. We knit them as a hobby, and like most other hobbies, they cost us money rather than saving us money.

  1. Oh, and finally, sock yarn make us go mmmmm.

Had to post my reply…

I just finished my first pair of socks, and I still consider myself a fairly new knitter (as of June 2006).

It was MAGICAL! Doing the heel turn is so cool!

Watching a sock come together is really very eye-opening. I love figuring out how things work, so maybe this is one reason why it appeals so much to me (plus people are impressed with four needles sticking out of my project :teehee: ).

Seriously, though…I have had so much fun showing off my socks to my co-workers…even modeling them.

Someone once said to me…“Go buy them…” Ha! If she only knew…

I know I’m hooked because I just put in an order for four more skeins (100g each) of the coolest sock yarn! Can’t wait to get started…

I just finished my first sock tonight and I must say, I really enjoyed it.

By the way, :notworthy: to you Silver. Your sock class was so easy! Everybody kept talking about Sensational Knitted Socks so I bought it. I tried it. I sucked. I couldn’t even do the little class sock. I guess I need large and brightly colored pictures to figure anything out.

Anyways, much thanks to you Silver. You totally rock my sock! :roflhard:

You’re all making me wanna try to knit socks! Someday… My hubby is longing for a pair! :slight_smile:

Silver, please dont get me wrong - they are not meant to be "fightin´words". As I am just immersing myself in the knitters world, I didnt understand why so many people were talking about making socks. Thanks to Sabrina´s mention of your tutorial ( which I just looked at ) I am contemplating giving it a whirl, once I have a few other UFO´s under control. I have dpn from my mother ( or father, not sure who´s they were ) and I will see what size they are and buy myself some funky yarn to make myself some socks.


I originally tried socks simply because I wanted to see if I could make them! Sock construction facinates me, and I love how portable the project is. I like to buy sock yarn as a souvenir now when I travel or visit a new LYS. I don’t always have a project in mind when I visit a new LYS, but I know I can find some special sock yarn (and I don’t mind spending the extra bucks if it is a souvenir – I’ll indulge in hand spun/died yarn, etc…)

I’ve recently learned to do socks on 2 circs, and I am getting hooked on socks all over again! Here is a pic of socks in process using “souvenir” yarn from my weekend in Galena, IL with my girlfriend. The yarn reminds me of the awesome weekend we had, and when I eventually wear the completed socks they will do the same thing for me :slight_smile: Much better, IMHO, than another souvenir knick knack around the house.

[quote=“Holly”] I like to buy sock yarn as a souvenir now when I travel or visit a new LYS. I don’t always have a project in mind when I visit a new LYS, but I know I can find some special sock yarn (and I don’t mind spending the extra bucks if it is a souvenir – I’ll indulge in hand spun/died yarn, etc…) quote]

I never thought of this , but agree that it a great idea. I’ve been somewhere and wanted to buy souvenir yarn, but hesitated to spend the money for a sweater , etc. at that time. So many other things while on vacation. There’s always enough for socks, though. perfect timing since I’m going on vacation 2/10 and have a visit to a sheep farm and yarn shop planned. Thanks for this suggestion.