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LOng hours in bed resting and sleeping is taking so much out of my days. I found out that my thyroid is acting up at times. Mainly hypo thyroid which is notorious for causing fatigue and knocking so much more out. Unfortunately My doctor is reluctant to start me on Synthroid because sometime in the past few years my Thyroid was normal but about half the time it wasn’t. She is afraid that if I start the medication I will need it likely for life. I am at the point where I feel my quality of life is low because it is a struggle to get things done. a struggle to just live life. I got some natural herbal supplements that may help but I am not sure. I do realize though that I have been cooking a lot with rock salt instead of regular table salt which contains iodine so at least these supplements contain Iodine. Low thyroid also cause low Iron and low B12 so I get shots for that and tablets for the iron. My doc says she will check my thyroid function in another 3 months but I have been feeling very tired more so since May. I feel like I lost the summer. Hopefully she will let me get it tested before then if I am not feeling better.

On a good note I started my Holbrook Shawl again but this time with a lace weight crochet yarn. So far it is looking very nice but I am only near the beginning.

Have a great weekend everyone

Wine festival is going on here in Niagara. We sampled some awesome wine and food. I am partial to red lately as it is less sweet. I sampled a 2011 Unoaked Chardonnay that has won several awards but can’t recall the name of it.

My Holbrook shawl is going very well and I am almost finished my Caroline Tank. I put the Caroline a side to make a couple of hats.

gosh, sleep sleep sleep!! I was down 2 days but was up and about today. We had thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s home. The food was awesome and the company pleasant.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

My Holbrook Shawl is coming along slowly but without problems. I am using 100% Viscose Bamboo in lace weight. It is actually crochet thread but I loved the sheen to it and I was having trouble trying to knit the shawl with the yarn that I ordered. The plies came apart much too easily which caused me some confusion as to how many stitches were really on my needles. It was best to have a yarn that had tighter plies. Someone mentioned that she thought she heard that knitting with Bamboo caused the garment to “grow” ( stretch) but I have since learned that it should be fine. It is a nice yarn to knit with.

I still need to seam the Caroline Tank and add a neck to it. I may try that tomorrow. I have only done a 3 Needle bind off on shoulder seams of a tank I knit but I think with the links people posted about seaming I should do alright.

Well I slept all day Sunday and woke at 4 am Monday. I slowly got up and puttered around. I did some house work and decided to cook a ham dinner as it is pretty easy. I had a salad all ready to go from Saturday so just needed to make scalloped potatoes, steamed broccoli and I made caramelized pineapple to go with the ham. My daughter went to the store and bought a frozen unbaked Sara Lee pumpkin Pie.

We had a nice family dinner with just myself, my husband and the kids, and one SIL.

I went to bed at 8 pm exhausted but woke a couple of times through the night. I got up at 5 am as I had trouble trying to get back to sleep and I was driving a friend to Buffalo at 9 am. I thought it best just to get up and get ready.

It was a struggle as I was ready to sleep by the time she came but knew I had to push. We returned to her house at about 2 :30 pm. She needed her grass cut but was not well enough to cut it herself so I began it for her. It was a huge yard. I was able to do the front, both sides and some of the back before I had to rest. I was so weak and my legs were quivering. My husband was coming to pick me up so I knew he would finish the rest.

It was a gorgeous day anyway and I am glad I was able to push through the fatigue. I even managed to purchase the first Christmas present when I was out.

I am hoping for a good day tomorrow as well.

Good night

Oh Christine…I wish there was something they could do for you so you don’t have to sleep so much and wouldn’t get so tired. :hug:

That dinner sounds fabulous! Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you. Ours isn’t till about 3 weeks into November. :wink:

Wow, lol one thing after another!. I am feeling a bit more energetic today and yesterday and began to catch up on the housework.

I have been taking extra iron 3 times daily. My doctor is going to review my chart and to see if there are any patterns to this fatigue issue.

In the meantime I am taking antibiotics for an infection in the root area of a tooth. I was getting terrible pain in a back molar and thought it was just neuralgia as that tooth had a root canal many years back and is dead to pain. Turns out that something showed on the xray that it may be infection underneath the tooth.

I have completed the Caroline Tank and will post a pic as soon as I take one. I am very happy with the result.

I am currently working the Holbrook shawl and won’t be finished for a while. It is slow going but looking well.

I am also knitting my daughter a cowl but am going to unravel and begin again as I messed it up too much. It is one that I should not do while watching television.

I have been feeling more energetic lately. I am still working on the Holbrook Shawl. It is slow going now as there are close to 200 stitches per row. It is lace so I knit in my room without distractions.

I hope to start on the Cowl for my daughter soon. I don’t like doing 200 stitches in the round as I mess it up easier than flat knitting, I’m not sure why but I do.

I will try to post the Caroline Tank if I can’t I will post the Ravelry link.

I saw the tank and it’s beautiful! What are you having trouble with when posting photos? Are you trying to attach them from your computer or do you have them on a site like Flickr?

I try to add it as an attachment. I click browse on the box that opens and then choose the picture and the label shows up just like all the other sites. Then when I click up load it says " loading please wait, then the window went blank. I had trouble last time as well.

You’re clicking the paper clip on the first row to the right of the smiley face?

oh no, I have been clicking A I think. I will try it now.

I just tried it. It says to provide the URL address to the link.

Don’t click the paper clip with the globe on it… Just the plain paper clip. The one with the globe is for links.

Here’s a screenshot. I’ve circled the paper clip. Click that then a box will open and you click browse to find the image on your computer. Then click upload.

Now if the image is too large or the file size too large it won’t work. Usually resizing to about 800x600 or less will work. Sometimes larger works, but that’s trial and error.

see if this works

It didn’t work, I have no idea why.

I wasn’t aware of the paperclip, mine’s Xed out so I can’t do it that way. I scroll down to “Manage Attachments” and click on that. I then can do either “Upload File from your Computer” or “Upload File from a URL”. Maybe you could go this route and it would work for you too. Mine is most likely different because I seriously doubt you are using the same OS (Linux Mint 13) and my browser is Opera. I don’t know if the paperclip would work in Firefox, I should find out.
I had to resize my screenshot which I did here. Now to see if it worked. It’s not very clear but I think you can see where I found “Manage Attachments”.

I only use Firefox and it works fine. Yours is x’d out GG?!

I’m not sure why it’s not working, Christine. What browser do you use?

Yeah, Jan, it’s Xed out in FF too. I think it has to do with this being a Linux system. No biggie, I have the option of doing the other way which works fine. I’d never known what those icons up there were for and hadn’t bothered finding out. LOL @ silly me.

ETA I just switched to Google Chrome, same thing. I don’t know why, but for me it’s not broke so it don’t need fixing. :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about this stuff… Is Linux an operating system or browser?

Linux is my operating system.

Oh I see. Like I use Windows. :thumbsup: