Christmas Blues

Anybody else got em? I’m really not as “boohoo poor me” type of person and all things considered I am a very lucky person. I have a job, my bills are paid, my children are happy and healthy. But for some reason this holiday has me really down.

I didn’t even put a Christmas tree up, for the first time in 54 year!!! Neither of my kids are going to make it home so I figured WHY bother.

Last week, after my Christmas knitting was done, I noticed I couldn’t even motivate myself to pick up my knitting needles. I haven’t knit a stitch in THREE DAYS!!! I can’t remember the last time I did that!!!

Abybody else wanna join me in a pity party, or just give me a kick in the rear and tell me to GET OVER IT!!!

GET OVER IT (kicking your rear gently :teehee:). I think you’re down because you know your kids won’t be with you on Christmas and you’ll be all alone… So, stop your wining and plan your “pamper yourself” Christmas! Take some DVD’s you love, put the tree up, put yourself some nice music, take a nice bubble bath (that’s from a person that only has shower at home). And find yourself some really nice knitting project (thank God for Ravelry!), that you wanted to start for a long time!
All this coming to you from someone who doesn’t have Christmas at all:rofl:! I’m going to light our first Chanukka candle and wish everyone happy holidays!!!:hug:

Can I be Jewish for the season so I just have to light cnadles and make yummy food ( a Christmas tree is soooo much work)?:teehee:

Happy Chanukka!!

or U can pick any of the pagan holiday schedules
I love the 4 days of feasting
then we get to have christmas dinner to boot (I am cooking corned beef and cabbage at my Moms)

why not do what I did before I had family/kids
I went to work at shelters for christmas
everyone cooks for you, you follow directions and help those who really do have less than u do right now

just an idea


Thank you for the suggestion and it is a good one. But I gotta explain, I am a Nurse and a Volunteer Critical Care EMT for two different Agencies. I spend 24 hours a day 7 day a week 365 days a year “taking care” of people. I can’t tell you the last time I had two nights of un interrupted sleep. This week I have been out on an ambulance calls EVERY night, last night I had 3 calls and got a total of 3 hours sleep.

So I don’t want to sound uncharitable but right now I’m on the verge of burn out and just don’t think I have any more to give and while I think it is wonderful for people to do those things and I did buy for a Salvation Army Family this year I just can’t “do” anymore. I hope I don’t come across as totally selfish:oops:

A Pagan Holiday might be fun :slight_smile:

OK, I’m not really having a “pity party”, but I know exactly how you feel. Christmas is in 4 days, and I don’t have a bit of Christmas spirit in me.

I think part of it is the fact that Thanksgiving was so late, giving us less than a month between the holidays. Besides that, everything around my place has been so screwed up, I haven’t had time to enjoy anything…and some stuff I haven’t even gotten done! First off, hubby went in for outpatient surgery in the middle of Nov. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, he started having some problems, so it’s off to the emergency room we go. (And I’d just gotten over an ear infection…which the antibiotic they gave me caused me to have the rare - but not unheard of - side effect of tendinitis). He got put in the hospital for 3 days, and had to have another surgery to cauterize some “bleeders”. Last weekend I spent Sunday gearing up for my screening colonoscopy on Monday. We did go out and get a tree that morning before I started on my course of, um, “purging”. Thursday night we got an ice storm, the tree was still outside (we were going to put it up today), and it’s frozen to the ground. Everything is still iced over, we are wondering if the ice is going to crack off the power lines or if we’ll end up losing power, I’ve got 12 candles to make, 6 jars of pumpkin butter to make, and sugar cookies to bake…not to mention wrapping presents, and if we get the tree thawed out putting it up sometime. Hubby lost our Christmas card address book (why, oh why didn’t I put it on the computer? On the other hand, I’ve used it for 7 years and marked each year as we sent cards or trimmed the list), so I don’t think any cards are going out this year.

Give me another couple of weeks, and I might be more “Christmassy”…right now, I just don’t have the Holiday mood at all.

I’m right there with you. This is usually my favorite time of year but this year I will be alone. My daughter moved out in May and won’t be able to come home and I can’t go up there. My sweetie is 3,000 miles away and we can’t be together either. Didn’t do a tree but I did put up some lights inside and a small pointsettia. I’ve finished all the Christmas stuff and got it mailed off so now I’m left feeling like, what now?

I know this will pass but it’s taken me by surprise this year. I did decide to make lasgane for Christmas dinner since it’s just me. Starting a new tradition seemed like a good idea.

I work in the employment/unemployment field and I think that has something to to with the blues as well. So many people are out of work here and it’s not easy to find a job. Everyday I talk to people who are getting more and more desperate and some days, it’s hard to turn that off.

So, as they say this too shall pass, just got to hang on until it does!:muah:


I know the feeling. Christmas 2007 was the first year at least one of our 2 sons couldn’t be home. One was in a new relationship 2,000 miles away and spent the holiday with her family, the other was adopting a daughter in Guatemala - went over there in September 2007 (with his wife and 4 sons) and although things changed almost daily, they weren’t released to bring our first granddaughter home to the USA until January 5th, then when they arrived, our daughter-in-law, new grandbaby and 3 of the four grandsons had to fly by themselves, because the flight was too full, so our son came in the next day with the oldest grandson. I’d say that lonliness was overwhelming, but looking forward to that sweet baby girl was hope that carried me through.

We also lost my mother-in-law in July of '07 and she was a holiday NUT!! We realized our holidays had centered around her for 40 years … so without her, my husband’s sisters and their spouses joined us for a movie and Chinese buffet on Christmas day, which is a Jewish tradition from what I hear. We had a blast, and although we cannot do that this year (we all have family home this year) we plan on making it a “No-kid Holiday” tradition, when things fall that way.

I get up every morning knowing I’m blessed to be healthy, and my hubby by my side. Our holiday this year is overshadowed by a brother-in-law in final stages of pancreatic cancer. Everytime the phone rings we panic and hesitate to answer it … GRAB LIFE BY THE HORNS AND SHAKE OUT SOME JOY girl.


"She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands."
Prov. 31:13

I think the bubble bath is a great idea. Stress management. Don’t let the lack of Christmas cheer make you feel inadequate. I always get a little blue this time of year. I want everything to be so nice, but I can only do so much. The TV fills us with so many beautiful, perfect scenes. How many of us can really have that? Aside from my perfect sister, the homes I know of with beautiful decorating have $ to hire helpers. (I’m one of the helpers.) I just do what I can & enjoy what I can.

Do just relax. Your way is [I]your[/I] way. Im told that it’s normal to be blue this time of year. You’re in good company.

Hope this helps you feel better about yourself & everything else.

Thanks! No, you can’t:rofl:, the headache you get from the “mishpukha” (family) is not for you:roflhard:! And the tree is not so much work at all, i know it, because in Russia (where i’m originally from), we put the tree up for New Year’s Eve (since Christmas was not an official holiday till 1991) and it’s so much fun! And don’t get me started on the food - you can gain a few pounds just through the Hanukkah week! It’s all about oil:teehee:!

Latkes and Sufganiot (jelly doughnuts)!

Ginny, I’m also a caregiver. I’m an NP who took off to stay at home with my daughter while she is small.

Being a caregiver is really a tough job and burn out is high, holidays or not. Take care of your self in some small way–a bubble bath or a self pedicure. Get a nice steak and lobster tail or whatever you like to eat and don’t over eat. Rent your favorite movie no matter what genre it is. I guess what I’m trying to say is just enjoy the time off.

My sister spent the holidays in the hospital with an asthma attack when she was around 20 and she said it was one of the most relaxing holidays she ever spent. :wink:


Well, one problem is I really don’t have any time off. I don’t have to work Christmas day but I do have to cover Ambulance. I can rent a moveie but odds are I won’t get to watch it in one sitting.
I was sitting in my office this morning before 6AM, trying to get caught up on charts before the holiday when a Dr friend stopped in, he told me I looked exhausted, I said thank you very much lack of sleep does that for you:roll: , he said why don’t you take a few days off, huh what a concept…

Came home and talked to DH and if we can cover work, Fire and Ambulance I think we are going to head to Wasington,DC AFTER the Holidays (I’d never get coverage at this short notice for the holiday).
All of a sudden the thought of three days of NO PAGERS going off for three days sound pretty darn inviting:woot: :woot:

Unfortunately I could NEVER stay home and not answer the pager but if I’m out of town and the pager is at home…

You have my permission (waves magic wand) to be Jewish for the season. Your latkes are awaiting you. Do you like apple sauce or sour cream with them?

Our society invests so much into Christmas. For some people, if the day does not come out perfectly it can be very distressing. It is, after all, just one day. Happiness has a way of sneaking up on us. If it happens on December 26th its ok.

Please, may I have one with applesauce [U]and[/U] one with sour cream :aww:

No wonder you have the blues. Like the doc said, you are exhausted!!! I hope you do get away and relax. My goodness, that is no way to live. You need time to re-energize. And of course, not having your children home would make anyone have the blues. Maybe you can get some sleep. If not Merry Christmas, then Happy New Year.

Of [B]course [/B]you can. Es gusunterheit bubbele.(eat in good health bubbele):hug:

Jeremy, if you’re offering…:teehee: Can i have some too? I’ve been eating sufganiyot like crazy, but no latkes yet. Happy Chanukkah!

I’ll share mine with you!!

I’m not postage will do them any good:rofl: . How are you, did you get through the day ok? I’m in a totally different time zone, so i don’t know where in the day are you:teehee: