Central Park Hoodie

So I have my first question already!!

I have never used a chart before. I am working on the sleeve and using chart B.

The chart shows 10 rows. I would think I repeat those 10 rows. But there are littl number 1-9 on the side, what’s that all about???

Those little numbers don’t seem right to me. I would just ignore them.

Thats what I’ve done and the pattern is working out fine.

My CPH is finished, but I would be happy to answer any questions any of you send my way. Post your direct questions to me via PM.
That way I will not miss your question.

Ginny, I didn’t know you had a CPH-KAL started! Sorry! I didn’t mean to hijack your KAL! No sense having two CPH-KAL’s running at the same time! I will delete my thread off the boards right now.



You don’t need to delete yours!!!

I think it is wonderful that we have YOUR expertise to draw on:cheering:

I’m 3/4 of the wway done with my first sleeve :woot:

The numbers on the right side of the chart: 1-3-5-7-9 mean rows 1-3-5-7-9. Odd numbered rows are worked from [B][U]right to left[/U][/B] and the right side is facing you.

The rows inbetween are the wrong side rows, and should be numbered 2-4-6-8-10 as most charts do on the left side of the chart. These wrong side rows are worked from the chart reading the chart from [B][U]left to right[/U]. [/B]

It also helps your “eye” to color code the cables on the chart. Pick pink for left leaning cables, and green for right leaning cables, for example. That way you won’t accidentally mis-cross a cable the wrong way. Your eye will know whether or not to put your cable stitches in front or in back when making the crossover.
It speeds up the process to color code charts. I use colored gel pens, and sometimes I use highlighters. Just fill in the cable boxes on the chart and in the legend.

AHHHH, well I did not realize that and actually hae been reading the chart left to right on all lines, which means my cables are reversed…I don’t THINK it matters as long as I do the same on sleeve two.

I’ll post a picture of my sleeve, let me know if you think I should start over.

Sorry, I had to change computers to post the picture. I think the fact that I read the chart Left to left means that the cables are switched, does this matter??

I don’t think it really matters but I would probably do the same for the cables on the fronts and back to keep in with cables going the opposite way

That looks great Ginny!! I love the color.

OMG - everyone’s yarn and work so far is so pretty!! I can’t wait to start this sweater!

Well, I finally got my yarn!

I am soo excited! We got a Visa giftcard from my lovely sis, and I got to spend some at the LYS! YAH! Always exciting, right? SO I made the drive and imagine my delight to find …

They are having an inventory reduction SALE!! 25% off EVERYThing in the store-:woohoo:

Not only did I get some beautiful yarn for my CPH-Cascade 220 Heathers in the Spring Night colorway-a lovely dusky green; I was also able to get Barbara Walker’s (first) Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and a Fiber trends Shoalwater Shawl pattern. :woot:

So I have only my son’s sweater standing in the way to start my CPH- Guess I will need to start :knitting: faster :mrgreen: LOL!

Just keep doing the same thing throughout the sleeve, and make the next sleeve to match.

But when you get to your Right Front, and Left Front, and Back…be sure to read your chart the correct way. It will make a difference on those pieces.

I place a post-it note under the row I am working, with an arrow placed on the top left (or right) end of the post-it note…to remind myself to work even numbered rows starting at the left side of the chart, and vice versa.

Just a little nudge to keep myself focused on what I am doing.

Gotcha, good idea!!! I finished my first sleeve!!! It looks a bit big (long) but it measures according to the schematic. I am making this for my daughter, if the sleeve is too long she can cuff it.

The sleeves are supposed to pass the wristbone…it is the newest “look”…the “waif” look! LOL!

My daughter is only 5’3"…therefore her arms are shorter than an average height woman. So I made her sleeve length 1.5" shorter than the pattern called for, and the sleeve still hit her at mid-hand.

She just loves it!

Love that sweater!! Great picture.

My Daughter is 5’6 so I would expect her to have “normal” length arms. It may look long because I’m just looking at a sleeve!

Could someone [I]please[/I] post the url for the pattern so that I can buy it? Went to Interweave, but the pattern site won’t show, it could be my dying computer.

Thank you!

Thank you, Ginny, I finally did get into the site. Had it marked before, but our computer is on it’s last legs and doesn’t always keep stuff.

After looking at all the +size pictures, I wonder if this would look good on me. I’m 6’1", would make the size that equals a 1x. My major question is, where would the best places be to lenthen it, given the cables? And why, in the larger sizes, does the hood not fall correctly? Is this because of increasing the pattern w/o taking the hood into consideration?

I’m going to start my CPH in January but need to “test-drive” some different yarn to see what I want to use. I don’t need it heavy so I bought a skein of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease to see how it works for me. Another suggestion was TLC but Michaels doesn’t sell it, or at least not that I could find.

All the pics look great - I hope mine will be as well.

When the zipper was added - is it much different than sewing a zipper in clothing?