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Is this where I would just keep posting for my own Blog? Silly question I know but I want to be sure I am not posting where I shouldn’t be.

Yep, this the place. You use it to post about your real life as well as knitting. Its just all in one thread not different pages. People do come in and comment, but you won’t get quite the same response you would in the dedicated forums. it used to be busier in here, but sorta faded out. I have a blog here somewhere. :teehee:

well up and
about today. I went to bed Friday night but had trouble falling asleep. When I did sleep it was for 25 hours!. I woke up on and off but was too tired to get up. Feeling so much better today had to take an anti inflammatory though to get moving. I will have to catch up on house work that I missed yesterday, then return to a hat I am making. I made a mistake and had to frog so now I have to re orientate the stitches before continuing on. Have a great day everyone.

25 hours??? I’m not sure I’ve ever slept more than 8 or 9 and it’s not common or me sleep even 8! Glad you feel better though!

I had energy all day, I have to take iron but I keep forgetting to. I used to get so frustrated needing to sleep because I was a person who worked full time, took added courses at college at night, looked after 3 kids and still had time to bake, cook, and see friends. It took me a long time to accept this new way of life. I am very lucky though, for me my illness is an annoyance but for others it is completely debilitating. I now just roll with it. I had a nice day today.

I’m so glad! :hug:

Unfortunately, I need more sleep, but have horrible insomnia. I only get what I do thanks to Ambien. I have several chronic health issues myself, but they are different than yours. I would say they don’t affect my sleep except indirectly I suppose.

I get bouts of insomnia as well. I slept the darn day away again to day though! I usually get a flare up during that time of the month.

A lot of the problem is that I hemorrhage and can’t seem to get my red count and hemoglobin up enough, so I recently have been introduced to the Merina IUD. I didn’t realize that was even an option. I was told this will reduce the bleeding and eventually in about 5 months time I will begin to feel better. It has only been not quite 3 weeks and it is working already to reduce blood loss. The only problem was this time I had horrible abdominal pain. I used to have it long ago but with the Merina it has returned. I am told that my blood levels should slowly improve as long as I take iron. I am so excited! That will mean that I should have a bit more energy!

I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles as well Jan. Do you find that you are tired all the time, or just days with the insomnia?

I hope the IUD works for you. When I was 32 I had such a large fibroid that was causing too much bleeding that I finally had a hysterectomy. Back in 1984 that was the answer. It did solve the problem though and since I wasn’t planning on more kids I was okay with it.

I’m usually just tired when I can’t sleep well. Ambien is a godsend, but even that doesn’t always solve the problem. It is what it is. My daughter is urging me to try Melatonin again even though I tried before a long while ago. I’ll give it a try again on a day when I don’t have to do anything the next day.

Well, here’s the story so my comments make sense. I have 4 pinched nerves in my lumbar spine which have caused nerve damage below my knees. The nerve damage causes numbness, tingling, skin pain, and temperature regulation issues in my feet. It’s also produced some nerve and muscle twitching in my feet and lower legs. Sometimes one foot will be terribly hot and one will be freezing. Being hot is the most painful. The twitching is super annoying, too although sometimes now I don’t notice it much unless they are going wild. Just glanced at them and my toes are twitching. Lol

So these issues combined with osteoarthritis in my cervical spine can affect my sleep. I know how hard it is to sleep when you’re in pain. I’m glad you got some more sleep.:thumbsup:

omg, Can anything be done regarding the pinched nerves or is there too much scarring or other issue? Arthritis is the back is terrible as it puts a damper on everything.

Nothing can be done with arthritis since it actually causes damage to joints and bones. I take Tramadol and it helps some. Not really enough, but I don’t want to be drugged you know?

Probably not anything to be done with the pinched nerves. It’s probably caused by my scoliosis. It’s fairly mild as scoliosis goes, but the pinched nerves are right at the curve as I recall. I don’t want surgery. I had to switch medical groups and get a new doctor so I need to find a new neurologist. He’s the one who finally ordered the tests and diagnosed it.

How are you today?

I can’t believe I slept another 20 hours! It really is getting old. I am good other than feeling fatigued. I do know it will get much better soon though. I hope you find another doctor that will be able to help you. Pinched nerves are no fun at all.

gosh finally feeling a bit better. Got quite a bit done yesterday around the house. I have put the Caroline Tank on hold to finish a hat for a friend’s daughter. I want to have it done today. This is the second of this hat that I have knitted, this time I am using 2 circulars. I didn’t have 2 sets of number 11 needles so I am using number 10.5 to hold the stitches and the other end is a 11 to knit. It is working fine. I am expecting my new Sunstruck needles this week with some pretty fingerling yarn.

I will be joining an KAL hopefully this week to make the Holbrook Shawl. I don’t have a link yet for it as the pattern isn’t out yet.

I’ve got two sweaters on the needles and start a sock class in October. We are going to make 3 pairs of socks in about 5 weeks. :zombie:

I didn’t really need either sweater class, but it’s fun to knit with the group I’ve been with for years. Now if I can just get the bottom done on this sweater I’ll be ready for the next class and can start my sock swatch. :lol: i really should knit more and play on my iPad less. :teehee:

Glad you’re feeling better. Are you still working?

wow Jan 3 pairs of socks in 5 weeks! That is quite a job.

I am no longer working. I have been off work for 9 years. I loved my job so much. All that training and years of experience down the drain. I would love to work as a casual call in basis but 8 hours would be too much for me. It would be tough to have a regular scheduled shift because I never know how I will feel. But being on call to work a couple hours in a day would be great but it would not be worth it for the hospital to train me for such a small amount of hours. I did a bit of volunteer work a few years back for The Arthritis Society, I may try some more.

Well I finally have a bit of energy. Thank goodness as I have a wedding in the afternoon. It is an outdoor wedding at the brides’ parents’ home. I can’t wait to see it. They have a very large property with rolling hills out in the country. They ordered a tent. I can’t believe that the cost of renting a tent about $3000. The day will be a bit cool so I will have to bring a few things to help keep me warm when the sun goes down.

I have to post about the wedding I went to.

It definitely was fall themed.

The alter was bathed in lace and the sun came out just as the wedding party began to walk down the isle. The guests were seated on bails of hay that were covered slightly with a white fabric.

Couches and other seating areas were made with hay bails as well. Also a coffee table had a hay base and was covered with a sheet of plexy glass. Pictures of the bride and groom were underneath the glass. Little solar candles were hung in the trees and looked beautiful at night.

They had a candy bar as well and that was where the wedding cake was placed. It was a top tier cake with the rest of the tiers being cup cakes.

For wedding favors they had honey that had been harvested from a honey bee hive that was at the Groom’s parent’s house.

The food was awesome. The caterer was able to cook, set up and remove all the food and dishes without stepping one foot in the house kitchen. I was impressed.

Toward the end of the night the paint came off the dance floor and so the floor had to be dismantled as it was too slippery.

I will have to try and post some pics.

Never been to a wedding like that! Sounds very different and interesting!

yes it was a very nice wedding. Even the couple’s dog stayed, he was wearing a bow tie!. He was so well behaved. A few minutes before the wedding the dog came out, went up the isle and just laid down on the grooms side at the alter. When the bride came up the isle then the dog got up and met her half way then followed her to the alter again where he just lay at their feet. He was so adorable.

Well I got my yarn in and began today. I ran into a few problems right off the bat. First my yarn, it came in the form of a curly hank. The second I began to try to unwind it, it became tangled.

I began anyway thinking that I could just untangle it as I went a long.

Next, I reviewed the tutorial about rotating the work 90 degrees and that looked easy enough but in no way was it easy. I can’t tell which is the purl bumps that I was supposed to pick up. Well I did the best that I could and rotated it to pick up the other 2 cast on stitches, again it was a guess as the yarn is just to fine for me to tell. I decided to push forward anyway and the piece that I knit before proceeding to the body chart looked to at least be the same shape as the knit piece in the tutorial, although it wasn’t anything too pretty. It resembled a bunch of uneven holes and intertwined yarn. But hey, I had the stitch count correct so I figured I am on the right track. I was having a difficult time making sure that I wasn’t mistaking a split piece of yarn for 2 stitches but it got easier to figure out thanks to Dee’s chart and instructions. They are so very precise that it made it much more easy to keep track of stitch counts. It is quite easy to catch a mistake. I seemed to be on the right track although my piece wasn’t looking too pretty when I made a mistake and could not seem to correct it nicely so as I was not even finished the first body chart 1 I decided to frog the thing and start over.

Next problem was that by now my hank was in a complete and horrible mess so I am trying to untangle it.

I think I will finish a hat that I am doing before trying this again.

I am wondering what size needles everyone else is using. I was using the size 5. with alpaca lace weight yarn. I am also thinking that maybe I will have an easier time if I used a heavier yarn.

Those are called hanks and require winding. You can learn to make a center pull ball in the video section. I think it’s under tips. I use that method all the time if I have to wind my own because I don’t have a ball winder yet.

That is a beautiful shawl! I’ve never made one since I don’t wear them. If you ask in the How-to Forum I’m sure some one can help you.

And yes, sometimes it’s easier to learn new techniques on heavier yarn. Once you get the hang of it it will be easy to use the light weight.