Central Park Hoodie

Knitting daily now has the Central Park Hoodie pattern available as downloadable PDF file. The size range has been expanded. I’m going to try starting this over the holidays. Anyone interested in a “knit along”?

I got my yarn, Lamb’s Pride worsted in “Aran” and plan to start in the coming week. There are a couple people who seem interested in doing a KAL. Is there anyone else who like to join us?

This will be my first cable sweater, I’ve done hats and scarves but not a sweater.

I’m in. I’m starting mine christmas day.I’ll be making it longer in the body as I like them to cover my big bum

That sounds like a plan.

I really want to make this. I have about 1200 yards of Peace Fleece which will be cutting it close. I have about the same yardage in some Elann Alpaca. Of course I have 2 other sweaters OTN right now. ugh!!

Are you making a very small size? This pattern is pretty yarn intensive.

I would love to join in - I love this sweater, but I couldn’t start it until early Jan. Would that be ok?

I think the idea of a knit along is that you start when you can. Some of the KAL threads have been going on forever!

I’m pretty sure I am making the 36". A few people on Ravelry have made that size with Peace Fleece and used less than 1200 yards. I would hate to get near the end and not have enough. Maybe I’ll see if I can score an extra skein or 2. I really love the color. Sort of a kermit green.

ooooh, I love green!!!

This is the yarn. There are 1 or 2 that I have seen done in this color.

I cal that Kelly Green and I love it. But of course I would, I’m a redhead!!!

Well I’ve started it :cheering: I’m doing the fronts and sleeves before the back. Its knitting up quick.

I’m not using the Tahnki’s Donegal Tweed but an aran weight wool.

Why are you starting with the sleeves? I was “thinking” of starting with the back. It seemed like it might be easier to get the hang of the pattern that way.

I am afraid I won’t be able to start til Thursday :frowning:

I’ve always done the small items first. Its so I don’t get bored with the pattern before doing the fronts and sleeves. If I do them first then I can push myself to finish the back. Instead of doing the back and then putting it down and not finishing it.

I’ve read about people who start with the sleeves first, to get a feel for the actual gauge and stitch pattern. You don’t have to knit as much to see how the yarn will work up so if you have to rip out, there’s not as much time spent on it.

:thumbsup: GOOD IDEA!

oooh nice! I have heard about using sleeves as a swatch. hmm, maybe I’ll start with a sleeve too. Although I think I may want to try and do the sleeves in the round.

I wanna join, too! But I do have to finish my son’s sweater first-only one sleeve and the neckband to go! YAH!

kristinw, that yarn is gorgeous!!

I have the pattern, now I just need to choose my yarn :stuck_out_tongue: that’s the fun part! I’d like to use stash yarn but I’m not sure I have enough of anything. And I would love an excuse to buy more-I want red I think and I don’t have any red :mrgreen: and I do have a gift card I can use any where, even the LYS-or even better, online. Then I don’t have to make the 50 mile drive to the "L"YS, lol.

I think I want to do mine in the round, too, if possible.That’s a great idea about starting the sleeve as a swatch! I am nervous about the cables though, all the cables I’ve done so far have looked stretched on the last cable stitch, if ykwim. Is that normal?

Catz, yours looks great so far! I can’t wait to start!!

I started mine tonight, unfortunately I’m not happy with the gauge. I did 4 inches of the sleeve ribbing and have decided to frog and move up a sixe in needles.

AHH, I’m starting the Central Park Hoodie!!! I wanted to do something different from socks, not an accessory, that I would want to wear - I went to the LYS to talk about it today, and we decided on this!!!
I had them order the yarn, Cascade 220 Heathers in some green… I’m so excited! I’m glad to see there’s a KAL :woot: