Christmas Stocking

Well, here’s the finished Christmas stocking, finally. I started it about two months ago, but I really got going on it this week to get it done. I have two more to do before Christmas. :eyes:

It’s done in Cascade 220, and the pictures, name, and date are done in duplicate stitch. Santa’s beard is the most wonderful, fuzzy angora. Anyway, just thought I’d post. This isn’t the first one of these that I’ve made, but it is the first for several years. :woot:

(I stuffed it with plastic bags to take the picture, so that’s why it’s lumpy.)

That is wonderful! Great job on it!

I would have loved something like that when I was a kid! That will be a treasured stocking for sure.

Wow - beautiful job!!!

Beautiful job!!! Keep up the good work!!!:knitting:

:yay: It looks wonderful!!!

My aunt made these stockings for my siblings and me, and her children as well, when we were little, and I actually learned to knit so I could make one for my nephew. So, this stocking is kind of like a family tradition. :slight_smile:

Thats great! I love the backstory too, such a wonderful family tradition, and the fact that you learned to knit so you could make one for your dn is awesome! :woohoo:

Jessica, that’s awesome! You did a great job! I need to make stockings for my girls… what pattern did you use?

:yay: :yay: You did a beautiful job on your stocking!!! My grandma made stockings but is not to fragile to make them. So I think I will pick up her tradition and carry on… This inspired me! Thank you for posting the pictures:thumbsup:

Jessica they are really lovely and you have got me thinking that maybe I should knit one the little ones x

What a wonderful stocking and what a wonderful family tradition. Thanks for sharing both in your post. You inspired me!

that looks great! i REALLY want to make christmas stockings (probably not for this year though!) and your’s give me inspiration!

that is just like the stockings my mom made us when we were small. Knit stockings are the best because they stretch and stretch to hold all the goodies!!!

So true! They really do. I well remember my mom stuffing ours to the brim when we were little. (Well, she still does. lol). They were always lumpy and misshapen, but chock full of goodies. :wink:

looks totally cool!

That is so cool! My aunt made me a christmas stocking when I was born, and whenever we marry she gives one to our significant other. She was late making my husband his, and he got on her case the whole next year just to make sure it was going to be done on time for this christmas!

Nice work!

That is fabulous. I never thought of knitting Christmas stockings but now I think I need it to add it to my queue. Did you use a pattern?

Thanks. :aww: I did use a pattern…I don’t think there’s any way I could have do that without one. I’m not that good. lol. It’s the same pattern my aunt used for ours back in the 1970s. She gave it to me all hand-written and faded and I had to go through it and type it just so I could read it. Once I got all that done, though, it’s actually a quite simple pattern. The only difficult part is the intarsia at the top - it’s just hard to keep all the yarn straight. hehe. I have one other one done except for the embroidery and seaming and one more to make before Christmas. Here’s to hoping. hehe. Knitted stockings are so nice, though. Like somebody else said, you can just stuff them and stuff them full. :wink: