Cones of yarn

Can you knit right off a cone or do you need to break it up into center pull balls or skeins. What is the best way to do this? I have a 4 oz ball winder and a swift coming. Just not sure how this works. I have a friend that wants a sweater out of organic cotton and we found a good deal for some that only comes in 1lb cones never worked with a cone before. Any help is appreciated

Hi margaret, Since I am the laziest knitter in the world, I can’t see any need to undo the cones. I do my crochet right off a cone and have no problems except sometimes it tips over and rolls across the floor. So now I put it into a box and it works fine. :star:

I just knit right off the cone, and have not problem

I’ve never used a cone, but I would knit right off it…why break the yarn when you don’t have to?

Part of the beauty of knitting from a cone is that you can stick it on the floor and knit right off of it. I would not recommend winding it into balls if you don’t have to.

One thing you can run across though is that some coned yarns are produced primarily for machine knitting in which case they may have what is called sizing oil on them. Most of the time you can just go ahead and knit with it and the sizing oil washes out when you wash it for blocking. However, I onced ordered some coned yarns from Webs that had so much sizing oil on them it was impossible to knit with them. The yarn was too stiff. In that case, the yarn would have to be unwound and washed first.

I often buy cones because this yarn is much cheaper than skeins :wink:

You can work right off the cones. But if you have big cones it is sometimes more comfortable to wind some skeins…for big cones you need a big bag if you like to knit somewhere else than at home :smiley:

Is it a one-thread yarn? If not: try to give the yarn always a little bit tension between the cone and your work so you can avoid annoying loops :wink:

great advice. I guess I will ask if it has sizing oil on it. I was buying a cone for the cost savings too. Organic cotton can be expensive in skeins and I needed like 1200 yards for the two projects I am doing for a friend.

Yarn comes in cones??? :oo:

:shrug: i didnt know that either :teehee:

Why should it not come in (on? at?) cones?

Or that was a joke I can’t understand? :wall:

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In or on. :thumbsup:

You’re not the only non-native speaker, and prepositions are very tricky. And the best way to improve your English is to use it. I think you’re doing great! :hug:

Mason and TJ, yeah, the only place I’ve seen it at cones were actually in JoAnn’s. It was near the Sugar’n’Cream/Peaches’n’Cream, but up on a top shelf. Which only helps you if all Joann’s follow the same planogram for their yarn displays. :teehee: Some of the crochet thread comes in cones, too, I think.

I really want to make something with big needles and crochet thread at some point.

Next time you cruise by Wally World or Hobby Lobby, check out the kitchen cotton on cones. Not sure if Joann’s or Michaels carry them that way. And on the WEBS site,, you can order certain yarns in cones. They may not be nice and soft, but yeah, lotsa yarns come on cones.


Thanks a lot :smiley:

In or on, ok…but I had voted for “at” :?? :smiley:

Yes, I will use it and use it and use it - and I hope this community will not be too annoyed :wink:

Here in Germany you can buy yarn on (or in g) cones very often. It’s pretty normal.

“At” is pretty much only used for places or times. “at 5 o’clock,” or “at the store.”

I can’t think of any other time you’d use at.

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sure 55 mph…yeah RIGHT :roll:


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This! You were right. :thumbsup:

Anytime you have any questions, I’m more than willing to help.

I ordered a couple of cones of peaches & cream yarn- not knowing that it was mainly washcloth/dishcloth yarn. Not the softest thing for sweaters, but it would be great for washcloths/dishclothes, if only I made those!!

If anyone’s interested… I suppose I should post that on the buy/swap board. :slight_smile:

Check out the cone yarn on