Condo pattern help

Hi all!
My mom and I have been looking for a sweater pattern which was popular in the 70s. It was called a condo sweater and was knitted on one huge (size 17 maybe) needle and one small one which made a loose lacy look. We both made them for Christmas gifts , they worked up quickly. Thanks in advance for your help and enjoy the day. Swardie

I remember those. I will look through my old patterns to see if I can find something for you.

Boy, that brings back memories!
Try Googling condo knitting; several patterns come up.
Also look under Vintage Knitting Patterns for companies that specialize in old patterns.

If you don’t find anything you like, wouldn’t you get a similar look with drop stitch?

Hi Sue and Swardie and all…I so desparately want to make this sweater again!
Please share the pattern if you can. I have not been able to locate my copy from 1980 after many moves. What a super project it was. Hoping to revisit it again with your help!..Thanks so much!:knitting:

I don’t have a pattern for the sweater, but is this the stitch pattern?

Here’s one pattern that may work.

I don’t remember a sweater like that. Back then we were all into tee shirts, bell bottoms, and bold geometric patterns. My favorite jeans were blue bell bottom jeans with white stripes and big red stars all over. You were a geek if the bottom of your jeans didn’t drag on the ground. The wider the bell, the cooler you were. Now picture bell bottoms dragging on the ground while wearing 8 inch platform shoes. It was quite a trick. A sweater like that would have been too conservative (establishment) for us hippies. Gee, I’m telling my age.

Have you ever heard of Yarn Harlot? Google her. She writes an awesome blog about knitting and I not too long ago she mentioned patterns for small townhouses and stuff. You might find what you’re looking for there! She’s great.

Oh my gosh, I feel so silly. I wasn’t reading your post, just the subject. I thought you were looking for patterns for furniture styles you might find in small homes and I had the post I mentioned in mind. Yikes, so sorry!

It was actually in the late 70s, but more 80s. I have a booklet or two with some patterns.

Was that those sweaters with the big padded shoulders?

No shoulder pads, but the patterns are somewhat oversize. Most of the patterns in them use size 8 and 15, I used 10½s and 13s to knit a couple of them.

Do you use one LARGE and one small needle at the same time throughout the whole sweater??? Or do you switch BOTH needles?? I had read about condo knitting in a pattern book of prayer shawls and all I could picture was just using 1 needle from each size the whole time.

Now I’m not so sure what exactly condo knitting is.


KnitCindy: My understanding is that you use one large and one small needle, so I think you’re on the right track!

There’s a pattern in a recent [I]Creative Knitting[/I] magazine for a vest or cardigan that uses one large and one small needle. It was probably a back issue. If someone wants that pattern, I can find out which magazine it was in and let you know.

I think the knit rows are done with the small needle and the purl rows with the Large one, so you switch every row.That’s exactly what condo knitting is, don’t know how it got the name though.

Hi Suzeeq,

I too remember knitting these in the 80s. Do you still have the patterns and can scan them. I would love to knit them again and I still have my needles but no patterns. Unfortunately here in the UK I am unable to find any :frowning:


Sending you a scan or copy of the patterns is against copyright regulations in both the UK and US. However, I’ll look at them and either get you the booklet numbers which you might find for sale on ebay, or I may not keep them and just send them to you.

Dear Suzeeq,

Can you PLEASE post the names/numbers of those booklets here? When you find them?? I’d love to try knitting like this!


Here are links to a couple of booklets.

Thanks for posting the links, the one shown at the vintage knits site is the one I have. Coats and Clark #318; it has 2 crocheted sweaters, and 4 knit ones. Copyright is 1985 so they’re oversized ones too.