Central Park Hoodie

I’ve done the sides and 1 sleeve. I’m now workingon the other sleeve. Because I like my jumpers to cover my big bum I’ve done the sides 1.5 inches longer. Its knitting up real quick which I’m glad about as I get bored easily. Even my mum likes it.

Good job!!

I have finished the sleeves, they are blocked and on the counter drying. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll post pictures. I figured I’d “block as I went”. Although this is the first timje I have ever blocked cables. I wasn’t sure how to do that so I just kinda “fluffed” the cable part up and patted the knitted part down!!

Debkcs, I would just lengthen the body and sleeves by a cble repeat (or two if necessary). You could also lengthen the hood as well but I wouldn’t think that would be necessary.

I am making this one for my duaghter who is a pretty stndard size. The next will be for me and I will lengthen the body.

Hi Debkcs!

I lengthen sweaters BEFORE I begin the armhole shaping; in other words, [I]before I bind off those 4 or 5 stitches [/I]that signal the beginning of the armhole (and chest) area. If you are 6’1" tall, perhaps 4"-5" extra length. The true test is this: what is length stated for the 1X? Measure that length from the nape of your neck, and see where it hits. Then, add a few inches, and see if that is better, etc. I think this hoodie would be adorable as a cropped jacket, mid-hip, or even over the hip! Add the inches that suit your taste. I do it all the time!

Remembering, it will suck up more yarn, so be sure you have enough!

Sleeves done and blocked. Starting on the back. The sleeves blocked a bit bigger than I would have liked. I’m thinking about dropping down a needle size after the ribbing on the body…

By “bigger”…do you mean length or width or both?

I’m proceeding with the rest (back 1/2 done) and am actually considering frogging the sleeves… but I am going to wait on that for now.

Hello everyone. I have been working on a CPH for my DD in-between a few other projects. Can I join in?
I’m using Plymouth Tweed 100% Virgin Lambswool.
Question. Should I block the pieces before I seam them together?
Here is what I have thus far:

ooooooooooooooohhhh very nice!!

join right in~

I don’t know about the blocking. I usually make all in one sweaters and block at once so this is new to me. It would seem like blocking each piece to size would make the assembly go smoother but… what do I know!!!

I’m onto the back now and just starting the armholes. I must be enjoying this as l can’t put it down.

I’m about 1/3 of the way up the back but had to put it down for a bit. I have a rolled neck top down sweater that is ALMOST completed (working on the last sleeve) and I was feeling so guilty about it that I had to finish it. But with luck I’ll b back to CPH by the weekend WITH another FO’d.


How is everyone doing?

I finished the back tonight and cast on for the L front.

I hope I did the ack neck correctly, the way the decreases worked I think it looks a bit “steppie” (does that make sense??) Most of the sweaters I have done have raglan sleeves so I’m not at all sure about the piece business. I thought the sleeve caps looked a bit square as well. But then perhaps it all come clear in the assembly!!

I’ve deicded not to bloack the back just yet, I think I will block the back and front together.

I had to put mine aside so that I can complete a baby shower gift and a request form my DD.

I’ve seamed the sides and I’m on doing the hood now.I’ll probably do the hood a little longer than what the pattern says. and if l have any yarn left after doing the button band I’ll be putting some pockets in.

Well I have just got my pattern out and wondering what kind of yarn yo use…I can’t wear pure wool. Has anyone got any ideas?? I am looking forward to making it yours all look great x

I think this would be great in votton. I have some cotton I’ve been stashing and am thinging about making one for myself in cotton when I finish my daughter’s.

I don’t know if I am having a brain fart or what but I have cast on 4 TIMES for the left front, for some reason my ribbing is coming out wrong… have no clue what I;m doing wrong. What a stupid thing to mess up on. K2P2-HOW MUCH EASIER CAN YOU GET???

Sometimes the easiest things can prove to be really difficult!!
Thanks for the advice about cotton…I can feel a trip to the yarn shop coming on!!!

Are you using the pattern from Knitting Daily? There is a whole thread on Ravelry on errors in the pattern. And I know the ribbing was one of the problems. Are you on Ravelry??

I am on ravelry but haven’t been on in some time
It’s a very simple direction, cast on 48 stitiches
First row K2P2 repeat to end
Second row P2K2 repeat to end.
Instead of ribbing I’m getting more of a “moss stitch”

with an even number of stitiches when doing a rib the second (and subsequent even rows) SHOULD be the opposite of the first, RIGHT??? I feel like I’m losing my mind!!!

[B]Under “Left Front”: Row 2 (WS) [I]K2, p2; rep from[/I] to end of row.

[/B]That is one of the corrections. So it makes total sense that you aren’t getting ribbing.

There is a Central Park KAL there and there are so many helpful posts. I haven’t even started knitting it yet and have learned so much!!!

It is here. There is a thread just for mistakes that has like 95 posts. That was one that I remembered but you may want to browse through to see what else you see.

Good luck!

OMG!!! What an idiot I am!!!

which just goes to show what an idiot I am , AND how pattern dependent (no thinking out of the boc here!!!).