Cat owners- ? about wet food

Hi all. Yesterday I was at the vet with my two 5 year old cats. They are litter mates and have both gained almost a pound a year in the past couple of years. I talked to the vet about their weight gain and she suggested transitioning them from dry only to wet food. I asked what kind she recommended and she told me that they were all about the same. Then when I was checking out I noticed a handout the other vet in the office had listing recommended food. She definitely does not believe that wet food is wet food. SHe has a long list of what to avoid etc. Then I made the mistake of going online to research and I am more confused than ever. I never knew there was so much information about feeding cats.
Sorry to be so long winded getting to my question. What wet food do you all feed your cats?

We have a very old and fussy cat. The ONLY food she will eat is Fancy Feast and just one flavor at that. We used to give her dry food because its so much easier for cats who want to nibble during the day, but her teeth are failing and I think its difficult for her to chew dry food now. Fancy feast is expensive though. 55 to 75 cents per can. I have always given dry food to my cats because its cheaper and as I mentioned the nibble factor. My other cat who is only 2 eats only dry.

Wet food will hold their hunger longer, but it’s bad for their teeth- there is nothing to scrape at their gum line like some dry food. I use Hills prescription diet food brand because one of my cats has a medical condition requiring specific types of food. I give wet food as a treat one every couple of weeks, and they get dry food 3x’s a day.

I use wet food as a treat for my cats - but they’re picky. Super picky. The younger one will turn up his nose at most stuff, and the older one will turn up her nose and just about anything that doesn’t have a gravy/sauce with it. They both like Wellness Healthy Indulgences food (this is just one variety)

and they both like Fancy Fease Elegant Medley foods - but only the ones with egg or cheese (there are two or three acceptable ones):

Usually, they get dry food 2x/day.

Wet food is a pain, but I suspect because you have to feed them a couple times of day they aren’t nibbling all day long is what the vet is thinking.

Normally I would say to just measure out a serving of the dry to control their intake, but with two cats you don’t know who is hogging the food or if the other cat would be getting enough in that case. :doh:

I HAVE to use a wet/dry combo for my elderly cat because I didn’t take care of her teeth and how she doesn’t have many and can’t chew it well anymore. I use Purina Pro Plan wet food and Purina Indoor Cat dry food. She has allergies (Fancy Feast for one) so this is what works for her now. I think most cat foods that are a brand name would be perfectly fine.
This is the one she likes best.

My cat will not eat wet food at all. I always heard from my vet a combo of the two is ideal.

That being said, I don’t feed my cat or dog grocery store pet food ever. And when that scare happened last year I was very happy I don’t!

I feed both of them Wellness and for variety I will switch off with Canidae(dog)/Felidae(cat).

Corn is not good, avoid corn as it is highly allergenic.

My cat used to belong to my mom who fed him grocery store food. He is a long hair (so is my dog) and since I changed his diet he hacks up far fewer hair balls and his coat no longet gets mats.

I have almost all issues with my cats. First, they gained too much weight on dry food (Iams and Science Diet) so we adjusted their intake and measure fed them twice a day rather than free fed them. They lost a lot of weight this way too.
But, then one got really sick and it turns out she has urinary tract disease and the ash in the dry food causes issues- she used my brand new furniture as a lter box :hair: . So, the switch to wet food was on.

I tried expensive stuff from the vet, and then Natural Balance and my cats would NOT eat:noway: ! After a week of not eating I threw a treat at them of Fancy Feast and they ate it. Feeling better, I tried the good stuff and the would still NOT eat:eyes: . The only wet food they will eat is the Fancy Feast Grilled in gravy- chicken, turkey or beef only. Basically only the stuff that looks like tuna.
How frustrating, the vet isn’t happy about thier food choice, but it’s either that or nothing because they just won’t eat it.

Good Luck! PS, now they eat well and are skinny too!

Our 10 year old cats get a communal bowl filled with dry food (about a cup or so) in the morning, and one teaspoon of canned food as a treat at night. A couple times a week they may get about 5 or 6 pieces of chewie food in the morning. They’re indoor cats so the only exercise they get is chasing unseen objects from one end of the house to the other, or just moving from nap spot to nap spot. Neither are overweight and are in good shape. They’ll eat almost anything except a brand or two of dry food.

In addition to what I said about my cat…she is 17.5 yrs old so she gets babied now. :hug:

I know perfectly well what you mean. We adopted our cat just 3 weeks ago and the food issue is more complicated than I thought! I did exactly the same thing as you: I read books and I went on the web, but there is so much information and different opinions, it was just confusing more than anything. :doh:

In the end, what we decided to do is to get good quality dry food (no corn), give her a measured amount twice a day, and give her wet food every 2-3 days mixed with a bit of dry food. It seems to work for all of us. She has a LOT of energy, so I guess it’s a good sign! :teehee:

From everything I read, if you go with wet food, get something with mostly meat (vegetables are not all that necessary for cats), and avoid gravy. But cats being so picky with food, sometimes you have to go with what they want to eat! :shrug:

Good luck! I’m sure they’ll be fine. :thumbsup:

Thanks all! I ran into my vet while food shopping and talked to her again. She ended up telling that she feeds her cats Fancy Feast since it is all they will eat. I picked up a few cans to see if they would even eat it after all the stories I have read. I mixed a few spoonfuls in their dinner and they scarfed it down like they have never eaten before in their lives. I know this is not the best most healthiest food but I figure if my vet thinks it’s good enough for her cats it can’t be that bad and I found it at Costco for a reasonable price.

Yes, I get our Fancy Feast at Costco too. More cans in a box so less trips for food. And, I had priced it out and it was the same price per can at Costco as it is a Target.

My vet (the cat specialist in a larger practice) recommended wet food for the 3-year-old marmalade female I adopted.

She (the vet) believed it was a way to get more fluids into her (the kitty), thereby helping to prevent kidney problems which can be more prevalent in female cats because they have narrower urethras.

She also recommended food in which the first ingredient listed was meat or poultry (not by-products) because cats are primarily carnivorous. I was surprised to find that the expensive “scientific” foods did not meet this requirements while certain flavors of Fancy Feast did.

So Isadora lapped up a can of Fancy Feast Chicken Pate or Beef Pate (she didn’t like getting gravy or sauce on her face) every day for the next 13 years, half in the morning, half at night. She adored dry food, but I gave it to her like candy, a little bit now and then. She was the sweetest, healthiest cat I have ever had until her last three months. (I miss her!)

We feed our cats Nutro Natural Choice wet and dry food. It is more expensive than the average food but you can get it at Petco, Petsmart and other places and they do often have sales and rebates. I like that it doesn’t have high magnesium (which increases the likelihood of urinary crystals in cats which is fatal if untreated - it blocks their urinary tract) and the vets I know all think very highly of it. For us, it is well worth the peace of mind.

All foods are not created the same…I am frankly shocked that anyone in the veterinary or animal field would suggest that.

Most vets recommend either a weight management food or giving more wet and less dry food to cats for weight loss or maintenance. This is because wet foods have more water in them and thus have less fat and calories than dry food.

It seems like the theme of the responses is that a lot of cats are picky eaters. :slight_smile:

Cats are true carnivores,meaning they get all their nutritional needs from meat/protien and should never be fed grains-- which is the major ingredient of most brands of dry foods.
Fancy Feasy and Friskies are one of the best foods to use because they have many varieties that don’t contain grains(corn,wheat or rice)Wellness,Eagle pack,Natural Balance or Felidae are also great foods but are not within everyone’s budget and are not as readily available in all communities.Evo or Wellness dry food are about the only dry foods cats should be fed.
My cat Melle suffered with Diabetes for 8 months he was on daily insulin and still had sky high blood sugars and it wasn’t until I took him of dry food totally that I cured him-well he’s in remission-if I feed him food with grains his BS goes back up.
This website was where I got help for Melle but it isn’t just for diabetic cats it’s got great info on feeding and caring for cats.

I don’t like the wet food because it doesn’t clean their teeth as well and they get stinky breath, but I had an old cat that was losing her teeth and we had to give her the wet food. They will aslso start to get ulcers in their mouth with old age.

I would buy a couple of different kinds and see which ones agree with her the most. I would hate to go out and buy a supply only to have my cat not eat it.

You don’t have to buy Prescription Diet expensive stuff, you can buy the mid-range. Pet food has gotten better in that they don’t put a bunch of ash in it like they used to.

Just try buying reputable brands like Iams and such and see how it goes.

Have you tried taking the dry food she eats and putting a little bit of water on it and warming it a little? I used to do that with my puppies food.

I think all the answers show that there is no perfect food for all cats. When I worked for a veterinarian we had several male cats come in for rerouting the urethra because of blockages. Male cats have smaller urethras than females and therefore need as a previous poster suggested lower magnesium foods. Cats are creatures of habit and don’t necessarily like diet changes. My cat ate Purina cat chow for 17 years. She wouldn’t eat wet or table food or any other shape dry food. If it wasn’t star shaped she wouldn’t touch it. She also ate mice so I knew she wouldn’t starve. She was a stray I found in my barn with an injured hind leg and even after 6 weeks of doctoring and antibiotics it didn’t heal so we had it amputated when we had her spayed. I don’t know how old she was when I found her, but she never got over 5 lbs. My first and last cat. One day I let her outside and she never came back. She was healthy up to the day she disappeared.
Most all cat and dog foods are nutritionally balanced and most pets will thrive on them. As with some people, some animals have chronic health problems and need special food. I’ve been fortunate with all my strays that they have all done well on Purina and now I feed Costco Kirkland and my dogs do great.

Well, Marie (catsmother) has got it right. Cats are carnivores and grain is not what they need. I read up on this a year or two ago and one important thing was that wet food will keep your cat more full because of its WATER content which is also good for them. I do let my girl cat eat some dry food each day but not a lot… for a while I was buying different expensive cat foods at my pet store which is called “human quality” or something like that meaning it doesn’t have nasty by-products in it. But it’s so expensive! I try to get a few cans now and then but mostly my two cats eat Fancy Feast.

The best thing ! (I truly believe) is: I buy once a week a carton of chicken livers. For the first few days they eat them raw (I cut them up on their own cutting board)… they really love them and their coats and health are better for it. After 3 days or so (coz they start to go bad quickly) I saute them and then they eat the cooked ones for a couple days. They are so cheap! ($1.50 - 3.00) per carton and you know they are getting quality meat.
I also (but I’ve been accused of spoiling my cats) buy them every few weeks a bag of frozen shrimp. They would eat these all the time if I let them. They each get about 4 shrimp and the bag lasts a long time. Averaged out, it’s comparable to Fancy Feast prices.

I think regular food is so important, I mean human food, some left over chicken or fish or a piece of raw fish. My cats also love squid, raw! It’s super cheap too. Believe it or not, I’ve read that some of the ‘bad’ cat food companies have actually included (in their byproducts) ground up dead cats and dogs. I’m not kidding. So. There you go!

Yes! raw food is a great alternative to canned food,that is what keeps their teeth clean the tearing at the raw meat…not dry food…that would be like humans using pretzels to clean their teeth.Another problem with cats eating dry food is they have a poorly developed thirst mechanism and on dry food they can become dehydrated with raw or canned that’s how they get their fluid.
There are raw diets you can buy…they’re shipped frozen,I tried this with Melle but he wouldn’t eat it…he does like raw sirloin steak LOL but that’s not really in my budget.
I know I do harp on about this topic but since Melle’s life was saved by a no grain diet I would like to think I could help other kitty’s in the same circumstances…so I pay it foward whenever I can