Caron Simply Soft

Am I the only one that gets frustrated with this yarn?? The only one that can’t stand it?? ARGH! The first time I used it, the ply seemed to like separating a lot, but I just thought that since it was because it was my very first project. However, I bought a skein today to do a neckwarmer and have been frustrated out of my mind. Once again, issues with the plys separating and getting all tangle as I go.

I just ranted to rant and see if others have had problems, because I’m considering NOT buying this ever again.


:pout: I am sorry that you have had a bad experience. I tend to love the $#@ out of Caron simply soft. It does split, but most yarns do sometimes, but generally if I use a big enough needle (us 10+) im ok. Maybe try to email the manufacturer and you may get a replacement skein?

Lol, maybe I’m just bad at knitting still. Ha ha…

I did a feather/fan lace scarf with the Caron Simply soft and really enjoyed working with it. I’m still a beginner, so maybe I’m used to splitting yarns, but I don’t remember it giving me any real hassle. Hope it gets better for you! :slight_smile:

It’s one of my favorite less expensive yarns.

Yeah, I’m still kind of a beginner, only been doing this for a few months. But have already branched out to some more expensive brands. I really love the way the Simply Soft [I]feels[/I], so maybe I’ll just keep trucking on it.

It seems I’m the only one who’s had some frustration so I won’t give up on it just yet, I guess, but seriously – if anyone, even ONE person has a complaint, I’ll feel a lot better. Lol. . . :slight_smile:

Maybe its the way you are holding the yarn, or if you turn your work the opposite way of the plies at the end of each row. I am not sure if that made sense. I have not had trouble with Simply soft, but I find some plied yarns do tend to unravel on me for above said reasons. Good Luck.

It must be the way I’m holding the yarn. . .I’ll keep an eye out on my technique.

It is definitely my favorite bargain yarn. The only issue I’ve had is that not all colors are equally soft. I have a skein of black that is not as soft as usual, and some of the navy blue I’ve used were very soft and some were much less soft.

OK, here’s your “one person”. Yep, you’re right…it splits like crazy on me too. And it frequently causes me to slow down my knitting to try and prevent the splitting. :wall: As a matter of fact, I’m making a cap for my brother with it right now (just put it down to make this post) and I feel like it has taken me FOREVER just to finish the ribbing because I keep having to tink at least 10 stitches every row due to splitting when I go too fast. :frog:

Now, having said that, I still really like it! It 1) is sooooo soft, 2) as Mason said, is “less expensive”, 3) has a pretty good color selection and 4) can be purchased conveniently at the big box stores and online.

So, just Crossed Fingers, :pray: , and keep trying. I’ve made some beautiful scarves and baby blankets with this stuff. It really is worth it!

I wuv it :slight_smile:

It splits a bit for me, but I like it anyway. I think using larger size needles and pointy ones help. It’s like that because it’s loosely spun, but that’s what makes it soft too. So there’s a trade off between splitty and soft that you have to come to terms with.

Yay someone else who has to slow down and gets a little frustrated. I feel better. I think I probably over-reacted originally as the project I am working on right now was just giving me a headache.

It is so soft and is nearly as soft as the alpaca stuff I just made a scarf out of. You give me hope that if I keep on going with it, I’ll be happy I did. :slight_smile:

I won’t knit with it. I find that it splits way too much for my sanity. I prefer to not fling my knitting across the room, as my children have not yet learned to duck properly. I will however, crochet with it. I find it makes very nice baby booties…but knit…no way.

That’s odd, I’d think it would split more with a crochet hook than knitting needle…

It doesn’t split at all for me. Weird. If I have to use acrylic (of which I’m typically not a fan to begin with - feels like knitting with greasy plastic), I’d rather use SS. My one complaint is that it pills like mad. Seriously.

I have used Simply Soft too.My friend from Kansas sent over a few skeins for me to knit some little slippers. I must admit I really liked it and would use it again definately x

Perhaps the splitty-ness (just made up a word :mrgreen:) has to do with the needles being used? I use Options which have very sharp points and haven’t had that problem.

I’ve noticed this too. I bought black and it is not as as soft. I just thought it was me. But anyway I like Simply Soft. I’ve never had a big problem with splittiness.

I find that if I have to frog or unknit that it becomes more splitty. I’m working on a hat right now and having that issue. First time through isn’t so bad, but any manipulation of the yarn and it splits. It does it more also when you have to sk2p and that slipped stitch will split a bit when you pass it over the k2. It seems to stretch back to the ply with a bit of manipulation though