Coconut Oil


I usually fry sweet potatoes or yukon gold potatoes in the oil, but on days that I don’t do that, like today, I just take it in my coffee or hot tea


also, if she can stand to start, have her begin knitting or crocheting, it really does help keep your mind off the pain, I began knitting 2 or 3 years ago, just to help me deal with the pain.


Virgin CO is natural and tastes like coconut. Unless I’m using it with chocolate I prefer the refined. The one I get is expeller pressed and not refined with chemicals and is not hydrogenated, and has all the benefits of virgin CO. Post #4 I think.

Since I put it in my coffee or tea I prefer it not to taste like coconut. I use a small frother to emulsify it a bit so it doesn’t create the pool of oil. [B]Warning[/B]! Start with a small amount so your body can get used to it. 1/2-1 tsp a day and s l o w l y increase. I can, and do, use up to 2T now and I’m fine.

Maybe TMI… It also helps with constipation. :teehee:

I also use Silk vanilla flavor coconut milk to make hot chocolate. Yummy!


sorry, didn’t see the where did I get mine from part, lol, I get mine from Nature Girls, it is a local health food store. But the type I use can be purchased on the web, too. or call (800)993-4367

oh, and I also use it all day long, about 6-10 times a day as lip balm…


yes, Jan, and in the case of fibromyalgia, it helps a LOT with the IBS that goes hand in hand with fibro


Silk Almond milk is great, too. I’m lactose intolerant and so is my adopted daughter, so we use that a lot. We saute and bake with the coconut oil, and I put it in coffee, too, with almond milk.


I like to blend coconut milk with bits of dark chocolate (fibro fog is making me doubt how to spell that), and then freeze it in a ziplock bag, then re-blend it and it is like a shake.


Our costco recently started carrying LARGE containers of coconut oil (good quality) for $16 - the price is amazing!


I’ll have to check Costco. What brand was it? And how do you know it was good quality? I’ve heard people say that, but other than making sure it’s not refined with chemicals or hydrogenated I’m clueless.


IT is “Carrington Farms”

it says on the label
"oganic coconut oil. virgin, cold pressed"

its a 1.5kg container

I found this - there are some comments comparing it to nutivia


Okay, thanks! I don’t like the coconut taste for most things so I get expeller pressed. I’ll take a look though. :thumbsup:


We just got a big container at Costco, too. Price can’t be beat. The other times I’ve gotten it at the healthfood store, or off a website ‘’ The one from Vitacost is the Nutiva brand.


This is the one I usually get.

Jarrow Formula expeller pressed, no chemicals used. Has a neutral taste which I prefer for coffee, etc.


the one from costco smells like coconut when heated, but i use it to cook eggs and i never notice a coconut taste to my eggs


…made with coconut oil. Delicious! BTW GFCF = gluten free, casein free and some kids with Autism spectrum diagnoses do better on a GFCF diet. My GS is one of them. At DDs house the other day she was making some cookies for her little guy to take to school and I got to try one. Maybe the best peanut butter cookie I ever had. Anyhow…she gave me a container of CO with just a little left in it to try out. I’ve had some about 3 days in a row I guess. Coincidence I’m sure, but I’ve slept better the last 2 nights. Surely it’s too soon to see a difference. As I forgot to use it in my coffee I made cocoa and stirred it in yesterday and I forgot again today so I had to make cocoa again. This could become a habit. The stuff I have is the kind with no flavor. I’ll have DD get me some from Costco, she goes there and I don’t.


Oh yum! :inlove: PB cookies are one of my favorites!

If you like the flavored one (EVCO- extra virgin co) that’s good. I just didn’t like coconutty eggs or coffee. :teehee:

I use it in hot chocolate sometimes, too. My favorite is to pour a little of the Silk vanilla coconut milk and a packet of diet hot chocolate in a measuring cup and froth to blend. Then add more co milk and heat. Yummy and rich!


If we’re sharing recipes… I just put some sugar, cocoa, and a bit of salt in a cup, mix it with water to fill the mug about 1/3, microwave about 20 seconds, add light soy milk (that’s what I"m currently using) to fill the mug and finish heating about 1 1/2 minutes. Too easy, too tasty. I like the light soy a lot better than the regular. I really should remember to use the CO in coffee and skip the hot cocoa most days. Having the oil float on top hasn’t really bothered me but I will try what’d you call it? emulsifying? it. Thanks for starting this thread.


Yes, a frother emulsifies it. If the oil doesn’t bother you it’s no big deal. One of my DD gave me a frother. I’ll have to try the cocoa powder again. I usually use Splenda though.

I agree the light soy milk is better and I always bought Silk vanilla. I only started getting the coconut milk when I decided to add it to my diet. For drinking plain I prefer the vanilla soy milk though.

Forgot to mention…I started sleeping better as well and wasn’t sure if it was CO related or just weird coincidence. Interesting!


Great thead… I do have some coconut milk to try but will get some solid as well:cheering:


I’ve used the Silk coconut milk and it was fine, I did notice a slight coconut taste. What I buy will depend on price and currently it’s been cheaper to get the Fred Meyer brand of organic. Last time they were out and substituted the Silk light soy for the FM brand and 2/$5 was OK by me. I don’t drink it plain. I mostly put it in my coffee. I’m trying to eliminate more and more of the dairy products such as whey that show up in so many things. I’ve not yet decided I’ll give up butter…hey, it’s nothing but the fat anyhow! In about a week I think I’ll cut back on the turmeric I take and see if my joints complain.

Last summer I used a can of coconut milk, the stuff that you pretty much have to scoop out of the can, some almond milk, chocolate and sugar and made some non-dairy “ice cream” that was a big hit. My SIL tasted it and got the ice cream attachment for the KitchenAid! The stuff was kind of like fudgesicles. It won’t keep though. :teehee: It disappears really fast.