Circular needles

Hi and thanks for letting me join the group. I am a beginner knitter in my 50s and have managed to knit a few things during lockdown including a beautiful jumper that my grandaughter couldnt get her head through!!! Anyway, thats another story!!:grinning:
My question today is…i am knitting a collar on a jumper on circular needles. Have got as far as changing needle to 4mm for rib BUT I only have to knit some of the row and then turn, leaving stitches on 3.25 mm needle. No instructions in pattern as what to do with them. Does this question make sense and can anyone help please??? Thanks😀

Hi Fifi. What pattern is it? It sounds like it has you doing some short rows. Can you paste the portion of the pattern that has instructions for the collar?

sorry…finding this page hard to understand.

Welcome to the forum!
Rcubed is correct, these are short rows. Turn as you would at the end of the needle and work back across the given number of sts. These short rows will raise the back of the collar and give you a nice and comfortable shape.
The pattern may have you work increasing numbers of sts before turning but will eventually reach a row where you work across all sts. You can read ahead to see that.