Cotton yarn?

I have looked ALL OVER and I cannot seem to find a nice cotton yarn for a cabled sweater I intend to start this month. It seems like every big “quality” company only sells tiny balls of yarn. (50 grams!?!?! I don’t like attaching yarn on every other row), but I want to use cotton because you can WASH IT. Acrylic can sometimes be a little difficult to wash. And you have to hand wash wool (or it will felt) and wool is too scratchy to wear very often.
The cotton yarn I am looking for shouldn’t be that hard to find, it just needs to have a few characteristics:

  1. Sport Weight
  2. soft enough to wear (“peaches ‘n’ cream” is not soft enough)
  3. needs good stitch definition (probably with a slight sheen)
  5. I want either sky blue or cranberry/maroon

does it sound THAT complicated? the only yarn I have found that even came close was Classic Elite’s Provence yarn which comes in 100 gram Hanks but it was over $14 per hank… for that price, it should come in a center-pull ball AND have come cashmere in it.

I really want to get started on this sweater.
Thank you for your help

Lion Brand Organic Cotton is unbelievably soft. But not cheap.

How about superwash wool? It’s washable. Or bamboo, soy, corn. Knitpicks has some nice cottons and a cotton/linen blend that is supposed to be very nice, and their prices are really nice, too.

thank you for your suggestions, but Lion Brand Organic Cotton is Worsted weight, Knit picks only sell 50 gram balls and even though superwash wool is machine washable… it is still wool.
if anyone knows of any bamboo, soy, corn, etc. yarns that are as easy to take care of as cotton and are sport weight and come in 100grams or larger please let me know.

You might want to look for a place that sells yarn by the pound off the spool. My LYS does this, I don’t know where else you might find it, but I’m sure there’s got to be someplace.

And yes, the superwash is still wool, but it is so silky soft, it doesn’t feel anything like wool. I want to make a light pullover for myself to wear against my skin, it’s so soft.

How about this? I can’t vouch for the feel, but it’s in 100g skeins and they have several blues…

There are some other sport weight cottons there, but some of them are hand wash (not all cotton is machine washable just like not all wool is handwash). You can also have a look on Webs for other fibers you might like as well like bamboo or soy on thispage.

[quote=yuyay;1060364]How about this? I can’t vouch for the feel, but it’s in 100g skeins and they have several blues…

That is a baby weight yarn.

I have been discouraged by several people from using cotton for a cable sweater, they say it doesn’t “fluff” out to fill the holes enough. Rowan has some very nice cottons but I think they only come in 50 gr balls.

What about Knitpicks’ Shine Sport. It’s 60% cotton 40% modal? Or the CotLin which is 70% cotton and 30% Linen. It’s a DK weight, but could probably be used for what you want with the right size needles. Debbie Bliss’ Cotton DK is another option. I love her Cotton Cashmere, but it is hard to find now since it is discontinued :frowning: Unfortunately, most of the other cotton yarns I know of are Worsted weight.

Is this one good?

I am just going to put in another plug for superwash. Cotton for a whole sweater might be a little heavy, it won’t keep it’s shape, the colours often fade and the cables may not stretch properly.
There are a lot of really really soft wools, like merino that come in superwash.

Lion’s cottonease is a cotton/acrylic blend, worsted, and has about 200 yds per skein. It holds up very well.

There is also Butterfly Super 10.

[LEFT][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ffffff]Super 10 Cotton[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=#ffffff]Yarn Information[/COLOR][/SIZE][/LEFT]

[SIZE=2]Content:[/SIZE][SIZE=2]100% Mercerized Cotton [/SIZE]
[/SIZE][SIZE=1](per 4" / 10cm)[/SIZE][SIZE=2]22 sts[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Needle Size: [/SIZE][SIZE=2]4mm, US 6 [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Put-Up: [/SIZE][SIZE=2]125g skein [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Yardage:[/SIZE][SIZE=2]230m / 249yds [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Care:[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Machine Washable
Dry Flat /Low Tumble Dry Low [/SIZE]

Cascade Yarns just came out with a DK weight in their Cotton Rich - so not your sport weight, but it is 22 stitches/4" on US 6 needles. It is amazingly soft, has some nylon to stabilize it and give the dye some interesting variegation, and although it is a 50 g ball, it’s 135 yards at just $4.50 at my LYS in Nashville. I am very cheap, but I jumped on great quality cotton for $4.50. Really nice selection of colors, too, it was a tough decision to take the peachy Cheddar color.
Sadly, because it is brand new to the market, there isn’t any pattern support for this specific yarn yet, but it sounds like MaleKnitter knows what he wants to make already. :slight_smile:


Where do you order this from?

Where do you order this from?

I’d like to know also, those are beautiful colors!

I’m a big fan of Coats and Clarks, TLC Cotton Plus. It’s a medium weight, has 178 yards per skein, which is usually less than $3, and easy care with 51% cotton, 49% acrylic and very soft. The blend makes it less likely to pill and lighter than full cotton. The colors are very nice, too. Mary

Someone posted about this yarn on another thread. It looks like nice yarn and comes in 1lb spools as well as smaller amounts.

Brown sheep cotton fleece is AMAZING for sweaters. It has a bit of wool in it, so if you’re alergic, it won’t work, but it adds SPROING to the yarn. Cotton can stretch out if there’s nothing to help it NOT stretch. I made this sweater with it for my mom and it’s cool, comfortable and cute (imho!). It also comes in TONS Of colors, depending on where you get it.

No matter what you get, I’d probably still recommend gentle washing. After putting that much work into it, a little TLC for the finished garment is worth the little extra time.

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[FONT=Times New Roman]I’ve never ordered yarn online. I’m f[SIZE=3]ortunate enough to have several LYS in my area. [/SIZE][/FONT]

www/ has lambs pride cotton on sale for $4.25 a skein (215 yds). It has 20% merino in it so it should do nicely for cables.

That’s a GREAT price! I paid over $7!

OOPS! We paid $7 for Brown sheep cotton fleece. Same content, but bigger hanks.