Chistine's Blog (I think)

I have been using Firefox but still have a problem. I also have a problem trying to post on Travel Buddies. I can post pictures on Ravelry and Knitting Paradise but not TB or here.

I don’t have windows, that is what I am thinking might be the problem. I love my MacBook but don’t like that sometimes it just isn’t compatible with other software.

My Macbook was bought before my kid’s laptops and is still working. Two of my children have already had to replace theirs. The cost of my Mac in comparison to a PC seems to be the same in the end if one considers how the length of life of computer. If it continues to work soon it will be considered a bargain to a regular PC.

That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to switch to Mac. I also like to play games occasionally and many weren’t available for Mac. They may be now, but I don’t have trouble with my computer so why change. :shrug:

I am thinking about buying a PC when this Mac dies just so I won’t have an issue with other software. I also want my smart phone to be compatible with the computer. I enjoy my Iphone but I want the screen to be the size of the one on the Samsung Galaxy. It is the size of a small book. I read books on my Iphone and do banking so the bigger screen size would be perfect.

Mac now has a Mini Ipad but it doesn’t make regular phone calls or texts. If they made it to send and receive calls the sales would sky rocket. I can’t see owning a smart phone and a tablet unless I didn’t have a laptop.

I have an iphone and ipad (full size). I sync with iTunes, but other than that I don’t do anything with it. They sync with each other though.

One of my daughters has a Samsung Galaxy Sll and she likes. I do like the size. I’ll be getting the iphone 5 next time which is only a tad taller, but it’s a good start. It’s lighter than my old one, too. I don’t read on it though. I use my Kindle for that. Just got the new one! Woohoo!

Virus’s can attack any computer even Mac, but PC is more prone to it. Part of it depends on the type of sites you frequent or if you open links in emails though. I use a good virus software …Eset Nod32 antivirus.