Condo pattern help

You sure you’re not exaggerating just a [I]tiny[/I] bit there? Couldn’t have been more than 6 inches. :wink:

I never did the tall platform shoe thing but I remember the ones she’s talking about. Yeah, 8 inchers were indeed worn.

Yep, the platform itself would have been 4", then with 4" heels on that, you’d be 8" taller.

When I tried them I got dizzy! :shock: Also, I’m such a klutz, I fell over!

Heh, I fall off flip flops!!

I never wore them that tall, I might have had inch high ones, with a 2½" heel. Plenty for me, I prefer flats now.

I just tonight found my Condo patterns, while looking for something else. If anyone is interested, please email me. :woot: