Cotton yarn?

My mistype, it is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, many colors are 50% off some 30%.

I ordered enough to do a cable cardigan.

WhooHooo! I’m SO glad you posted the correction! I LOVE this yarn and just ordered the last (I think) of the Lapis blue. I’m going to make a sweater for myself like I made for my Mom (see pic above). We live 3,000 miles apart, so no one will ever see us wearing them at the same time!

thank you so much for all of your suggestions. It looks like there are some more options.
But now I am starting to reconsider the superwash wool idea :teehee: (I know, you all hate me— can’t make up my mind)
to be more specific I am making a cabled cardigan/jacket thingy. So, it will be longer than a normal sweater and I didn’t really think about the weight of the cotton pulling the sweater.
I’m not making something that you can just throw in the washing machine on high every day, but it’s a jacket (so it will be worn a lot) and I don’t want my stepmother to send her jacket to the dry cleaners every few days.
So, what superwash or superwash/cotton blends would any of you suggest?
remember: soft, larger than 50g, shows cables well, easy to care for

Thank you for the suggestions

I still recommend the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.
Fiber Content: 80% Cotton and 20% Merino Wool (very soft)
Yardage: 215 yards per 100 gram skein
Gauge: 5 stitches to an inch on US size 6 needles

Can you post a link to the pattern, that might help with suggetions.

Another vote for the Brown Sheep cotton fleece…

It is 80% cotton and 20% merino wool - it knits like a dream.

The yarn has wonderful drape and comes in tons of colors…

I’ve used the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, too. It IS very nice, the wool really helps the cotton. So, another vote here for this!

I have been using some of this
and really like it. It is worsted though.

This is one of my favorite yarns

This one is DK
It is only 50g but at $2 it is still a great deal.

It is a sport weight but you might be able to match the gauge by playing around with a different size needle. I don’t think their is alot of difference in size between DK and Sport weight

Maybe this information can help you make a choice.

I don’t find much difference between KPs DK and worsted, but I suppose it could go the other way too.

So. I shouldn’t admit this but I ordered 40 skeins of the BS Cotton from little knits:oops:

there’s a link to the pattern, but just in case you dont want to go to the site, then here is a picture too.

great Egyptian cotton makes a nice sweater

:passedout: stunning!!!

That sweater is just gorgeous, and does look like it needs to be in a nice drapey yarn. I am wondering if the pattern would be easier to read in “chart” form?

I knit with a lot of wool and find that much of it is machine washable, with care, and most wool also softens up a lot after the first wash.

I found HUGE skeins of Bernat cotton at Jo-Ann’s; its reasonable and the item I made washed up really soft, didn’t shrink, and no pilling. (I made a small rug for the bathroom). Its better quality than Peaches n Cream, but not as good as some of the high-quality cottons found at higher prices. Its a trade-off! The yarn shop here sells good cotton in smaller balls at a “decent” price - maybe $5-6, but if you are making yourself a nice sweater, it may be worth the investment.

Looking at the pattern involved, it does call for a DK weight (DBliss Cashmerino DK), which has a yarn guage of 22 st/4" on US Sz 6 needles. That’s the same gauge as the Cascade Cotton Rich DK I mentioned above, and the nylon in that yarn keeps it really soft, probably drapey, yet not so stretchy as regular cotton. If cotton is not the right choice, then I would consider KP Elegance, which is a 70/30 Alpaca and Silk blend at the right gauge. Alpaca-silk should drape really well, cable well, and be warm without being heavy. I think. :slight_smile:


Wow that’s gorgeous! I definitely would be looking for good quality yarn if I was going to make something that intricate. That’s something that could even be a keepsake for future generations.