Coconut Oil


:shifty: Okay, weird topic, but does anyone else use coconut oil? Pure coconut oil not lotion.

I use it on my face, put it in my coffee and oil pull with it. I’ll be getting my cholesterol done soon so I’m curious how it’s doing and if you use it what your experience is…


Not weird Jan,

I have very dry skin and use Coconut oil for lotion, especially on hands and feet. Great stuff! :thumbsup:


It was interesting to see your post b/c in a google search to occupy myself while I “Ferberize” my youngest son (7months) I found some sites saying that coconut oil is my ticket to a full nights sleep. There were talking about it being in solid form though…more like shortening that would be stirred into cereal at mealtime. Is there a liquid form too if you are putting it in coffee?


It’s all solid below 75 degrees or so because its not hydrogenated. What I do is put a couple teaspoons in my cup with a few oz of coffee, stir to melt, then I use my small frother to emulsify it a bit and add the rest of the coffee. You don’t have to froth it though. I didn’t at first either. It does puddle up a bit without it though.

Start slow with just a teaspoon in a cup to two till you see how you like it and how your body reacts. I drink two cups with about 2-3 tsp now.

I am sleeping better most nights now, but I don’t know if it’s all the CO or just a lucky break. Time will tell. I still take a sleeping pill, but many nights I only need half and I’m sleeping solid for 6 hours which is new and so nice!

Also… I didn’t like the taste of coconut in my coffee. I buy Jarrow Formula expeller pressed and is neutral in flavor. I usually buy it at Sprouts, but but it on amazon last time.


I bought a large container of pure unprocessed coconut oil. I use it after a shower instead of lotion. It melts quickly, a little goes a long way, and it rubs in and soaks in well. I mainly bought it to use as a conditioner for my hair. Every few weeks I will oil my hair well and leave it several hours or all day then wash it out. After I wash my hair I will apply a small portion to the ends of my hair. You can find a lot on YouTube about using coconut oil for hair. I have read where it is good for cooking, but I can’t afford it for cooking. I use a clean spoon to collect a small amount from the container and let it melt in the palm of my hands then I apply it. It taste great too.


i use coconut wash sara:woot: :woot:


YUP! I’m a fan, but… and please understand this is coming from a loving place… Please use your coconut oil externally - face, oil pulling and then spit it out, but don’t ingest it if you have high cholesterol!! Coconut oil is 100% pure saturated fat!! Skip all oils, all of them, as well as animal foods and processed foods, stick to 100% whole plant based diet, and that cholesterol level will fall! see Heart Attack Proof by Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn. He details all of this in his book and videos (YouTube him!)


We are going to have to agree to disagree, Monidew. I’ve read a few books and done some research on it myself and I’m not really seeing anything bad except from pharmaceutical companies and places who are in their pocket like AMA, ADA, etc. They are all still pushing low, low fat and whole grains and yet…the rate of heart disease and obesity is off the charts. :doh:

Even Dr. Oz, a cardiologist, agrees it’s good for you.

We only use olive oil and coconut oil at my house. I avoid all polyunsaturated oils unless it’s unavoidable like when I’m visiting or eating out.

Okay, off my soapbox. All that said I think everyone has to find a way of eating they are comfortable with. My WOE is low carb with good fats and protein. My BP is the lowest it’s been in 10 yrs, I’ve lost 25lbs. Works for me. :hug:


Way to go, Jan! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Last time my BP was checked it was up to 117/70. I’m typing that again so you know it’s not a typo: 117/70. It was up that day.


Mondew is correct. Here is a nice summary of the latest research.

The reason our bad health is off the charts is due to high fructose corn syrurp, processed grains–often things labled whole grain are not really whole. Lack of protective of phytonutrients in the standard American diet. (meaning lack of vegetables), Food addictions and that the USDA recommendations are co-opted by special interest groups such as the meat and dairy and sugar and corn boards.

Dr. Esselstyn is an excellent source for moire info—I heard him speak in person last fall–he is vibrant and amazing and i in his 80’s but I had to look up his age to figure that out. There is similar research being done by Dr. Joel Fhurman, --he wrote Eat to Live, his new book is End Diabetes, or you can check out Dr. Neil Bernard at the Physicians committee for responsible medicine, Dr Collin T Cambell of the China Study, and watch the documentary Forks over Knives. The bottom line is there is no money in healthy plant based recommendations, the beef and dairy industry loose as do the pharmaceutical companies and so does out sick care industry. Eat whole foods plant based diets and stay away from doctor! As Dr. Gregerson says in the video the coconut oil may not be terribly harmful if you already eat really well whole foods plant based and low cholesterol but it won’t improve anything if you don’t.

I’ve been vegetarian for years but 2 yrs ago moved to Dr. Fuhrman’s style of eating I’m 50 pounds lighter healthier than when I was in my 20’s have perfect blood cholesterol LDL, HDL, high energy, I’m stronger, exercise is easier and more desired than before, I feel younger every day. I’m 45. We changed our daughters diet and her asthma is now gone and my husband reversed an autoimmune disorder—hmmm now there are no meds we need to buy.

Also Dr, OZ recommends anything, he has featured Dr. Fuhrman many times but then turns around and features someone else advocating the exact opposite, although the book Eat to Live is called a “medical break through” by Dr. OZ on the cover of the book and he wrote the forward in the new new addition.

It’s all worth checking out.


Good for you! I’ve been on two blood pressure meds for several years and my BP was averaging 135/80 and sometimes higher. I went to doc on January and it was 110/75! The biggest change was my diet. I’d add the weight loss, but I lost weight before on WW and that didn’t affect BP at the time. This WOE is for life. :thumbsup:

Well, like I said we all have to choose what works for us. I had to have an angiogram a few years ago for a heart issue and my cardio said my arteries were “pristine” and I’ll note my LDL was a bit high at that point, too. This probably means my LDL was mostly Pattern A which is the large fluffy type.

I’m NOT saying other ways of eating including vegetarianism is bad. Vegetables are great for you and I eat them, too.


I am certain of one thing and one thing only in this regard. If we eat the food, breathe the air, and drink the water, we will die. I’ve mainly quit listening to the experts. According to them I should have been dead many years ago but actually have very few health problems. There is no one thing that is good for every single person, we’re all different and what works for one doesn’t for another. I don’t see doctors because they will not listen when I tell them I have odd side effects from prescription drugs and if they do listen then the only solution they’ve offered is another drug to counteract the side effects. A doctor would prescribe drugs for arthritis; I cut out dairy products and take turmeric and my joints are mostly close to pain free most of the time. To each her/his own, may we all be as healthy as possible!


I’ve been blessed with my grandparents Dutch genes and may visit the Dr. once a year, other than for my yearly physical. Am I overweight, yep, do I exercise, not more than I can help it. Should I change, yep to that as well. I’m on 2 meds, one for cholesterol(genetic reasons) and one to help with mild osteo. Both of my Dutch grand parents lived well into their 90’s and my German grandmother on my mom’s side also into her 90’s. My dad is 84 and going strong!!


We use coconut oil a lot in this house.

My son has severe atopic dematitise (basically eczema so bad, its not even eczema anymore - caused by a dairy allergy). I have thousands of dollars worth of creams in my “doesn’t work” or “he’s allergic to it” pile… including Rx creams and steroids. what works for him? coconut oil!

The best way we have found to get it into his skin is to put it in the bath water and let him play for a good 30 minutes. Def need a mat or non slip stickers on the bottom of your tub because it does get slippery! His skin actually looks somewhat normal now!

We also cook with it - a little goes a long way. I don’t use much oil to cook, but if I do need oil for something I will put about 1/8 - 1/4 of a teaspoon into the pan and its enough to cook with for most things we cook.

So yes, my family ingests it. We are also dairy free as I have 2 children allergic to dairy. I would much rather them consume coconut oil than processed vegan margarines (ie chemicals), canola oil (which is quite often GMO), corn oil (again, GMO) or other oils. We do occasionally use olive oil - I prefer olive oil for salad dressings for example, because of the taste.

I also use it in my hair, and my clients hair (I am a licensed hairstylist). A tiny little amount works wonders!

I would like to add something to the saturated fat debate - there are different kinds of saturated fats. saturated fats from plant sources are easier to break down than saturated fats from animals. your body does need fats to run efficiently, and if you are living an otherwise relatively healthy lifestyle (rich is whole food, especially if they are predominately plant based) then consuming a bit of coconut oil can be beneficial. if you lead a lifestyle that is already high is fats, coconut oil is not going to be beneficial if consumed.

no one can say that it is beneficial or harmful just by saying someone consumes coconut oil. if you can see the rest of the diet and lifestyle, then maybe a claim as to whether it is beneficial or harmful can be established. but there is no right or wrong answer.


Got to disagree, Virgin coconut oil is not a saturated fat, it is monounsaturated. Unlike a lot of triglycerides we ingest, which are “long chain triglycerides,” coconut oil is a “medium chain” triglyceride. It is very easily digested, in fact, it is used in the hospital to tube feed seriously ill patients, also used in baby formulas.
Coconut oil got lumped in with bad saturated fats in the 1980s by the crafty soybean industry. They figured that if they could get everybody afraid of saturated fats, they could sell more vegetable oil. You SHOULD be afraid of saturated fats, but coconut oil isn’t one of them! Sadly, to this day, coconut oil is still believed by many to be a ‘bad fat,’ when it’s actually super healthy for anybody. Good for weight loss, Crohn’s disease, myriad digestive problems, as well as skin and hair, it has antimicrobial effects. It is super easy to digest, in fact pancreatic enzymes aren’t even needed to break it down, so it doesn’t get absorbed through the intestines and into the blood stream directly. Instead it goes through portal vein to the liver where it supplies glycogen for energy.
We use it for baking, because you can easily substitute it for butter.


I use coconut oil for many things, a body moisturizer, a deep conditioning treatment for my hair once a week, I take 2 tbs a day for fibromyalgia and joint pain relief, I use it on my tattoos to keep them from drying out and since it is naturally antiseptic it is perfect! I am always looking for new ways to use it!


Yes! It really is amazing stuff, isn’t it? The best cooking oil bar none! It peeves me that the agricultural/industrial food complex manipulates the public about what to eat. They don’t care about health, just making profit. Luckily folks are becoming more aware about reading labels and figuring out what is OK (like coconut oil) and what isn’t (like HFCS).


do you have any links to its beneficial qualities when talking about fibromyalgia? my neighbor suffers horribly, and i would love to be able to send her some links!

if not, i will search for some


…and the last time I had my cholesterol checked (I have been using coconut oil daily for 3 years) my doctor said for a woman as BIG as I am, my good cholesterol was amazing and my bad cholesterol was insignificant, next time I go to the doctor I will get the actual numbers, just never needed them before now.


Gotta know, how do you take it? Do you put it in something or just gag it down from a spoon? If it’s good for joints, I have to try it. I read on one web site that it helps with thyroid function and I’ve never tested higher than just barely w/i the normal range on the low end. I’m willing to give it a try. Where do you get yours? I think Jan says where she got hers from, I’ll have to read again to see.