Clearing out my stash. ALL CLEARED!

OK People I got yarn to get rid of. Someone please take it off my hands. I have a big bag o stuff I keep shifting around in my closet (which I cleaned out this morning while my kid was hanging out on the couch. He’s sick today. Only 99 temp but he puked all over the kitchen so he stayed home) and I need to get rid of it. All I ask is for the cost of shipping and you can just HAVE IT. Take it all of just a few skeins. Whatever. So take a look and if no one wants it maybe I’ll try to sell it on ebay.

oops I hit submit too soon. But that’s OK cuz I noticed I forgot to shrink the photos. Let me shrink em and I’ll post them correctly.

OK so heres the first skein. Its Burly Spun by Browm Sheep. THe label says 100% wool 132 yards dye lot Ruby Red. It says Hand wash so I’m thinking its feltable. You might want to check the website tho

Next we have another skein from Brown sheep. It came in a grab bag of 100% wool stuff from WEBS so I believe it is feltable. It looks like superwash though so maybe not. ITs a light blue color. and the little tag says dye lot 7004 and a date 12-13-01.

Now coming down the cat walk we have a green subtly verigated lace weight yarn. The label says Artisan NZ Merino Lace Weight, 100% pure New Zeland wool. Hand dyed colors, hand wash. 300 meters, 20 grams. This is a bad picture. It looks very dark but really it is MUCH lighter. I can take a btter picture if you want

Alright now where are we? Ah yes, also from the 100% wool grab bag from WEBS we have this from Highland Style from Harrisvilee Designs of New Hampshire. The label says 100% pure Virgin wool, 200 yards 100 gram skein avr needle size #5-#7 color # 7932 called suede (tho it looks like grey) No washing instructions so not sure if its feltable but its kinda itchy so I’m guessing it is.

thank you grey and now we have a saucy little number from Italy. The maker is Tivoli and the label says Pure New Wool. It says Hand Wash and Do Not Rub so that totally sounds like its feltable. This Bainin is dye lot #5152 shade #882. It is 50 grams but no yardage given. Recommended needle size is 7us.

Alright people I gotta have lunch. We’ll be back after this short lunch break. :happydance:


[i]Im…to sexy for your yarn
too sexy for your yarn
too sexy by farrr(n)!

Im a knitter
You know what I mean
Your yarn does a little turn on the catwalk
on the catwalk
yeah…on the catwalk
Your yarn would shake its little tush (if it had one) on the catwalk[/i]


You have some really INTERESTING yarn, Femmy!!

:roflhard: Kelly! That’s priceless!

Loving the fasion show, Femmy!

:oops: not too much rhymes with yarn :oops:

OK I’m back. Had anice yummy turkey sandwhich and I got my seocnd wind.

What rhymes with yarn? :thinking: Barn? Darn?Tarn-ish? Varn-ish?warn? well not really.

OK so on with hte show :happydance:

OK so I lost the label to this one. But its really itchy so I’m guessing its feltable wool. Its very tweedy. Not sure on length but I’m guessing its at least 100 yards (comaprade to other skeins held up next to it about that length) I’d say it’ll knit up between a #5-#7 needle.

sauntering their way on the catwalk is this little skein of Jo Sharp. This is from her DK line. THe label says dye lot 2 shade olive. 107 yards 50 grams. US 6 needle recommended and gentle hand wash. Sounds feltable to me.

Femmy didnt like my song. Not a giggle. Not even a TWITCH seen at the corners of her mouth. :verysad:

More Jo Sharp coming up. THe label says “Super soft extra long fibre” Don’t know if its from the DK line or not but it has the same dimensions as the gree. 107 yards yada yada. Gentle hand wash sounds feltable to me. This is a tweedy looking twist of brown and black. The picture is really dark. its MUCH lighter

Here comes Knit Picks! Yeah I didn’t know what I was ordering. It was from my first KP order. I just threw it in there to make the $30 shipping limit :blush:

This is shimmer, its lace weight 440 yards + 50 grams. THe color is called Maple leaf, its a verigated brown, red and golden color. Check out KP website for more info.

Next up we have this lovely pink of 50% mohair 50% wool. I got it to go with my potential stash for some clogs. The store clerk recommended it but when I got home I realized I had a better pink to go with it. So its totally feltable. The label says Aristocrat brand and this is a skein of heirloom. Shade 333 dye lot 13, 50 grams 76 meters (not sure how much in yards that is :?? ) Recommended 5.5 needles ( I think you could use from size 7-9) again not that dark, its more of a hot pink

Coming up next is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the Soft Rock line. its 100% superwash sock yarn. 225 yards 3 oz. its handpainted and the color is called Rhodonite. Its verigated from light pink to a deep (not dark) purple.

Also from Blue Moon another sock yarn with same dimensions as the pink is this dark (yes it really is dark this time) skein of black grey and red. I unraveled it to check it out but I still have the label if ya need it.

Headed to the end here with this stuff. Its a thick and thin verigated …thing. I hafta be honest I have no idea what this is. I lost the label long ago. I burned a little piece and it lit up real fast so I think its acrylic. BUt its real soft and its blue/purple/gold. I knit some of it already but I can take it out and wind in a ball and straighten it out for you. Prolly a couple of hundred yards. uses a size 11-13 needle