Clearing out my stash. ALL CLEARED!

Last but not least we have this little number (part of another WEBS grab bag) Its from Boroco called Xpress. 60% Marino 40% acrylic so not real feltable. Label says to use size 15 but I think you could get away with smaller. Dye lot #1528 sahe 3614. Its an olive green color.

So there you have it. I think I will take 4-5 skeins and put it in a box and go to the post office and weight it to get a price range for shipping. So let the offers begin!! :cheering:

Oh I did like the song. I actually could hear it in my head as I was typing! :lol:

YOU’VE GOT MAIL! (in my best geeky AOL guy voice)

Hi femmi,

I PMd you, so you have MORE mail!!


Yikes! three people have PM’d me about the pink sock yarn! Hmmm… What do I do? :thinking:


I :heart: :heart: :heart: your composing skill!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:


:cheering: YAYYY Femmy liked my song!!!

[size=2]Actually, that may be the worst one Ive ever written! far(N)??? :?? [/size]

Femmy you do whatever you think is best re those pinky socks!

Hi femmi,

I’m not sure if my second PM to you went through. :??

I asked about the pink sock yarn, but I’m also interested in the blue Brown Sheep skein. I understand the pink is probably gone by now, but I still want the blue if you still have it.

Hope to hear from you soon.


O My! So many folks want this yarn! OK So I don’t know what to do!!!

OK so here goes. I’m thinking of a number between 7 and 53. If you guess it the pink is yours. :rollseyes:

OK so here’s the story on the other yarns (not the pink)

mintdee gets the highland wool

kitkat gets the big red burly spun

jenniferd gets the maple leaf

Mama2three gets the unlabeld blue yarn, and the two green ones

kdavies gets whatever is leftover

Hi femmi,

I pick 27.


And the winner of the pink sock yarn is…

[size=6]KITKAT[/size] :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Oh wow! Happy turkey day to me! Thanks!!! (blowing kisses all around) Now I will have to whip those puppies up and show them since I am a sock knitter extraordinaire! Won’t be until after Christmas though :oops: :oops:

Do you still have the yarn? Please let me know I am interested. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

I just sent everything out :crying: but who knows, maybe I’ll do another clearing ina few months.

I have cleared out all this stuff I posted here so I may do another stash clearing this summer. I know I already have some I’m not going to use :rollseyes: