Coconut Oil


I didn’t care for store brands of soy milk so I stuck to vanilla Silk. The Silk CO milk does taste coconutty in coffee which I also don’t care for so I stick to the CO that doesn’t taste and drink it black now. The flavored one is yummy with the hot chocolate though! I have a sweet tooth. :teehee:

Coconut oil is a solid at temps below 74 then it starts to liquefy. Last fall it was liquid most of the time. I’ve just learned to melt it or just use it solid like on my face at night.

Mmm…ice cream! I haven’t had ice cream for years. I’m pretty much dairy free due to lactose intolerance. There’s the occasional treat like frozen yogurt though. And cheddar and greek yogurt are low lactose so I have those.


This thread intrigues me b/c as I mentioned my youngest son is not a great sleeper and I’ve been told that coconut oil has some of the same components as breastmilk (he is breastfed) and therefore helps infants sleep sounder. My question is where do I find reliable information about whether or not it is safe to give an infant? I can find sites that say it is and others say not. I can ask when we see the pedi in April, but would love some sleep btwn now and then …


How old is your son and how much does he sleep? Does he tend to sleep more in the daytime or nighttime? Is it possible something you are eating is not good for him?


IMO some babies and kids just aren’t good sleepers. . I suspect it wouldn’t be good for ingestion for be good unless mixed properly mixed. Oily substances can cause coughing and a bit of a choking feeling. Ask your doctor.

Also forgot to mention this… Some people go through what is sometimes called a crisis or healing crisis. For a week or so you can get a stuffy nose, coughing and feel like you’re sick. You may be, but some people aren’t. I had this when I started oil pulling, but I’d also had a cold so I never knew for sure. I’m fine and healthy now. :slight_smile:


We like Silk, also almond milk and we’ve even tried hemp milk (both daughter and I are lactose intolerant). The soy milk still bugs me a little, so we use a lot of almond.

We also get LandOLakes butter that is made with olive oil, which I figure is better for us, hopefully, but this morning I had cinnamon raisin toast with real butter. I went through a long time w/o using any butter at all, so I have some every now and then. Moderation!

We make hot cocoa with almond milk, Van Houten’s cocoa powder, and a little honey. You have to whip it, because the cocoa doesn’t have emulsifiers in it. I never thought of adding coconut oil to it, but now I will. It always gets topped with the guilty pleasure of whipped cream, though.

I think a lot of heart disease is caused by processed foods and sugar (alas, I LOVE sugar, but now that I’m in my 50s I limit it as much as I can).


Yep, I also don’t eat many processed foods or sugar. Sugar raises triglycerides and processed foods well, every knows about those. They raise everything including weight. :zombie:

I tried almond milk and wasn’t thrilled with it. I’m fairly picky so that’s no surprise. :teehee:


You know what? After just a few days I really do think I’m feeling better. I’ve made no significant changes other than adding the coconut oil daily and my knees bend better without complaining. I’ve been sleeping better. I feel more alert. Realistically the sleeping better would make me feel more alert and the brighter, longer days will help with sleeping and feeling more alert. However, I think the coconut oil is a contributing factor and I’m going to keep it up. :thumbsup: Thanks, Jan, for starting this thread and everyone else who has contributed.

I thought the reference to oil pulling was a typo or autocorrect or something but I googled it. Interesting. Something else to consider trying.


I pretty much do the same thing with yogurt, cheese, etc. For some reason, soy milk is similar to milk for me. I’m sure it’s something other than lactose, but, still same outcome.

I can do a small amount of dairy, actually, but if I exceed a certain threshold, then, my intestines rebel.


Guess what? I did deep knee bends today and barely a complaint from my knees! I think CO is in my daily routine for good!


Wow, GG! That’s awesome! How much are you taking?


I get a teaspoon from my silverware drawer and scoop out a rounded spoonful. The CO is solid and not packed down but very well rounded, so may 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. My DD gave me the ends of 2 cans. This is the “deodorized” stuff, the other is not “deodorized” and more liquidy so I’ll be able to measure it more accurately, more easily. I honestly didn’t think it would help so I wasn’t real careful about measuring. I think I’ll start being more careful. Today I also decided to cut my 4 caps of turmeric back to 3.

I know it’s spring now, the days are longer and there is more daylight, we even had sun today and some other days since I started taking the CO daily. Spring and longer days make me feel better. I haven’t noticed this much difference so rapidly before so I’m even doing better besides physically. I can’t give too much credit to the weather for my joints doing better simply because it’s still been damp and rainy and that contributes to more problems.

I’ve been thinking of other ways of taking the CO. Mixed with something…peanut butter?


Yeah, slowly increase. You may be getting more like two tsp. now in a rounded spoon like that. I get about two Tbl. Only put it in my coffee. Also oil pull with about 1.5 tsp.

I read a book called Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife on my Kindle. Library might have it if you’re interested. I’ve read an oil pulling one by the same author. I’m not one of those people who believes everything I read, but the science and reasoning made sense. I do think my arthritis is better from the two things I do. I take less pain meds most days. And I am sleeping better most nights, too.

PB? Hmm… Worth a try I guess. I try to avoid bread most of the time so I’d miss out.

The biggest thing I’m curious about now is how it will affect my cholesterol. Even though it does react differently inthe body since its an MCT it is a fat. I’ll keep you posted if I ever get to the doc.


I’m not one of those people who believes everything I read,
same here. I figure there are things that if I can’t see any reason they’ll do me harm, try them for a few weeks and see what happens. I knew you weren’t the type to try every snake oil and miracle cure that comes along, so I gave real thought to what you said, did some reading of my own, gave it a go. I’ve slept every night since I started taking the stuff and I wake up feeling like I have slept. I’m still skeptical about how much the CO contributes to what benefits I’ve noticed, but at this point I’m going to continue with it. If it really has helped my knees, hands, sleeping, and overall feeling better, it’s amazing stuff! I look forward to hearing what your cholesterol numbers are.



And my feeling on whether it works for some of these things is to keep taking it unless I hear otherwise it’s a problem. If it continues and isn’t just a natural fluctuation and nothing else has changed it makes sense. Weirdly, I seem to be noticing my neck hurts more when I eat bread…hmmm. I read a book (surprised? Lol) called Wheat Belly that makes me wonder…


Gluten. You may have a sensitivity to gluten. Gluten is in wheat, rye, barley, and at least one or two other grains I don’t recall right now. Sensitivities are not the same as allergies, if you have a sensitivity to a certain food you might not be actually allergic to it and it would not show up in an allergy test. Food sensitivities can affect not only physical things such as a pain in the neck, but moods and emotional outbursts (OMG did my DS have those! from chicken, chicken eggs, tomatoes, peanuts, and dairy anything!) Also, when we don’t eat gluten and dairy products for any length of time our bodies get so they don’t want to deal with digesting them at all and the things they trigger become more pronounced when we do consume them. So…the less dairy products I eat, the less I can tolerate them when I do eat them. It’s amazing how many foods contain gluten in an ingredient in the food, such as soy sauce and some flavorings derived from wheat. My DD’s kitchen is GFCF, gluten-free casein-free, so no dairy, wheat, rye…


my aunt’s doc told her to use coconut oil twice a day as a deoderant, I have been waiting 2 weeks to report to you all that it works, and does not have anything harmful in it!


I’ve heard that Paula, but oil in my pits just sounds icky. :teehee: I was using CO on my face at night, but it’s still tending to make me break out a bit. I’m sure that is part of the healing process, but it’s my face! I hate zits! I know it goes away eventually so maybe I’ll just deal with it. Don’t know.

GG, I wondered about that. I eat low carb so get relatively little wheat/gluten now which is probably why it seems to stand out. I plan Togo wheat free this summer, but with DDand fiancé here it’s proven to be more difficult so low is all I can do right now. Maybe once I’m used to it it’ll be easier.

I don’t eat much dairy now due to lactose intolerance. I can eat a small piece of cheddar with no problem and Yogurtland frozen yogurt (in reasonable amounts), and greek yogurt so other than lactose dairy isn’t an issue. Cheddar is aged so has lactose, Greek is fermented longer with the same results so maybe that’s why for me.


OK, Paula, I’m trying to be open minded here but as Jan said…still something makes the stick deodorants smear on, it must be some sort of oil or something. Apparently CO is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. It makes sense it would work.

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 78 fl. oz. @ Costco, $22. DD picked it up for me, then pulled a switcheroo and gave me one she already had because it’s expiry date is earlier than the latest purchase. Works for me. The stuff I was using originally was past pull date but seemed just fine. As she said, I’ll use it up faster than she will and there’s no point in having it sit around longer than necessary. I plan to start using it in cooking now I’m not hoarding a small jar of it. I don’t think I’ll put it on my face; anything that claims to moisturize makes me break out. I might, just not now. I wonder how it would work on owies.

Today I’ve indulged in Almond Joy pieces because we couldn’t find the candy bars. I had a nasty headache and they work to make it go away too. I don’t like them, don’t like Almond Joy candy bars, but they make the pain go away. One of my DD’s midwives said they worked for her too.


I love Almond Joy, but try not to eat so much sugar which is also carby. :slight_smile: Interesting about the headaches!

I get a 32oz CO from Amazon for $13. I have Amazon Prime so free two day shipping, too! Of course I don’t get that type your DD gets. I prefer the one with no flavor. It’s still organic, but expeller pressed with no solvents used.

CO works great on ingrown hairs and other owies. I wouldn’t use it on a cut at first although it may be fine. I’ve just used it onthe ingrown hair and a cat scratch.


I have a spot of irritated skin that my clothes rub and it just doesn’t seem to go away. I put a bit of CO on it and it feels so much better! I’ll do it again tonight I think and tomorrow a.m. and again later.

My head is no longer hurting and the migraine hangover is already easing off. I figure the sugar is a small trade off for pain relief.